Tea Tree Oil Uses – How Is It Beneficial For You!

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Tea Tree Oil Uses & Some Interesting Facts About Tea Tree Oil!

  • Tea tree oil is useful for treating infections of the skin wounds.
  • It is also beneficial for acne treatments.
  • Having nail fungus! Tea tree oil can help you get rid of it.
  • Tea tree oil is very useful in the treatment of Athlete’s foot and tinea pedis.
  • Tea tree oil is quite often used to treat situations like lice, thrush, genital herpes, dandruff, ringworm, etc.
  • If you are allergic to tea tree oil, you can also be allergic to eucalyptus, that is used in making tea tree oil creams.
  • The tea tree is quite difficult to cut down. Even if it is smashed down, new roots would appear quickly forming to a full-size tree.
  • The tea tree is widely grown in California and Australia.

Tea Tree Oil Uses

Tea Tree Oil – An Introduction

Tea tree, also known as Melaleuca, comes with various health benefits. The use of the tea tree oil was started by Australia and California, where the aborigine tribes were the first ones to use it for various benefits. Tea tree oil comes with several properties like antiviral, antibacterial, balsamic, antimicrobial, cicatrisant, antiseptic, insecticide, fungicide, expectorant, stimulant, sudorific substance, and much more. Generally, the oils are extracted from the seeds of the plants, however, in case of tea tree oil, the oil is removed through the distillation process from the twigs and the leaves.

The main ingredients in the essential oil extracted from the tea tree are Alpha Phellandrene, Beta Pinene, Alpha Pinene, Sabinene, Para Cymene, Gamma Terpinene, Cinelo, Limonene, Linalool, Alpha Terpinene, etc. that make the oil a natural healer from various infections and wounds. Apart from healing various diseases and tropical infections, it is also useful for boosting the immune system. Hence, tea tree oil is considered as a magical healer for various skin and health issues.

Tea Tree Oil Uses and Health Benefits

As the tea tree oil carries various properties, it is widely used for skin, hair and health problems giving positive results without any kind of side effects. It is also used for cleaning purpose at home as it carries the properties of an antimicrobial.

Here are some tea tree oil uses and benefits based on the properties it comes with.

1. Tea Tree Oil As An Antibacterial

Tea Tree Oil Antibacterial Benefits

Tea tree oil comes with antibacterial benefits, that is often used in the treatment of infections caused due to the activity of bacteria, fungus, microbes and viruses. There are several other quite dangerous infections, which can be treated with the help of tea tree oil along with some of the harmful wounds too. The oil is not only used to treat the infections, but it is also useful for few internal bacterial infections in the stomach, colon, excretory system, intestines, and the urinary system. When taken in mild concentrations, it is also useful in the treatment of tuberculosis.

2. Balsamic Property Of Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil For Good Digestive System

Tea tree oil is also known as a health booster due to the balsamic properties it comes with. The oil helps in promoting the absorption of nutrients from the food we have. It also gives us protection from various diseases. Hence, it adds all the required positivity’s one needs in the form of good health and good digestive system.

3. Cicatrisant

Cicatrisant Tea Tree Oil

Cicatrisant is a very crucial feature of the tea tree essential oil. With this feature, the oil makes itself useful for healing wounds with a good speed and also protects them from various infections. Tea tree oil is also helpful in neutralizing the scar marks as well as diminishing them. Apart from this, the essential oil is also useful in various spotty problems that emerge from eruptions, chicken pox, boils, acne, and much more.

4. As An Antimicrobial For Dealing With Microbes

Tea Tree Oil As An Antimicrobial

The tea tree oil is quite effective on microbial substances, like protozoa, that can lead to serious health issues. Tea tree oil contains a good portion of the antimicrobial substance, that is helpful in curing problems that affect your health due to microbes like severe fever, malaria, typhoid, and much more. Thus, if you want to keep yourself clean and healthy, go for tea tree oil as the best antimicrobial to kill the microbes.

5. Antiviral Properties

Antiviral Properties of Tea Tree Oil

Are you familiar to viral infections! Yes, we are talking about the viral infections leading to common cold, fever, mumps, influenza, chicken pox, measles, etc. The viruses are harmful as they can grow even in the harshest conditions like too much heat, cold, poison, etc., as they develop under the shells known as cysts. They weaken our immune system, as they can never be killed naturally, as well as, they can also live dead or alive for years. The only way to get rid of them is through antiviral features, that is carried out effectively by the tea tree oil. The oil protects your body against them, and also can be used to cure it in a natural way.

6. Tea Tree Oil Uses As An Expectorant

Tea Tree Oil For Common Cold

The use of tea tree oil is also beneficial as an expectorant. People suffering from cold, cough, bronchitis, congestion, and other such health problems can use tea tree oil to get healed from it with external use. Merely rubbing the oil on the chest and back, or inhaling the essence of the oil it would work out with positive results as the night passes. Hence, tea tree oil is quite helpful in getting rid of the common cold and cough situations with ease and quickly.

7. For Good Hair Health

Tea Tree Oil For Good Hair Health

Tea tree oil also carries features like stimulation, which is very useful for the good health of the hair. It works with wondrous results for hair problems like dandruff, hair loss, weak follicle, premature hair loss, dry scalp, etc. All you need to do is apply a diluted form of tea tree oil on your scalp. This would increase the flow of blood in your scalp, and make your hair roots and scalp skin healthy and moisturized. It works best for dry scalp.

8. Tea Tree Oil Uses As Antiseptic

Tea Tree Oil Uses As Antiseptic

When the wounds are left open, they are likely to get serious infections due to bacteria and fungi. In serious conditions, it can also lead to tetanus or sepsis, and hence, some protection is required in advance. Tea tree oil is a good antiseptic that helps in the protection against such infections. The oil can be applied on the wounds, sores, boils, few eruptions, insect bites, stings, etc. as it works as a good antiseptic for all. It also protects you from insect bites or stings to avoid infections.

9. Stimulant

Tea Tree Oil For Immune System

The tea tree oil works well on the hormone secretions and blood circulation, that are the basic functionalities on which the immune system works. The oil helps in boosting the immune system, and also works in the protection of several infections. This is a prime reason why the oil is also used in the aromatherapy as it gives internal benefits to the individual. Hence, through aromatherapy, tea tree oil works as a great booster of the immune system.

10. Tea Tree Oil Uses For Eliminating Toxins

Tea Tree Oil To Remove Toxins

When some toxins gather in your body, it can also result in fewer diseases. They often lead to reactions, through various products or through any kind of intake. The body eliminates these toxins by sweating or urinating. The tea tree oil helps in removing the toxins by opening the pores of the skin, leading to sweating or through uric acids. Not only the toxins, it also removes excess water and salts when it cleans the pores. This is also good to avoid acne problems.

11. An Active Fungicide

Tea Tree Oil To Cure Fungus

Tea tree oil is a great fighter against fungal infections, similar to the bacterial and microbial infections. The oil helps in reducing the growth of fungus and also cures similar diseases like Athlete’s foot and dermatitis. However, one must be sure before using it, as it is not advisable for internal fungal use as it carries toxic properties. It is useful for external fungus effects as even in diluted form, the internal use is avoided.

12. Good For The Growth And Development Of Tissues

Tea Tree Oil For Muscles Pain

Tea tree oil is also used to get relief from the joint pain, muscular pain, sprains, aches, etc. as it is composed of a strong chemical property that works as an anti-inflammatory that allows the flow of blood to the areas. This also leads to increase in the healing process along with the increase in the growth and development of new tissues and cells.

13. Good To Heal Ear Infections

Tea Tree Oil To Heal Ear Infections

Is your kid suffering from any kind of ear infection! Yes, normally the children suffer from such infections that lead to painful ear canals. Tea tree oil acts as a natural antibacterial to reduce the pain and clear up the infection. It also increases the healing process that eliminates the long painful hours. All you need to do is add some drops of the tea tree oil in the ear to remove the infection.

14. To Keep Your Surroundings Hygiene

Tea Tree Oil Uses As Deodorant

Yes, tea tree oil is also a good hygiene provider to keep yourself free from any bacterial or toxins’ effects. People who are living in hot areas often get affected by the bacteria and toxins in the form of sweat, and heat that gives them a filthy ripe smell. To get rid of it, one can use tea tree oil in the form of a body deodorant, as it not only helps in getting that filthy smell apart from you, but also fights against the bacteria and toxins that generate that smell.

15. For Having Good Breath

Tea Tree Oil For Good Breath

This might surprise you, but tea tree oil is also used in the form of a mouthwash to deal with bad breath, plaque, gingivitis, oral candidiasis, inflamed gums, etc. It is effective on the bacteria that grow in your mouth, before any kind of dental surgeries. After the surgery, it helps in reducing the effects like mouth irritation. Hence, if your surroundings, avoid sitting next to you due to your breath, try tea tree oil.

16. Relief From Conjunctivitis

Tea Tree Oil To Get Relief From Conjunctivitis

Tea tree essential oil is also used while facing problems like pink or red eyes or conjunctivitis. The eyes turn red or pink due to viral infections, leading to pain and itching. To get instant relief from such pain, you can add a few drops of tea tree oil to boiled green tea water and place it on your eyes when it cools. This should give you instant results and relief from conjunctivitis.

Hence, whether you apply on your body, use it in a diluted solution, or intake it through any means, tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca oil gives you desired positive results with a good healing speed. It is also used in various aromatherapies for having a clean and clear skin. Several companies also use tea tree oil in their products for getting the maximum benefits out of it.

Tea Tree Oil – Few Side Effects

Tea tree oil or Melaleuca oil is a natural healer with various features that are healthy in various forms. Although it is safe to use, there are still some side effects related to tea tree oil, which must be known prior using it to avoid any kind of reaction. It is necessary to watch your eyes, especially if you are wearing any contact lenses, sensitive skin parts and inner part of the nose while using the oil. The oil is composed of strong camphorates odor with a combination of menthol kind sensation that might give you light burning feeling on your skin if applied in more quantity.

While using it in the form of concentration, excess of the tea tree oil can lead to dermatitis reactions or even rashes. Hence, before using it on the skin, it is recommended to have a small skin patch test on your leg or arm. This also means that direct consumption of the oil is equally harmful as it can lead to serious issues like diarrhea, unsteadiness, drowsiness, coma, hallucinations, vomiting, weakness, stomach disorders, abnormalities in the blood cells, and much more. If you are having pets or children at home, keep the tea tree oil out of their reach to avoid any unwanted circumstances. For pregnant women and breast-feeding women application in a diluted form of the oil is generally safe, however, the oral intake of the oil is harmful as it carries toxics.

So, what are you waiting for! Get some health benefits in a natural way through tea tree essential oil, by using it in a safe way.

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