16 Amazing Benefits of Salt Water Gargle to Get Rid of Oral Problems!

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Salt water gargle is beneficial for plenty of reasons. It is a simple remedy for everyone who has been experiencing sore throat, sore gums, and other oral problems. One can get rid of such conditions without too much cost or effort. This supportive measure won’t cost you the earth and can be followed by adults and children as well. Before digging into why and how it works, let us know what a salt water gargle is!

What is salt water gargle?

Gargle is an age-old remedy which is a simple and inexpensive method to treat a sore throat. It helps draw out the viruses and infections causing bacteria which get usually stuck in the mucous membrane present at the back of the throat. Gargling with warm salt water helps flush out the microorganisms that cause a sore throat and other illnesses. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties present in natural sea salt can help provide relief from throat inflammation and can also clear out the phlegm.

Interesting, Isn’t it? You might be still doubtful about how to use this excellent remedy.

How to gargle with salt water?

  • Add a tsp. of natural sea salt to a cup of lukewarm water and stir it continuously until dissolved completely.
  • Have a big sip of this warm salt water and hold it in the mouth.
  • Make sure your head is tilted backward with your eyes facing the ceiling.
  • Gargle the warm salt water in your mouth for nearly half a minute and spit it out in the sink.
  • Repeat the process by sipping warm salt water. Do the same until you have finished the entire quantity.
  • Repeat the warm salt water gargling for every three to four hours to get relieved from the nasty sore throat.

As you have understood how to gargle with salt water, it is time to know how it works and the health benefits it provides.

What happens when you do Salt Water Gargle regularly?

Salt water gargling seems like a grandma’s remedy, but it has scientific benefits that prove how effective it is. Adding salt to a cup of lukewarm water for saltwater gargling works by a principle called osmosis. In this process, the concentration of salt extracts fluids from the throat and the mouth and provides relief from pain caused due to infection. It even breaks down thicker mucus, removing allergens, fungi, and bacteria from the mouth.

Benefits of salt water Gargle

Gargling and swishing salt water around your mouth can provide several health benefits. Doing so is an excellent preventive measure for plenty of oral health problems.

1. Salt water gargle helps maintain pH balance

Salt water gargle can help neutralize the acids present in the throat that are produced by the bacteria. Optimal pH balance can also help the healthy bacteria thrive in the mouth and prevents the invading bacteria from causing oral diseases.

2. Salt water gargle for cough

Warm salt water gargle can help get relieved from dry cough. This procedure helps stop the cough by working as an antitussive.

3. Clears nasal congestion and mucus

Gargling using warm salt water can help remove the mucus build-up in the nasal cavity and respiratory tract. Doing so can reduce inflammation apart from providing relief from the pain in the throat and helps expel the virus and bacteria responsible for the condition.

4. Protects from infections related to the Upper respiratory tract

Some scientific studies have revealed that gargling with warm salt water has reduced the risks of upper respiratory tract infections.

5. Salt water gargle protects the enamel

Salt water gargling can reverse tooth decay, thanks to the mineral fluoride. The fluoride content in salt water can help prevent tooth decay by protecting the enamel. Doing so can even neutralize the acids present in the mouth which might otherwise damage enamel. Hence, it is recommended to incorporate salt water gargling in your dental routine.

6. Salt water gargle for tonsillitis

Inflammation of tonsils due to viral or bacterial infection can lead to symptoms such as sore throat, yellow coating on the tonsils. Gargling using warm salt water can provide relief from the pain in the throat and can ease some of these symptoms related to tonsillitis.

7. Salt water gargle to get rid of bad breath

Bad breath or halitosis is a condition which one can’t ignore, and if you are conscious about it, gargling with warm salt water is an effective way to eliminate it. This procedure can flush out the invading bacteria, responsible for bad breath, and also restore the pH balance- both the culprits responsible for bad breath.

8. Salt water gargle for sore throat

Gargling warm salt water can help provide relief from a sore throat. It is one of the simple yet effective remedies to get rid of the bacteria or virus and create an environment in the throat where the bacteria or virus cannot thrive.

9. Salt water gargle to soothe canker sores

Canker sores are painful ulcers in the mouth which are sensitive. Swishing your mouth with salt water can provide relief from the pain and fasten up the healing of the canker sore.

10. Salt water gargle treats swollen and bleeding gums

Bleeding and swollen gums are due to bacterial infections and using warm salt water gargle procedure can help reduce the pain and inflammation, apart from combating the bacteria responsible for such gum diseases. Also, it can help flush out the bacteria in the mouth, which is causing the infections.

11. Salt water gargle helps heal the gingival wounds

Oral diseases such as gingivitis can weaken the gums and increase the risks of serious dental problems. According to a few scientific studies, rinsing your mouth with warm salt water can help fasten the healing of any wound in the gums and help restore the gum health.

12. Provides relief from a toothache

Accumulation of pus in the tooth due to bacterial infections induces toothache. In such cases, dentists often suggest antibiotics to treat the condition. But to get relieved from the pain, using warm salt water gargle technique is one effective way.

13. Salt water gargle treats dental plaque

A sticky film of bacteria that resides along the gum line and the teeth is called plaque. It gets hardened when it is left untreated and could lead to serious oral diseases. Swishing around the mouth with warm salt water frequently can help remove the plaque accumulated on the teeth.

14. Fights Candida infection

Candida infection caused by the yeast Candida can lead to conditions like white spots on the tongue, pain while swallowing. Salt water gargling technique helps fight candida infection, thanks to the antimicrobial properties of salt. Rinsing with salt water can help fight candida growth and even help restore the pH balance.

15. Salt water gargle prevents gingivitis

Gingivitis is a condition that is characterized by painful and swollen gums, and when left untreated could lead to oral diseases. Warm salt water gargling technique, when followed two or three times a week is one of the best ways to prevent gingivitis.

16. Salt water gargle helps cleanse the mouth

Gargling with warm salt water can help neutralize the acidity in the mouth and create an alkaline environment that doesn’t let invading bacteria thrive. Hence, it helps prevent many oral infections. Additionally, it helps remove the food particles stuck between the teeth apart from removing the white build-up on the tongue.

Now that, you have learned about the salt water gargle benefits, you might have understood how gargling with warm salt water is excellent, and why one should do it frequently. Doing it in moderation can benefit you in many ways.

Side effects of salt water gargling

  • A teaspoon of sea salt in your saltwater gargle solution is a recommended dose. However, too much salt in the solution can dehydrate the throat and the mouth.
  • Gargling salt water daily for long periods can damage your enamel and gums. Hence, it is necessary to limit this procedure for around two or three times a week.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gargle

1. What is the salt water gargle ratio?

One teaspoon of natural sea salt in one cup of warm water is enough to prepare a salt water solution for gargling.

2. How long can one do warm salt water gargle?

You can do it for half a minute, for a period of every two to four hours per day.

3. Which salt is good to put in the warm salt water?

Natural sea salt is good. However, you may add regular salt as well.

4. Can this gargle treat respiratory congestion?

Yes. Gargling salt water has several benefits and can ease congestion as well. The saline solution draws out the fluid from the inflamed tissues in the mouth and the throat, thus providing relief from pain. Gargling also loosens thicker mucus and doing so can remove the allergens, fungi, and bacteria from the throat.

Salt water gargling can make you feel a lot better. It doesn’t take the place of modern oral hygiene, but can be used as one of the supportive measures. It keeps the person’s mouth clean and can help alleviate pain caused due to canker sores, sore throats.

Consider trying this immediate cure for pain relief before reaching out for strong medicines. I’m sure it works and so would you be.

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