Coconut Oil Hair Treatment : How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair?

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Is hair fall frustrating you? Well, with coconut oil, you do not have to worry about hair fall and any such issues. Coconut oil is a blessing for all of us and works effectively for any hair types. Before you start using this miracle oil and know how effective coconut oil hair treatment for hair loss is, let us get a closer look into its benefits.

Most of the people, who have long and thick hair, definitely make use of coconut oil, and this is why a lot of people across the world have been using it for years. Before knowing about its effectiveness, let us see what some of its benefits for hair are.

People living across the coastal areas can understand how effective coconut oil for hair is. It is high in carbohydrates and nutrients that are essential for the human body. It is one of the nourishing oils which have remarkable results in promoting hair growth. However, it is not just limited to using for hair.  It has been in use as one of the vital ingredients in cosmetic products, and as a dressing in several kinds of salads. It can be used both internally and externally for hair, skin, and other benefits.

Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Hair Treatment

The benefits of coconut oil hair treatment are incredible. Here are a few benefits of coconut oil and how effectively it helps promote hair growth.

1. Coconut Oil For Hair Loss

Since ancient times, coconut oil is considered a miracle hair oil for hair growth. Few studies have even revealed how effective coconut oil works in preventing hair loss and rejuvenating hair growth.

How To Use It?

Take a small bowl of coconut oil and add a few dried Indian gooseberries to it. Heat it for a few minutes until the color of the oil turns dark. Strain and store it in a glass container sealed tight. Use this hair oil to massage your scalp and doing so at least twice every week can help combat hair loss.

2. Coconut Oil For Hair Damage

Coconut oil helps prevent hair damage, thanks to its antibacterial properties. The lauric acid found in coconut oil helps fight the damage causing bacteria on the scalp. Also, lauric acid has low molecular weight and excellent affinity for hair protein. Hence, it gets easily penetrated and absorbed by the hair follicles.

How To Use It?

Take a small bowl of cold pressed coconut oil. Heat it for a while until it is warm. Apply it directly on the scalp and wash off using a herbal shampoo after an hour. Repeat the procedure twice every week to reverse the effects of hair damage.

3. Coconut Oil For Lice Treatment

Coconut oil is one of the best remedies for lice treatment. Few studies have mentioned that using essential oils such as anise, tea tree along with coconut oil can help get rid of lice causing no side effects.

Since coconut oil gets easily absorbed by the scalp, it helps repel lice and doesn’t allow their eggs to attach to the hair strands.

How To Use It?

Add a few drops of tea tree oil to a cup of coconut oil. Mix it well and use it for your hair, if there is an infestation of lice. Apply it all over the scalp and gently massage for a while. Comb your hair using a wide tooth hair comb. Rinse off with a shampoo and comb your hair again. Do follow this coconut oil hair treatment for every two or three days to get rid of the lice and their eggs.

4. Coconut Oil For Dandruff

Coconut oil has been in use for ages to combat dandruff caused due to dry scalp conditions, harsh chemical-based hair products.

The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil have antifungal, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties which help kill the fungi, bacteria, and virus that damage the scalp.

Treating your scalp with coconut oil will not only help combat dandruff, but can also make your scalp healthy, moisturized, and free from fungus.

How To Use It?

Essential oils play a vital role in fighting yeast and fungal infections. So, to increase the effectiveness of coconut oil to fight dandruff, add a few drops of essential oils such as tea tree, lavender, thyme.

Add two drops of any of the above mentioned essential oil to a tbsp of coconut oil. Mix it well and massage into the scalp. Cover your hair with a shower cap and make sure you provide some heat outside, so the goodness of this mixture gets penetrated deep into the roots. Wash off with a mild shampoo and do follow this treatment until you notice visible results.

5. Coconut Oil For Promoting Hair Growth

Coconut oil is one of the best and affordable solutions for thinning hair. It helps promote hair growth and improve the health of the hair.

How To Use It?

Take a small bowl of coconut oil and heat it until it is warm. Massage into the scalp for a few minutes. Massaging can help promote blood circulation and can help promote hair growth. Also, provide foods that are good in omega 3s, protein to support hair growth from inside.

6. Coconut Oil For Managing Frizz

Managing frizz with coconut oil is one of the easiest ways. Coconut oil can help style your hair and tame the frizz.

How To Use It?

Add a tsp of coconut oil to your palms. Warm the oil and apply it right from your hair roots to the tip as desired. Doing so can make your hair look shiny and soft.

7. Coconut Oil For Premature Gray Hair

Coconut oil is beneficial for getting rid of premature graying. Try incorporating it in your daily hair care regimen to turn white hair to black.

How To Use It?

Add a few Indian gooseberries, and a handful of curry leaves in a cup of coconut oil and heat it for a while. Put off the flame when the oil turns dark. Allow it to cool. Later, add a tbsp of Bhringraj oil to it. This hair oil treatment works effectively and can improve hair growth apart from preventing gray hair and baldness.

8. Coconut Oil Conditions Hair From Within

Coconut oil can retain moisture and can keep your hair moisturized and nourished. Using it for your hair can keep your hair soft and shiny. Coconut oil conditions the hair from within and protects it from any damage. It even helps minimize split ends in your hair.


Here are some common FAQs and expert’s answers

1. How to use coconut oil?

Take a small bowl of coconut oil and heat it until warm. Apply it on the scalp and hair. Comb your hair, so that coconut oil gets easily penetrated thoroughly. For best results, leave it overnight covering your head with a shower cap. Wash off with a mild shampoo the next morning.

2. Can you leave coconut oil in hair overnight?

Yes. Leaving coconut oil in hair overnight can help condition the scalp and improve hair health.

3. What does coconut oil do for your hair?

Coconut oil can easily penetrate and can act as a natural sunscreen. Like skin, hair is also prone to the damage caused by the harmful UV rays. So, if you are staying out in the sun, it is beneficial to use coconut oil as a leave-in conditioner to protect the scalp all day long. It helps reduce the risk of sun damage and protect your hair by providing deep moisturization. Using it regularly can even help reduce protein loss from both undamaged and damaged hair.

Well, if you have now understood how amazing the benefits of coconut oil for hair is, join the people across the world who have already been reaping the beneficial effects of coconut oil. Include it in your hair care routine and enjoy its results.

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