How To Get Rid Of Fleas Using Natural Home Remedies?

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Some unknown facts about the fleas

  • The fleas don’t have any ears and are also blind virtually
  • 95% of the fleas in any stage live and grow on the sofas, carpets, rugs and beds
  • During the pupae stage, the fleas live in your house for around one year
  • Having one flea in your house would bring 1000 more fleas in just 21 days to your house
  • The fleas can live in a frozen state for around a year, and then they can revive themselves too
  • A female flea would lay eggs in between 35 – 48 hours of having blood the very first time
  • Once the flea enters the pupae stage, it has to find blood in around 7 days or the flea dies
  • Flea infestation at your home can lead to health issues like murine typhus, Mycoplasma Haemofelis, tapeworms, etc.
  • Flea bites can lead to skin irritation, itching, hair loss, skin allergies, skin reddening, etc.

Fleas – The hidden irritators

Whether you own a pet or not, having fleas at your place is among the worst nightmare one can have. Yes, it is not necessary that one would search for how to get rid of fleas only if you are having a pet. These blood-sucking pests not only irritate the pets but human beings too. The fur of the pets, beds, sofas, carpets, lawns, etc. are the favorite places they carry out their infestation. These pests feed on the blood of animals or human beings and this makes it difficult for you to live in your own house.

The prime reason to look for how to get rid of fleas in your house is the flea bites. Generally, the pets are the prime victims of the flea bites. However, the bites can be irritating for human beings too. It leads to conditions like swelling, itchiness, typhus, plague, etc. Some severe conditions faced due to sting bites include bubonic plague, murine typhus, tungiasis, tularemia, and many more.

How to get rid of fleas?

How do I get rid of fleas in my house fast? Does this question disturb your mind every now and then? The first thing people look for while having fleas in the house or lawn is to call the pest control team. But do they actually help you with 100% effectiveness? The best idea to get rid of the fleas without using any kind of chemicals is through natural ingredients.

Here are some of the home remedies that would help you kill and prevent your house from the fleas.

1. Dish Soap

This is the widely used remedy when it comes to how to get rid of fleas naturally. The dish soap and water are a remedy that makes a trap for the fleas to remove it completely from your house.

How to use the ingredients?

  • This remedy is carried out by placing some warm water and dish soap in a plate or bowl.
  • Place the plate or bowl in the area where the fleas are observed the most.
  • Now take a candle, lit it and place it in the center of the plate.

Doing so would attract the fleas and they would be trapped in the soapy liquid and die. This is among the safest ways of dealing with fleas, but make sure you keep it away from the children and pets.

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2. Herbal Spray

Want to avoid the unwanted and harmful chemicals for dealing with the fleas? Replace the chemical sprays with the herbal sprays and you are done. For making this magical herbal spray carry out the following process:

  • Take 1-gallon vinegar, ½ gallon water, 8 ounces witch hazel and 16 ounces of lemon juice in a bowl to make a solution.
  • Use the solution to vacuum your house by spraying it properly and killing the fleas.

If things cannot be vacuumed, you can also wash them properly using this herbal solution as a natural remedy. Repeating the process would be helpful in removing the fleas completely.

3. Lemon Spray

When it comes to how to get rid of fleas in a natural way, lemon is an amazing ingredient which can be used in various ways. The citrus impact it comes with help in eliminating the fleas completely from your house. Here is how you can use lemon spray for fleas.

  • Take a lemon and slice it thinly. Add some water to the lemon slices and warm it to boiling level.
  • Let the solution cool overnight. Pour it into a spray bottle.
  • Use the citrus solution on the infected areas where fleas are found.

You can use this citrus solution on areas like beds, sofas, chairs, pet beds, etc. However, make sure you only dampen the furniture and not soak it.

4. Baking Soda

For the people struggling for how to get rid of fleas in your house in a natural way, baking soda is the best way to vacuum the affected area. This solution is quite effective on fibers on your furniture and carpets. Follow the steps below to use baking soda for fleas.

  • Take some baking soda and spread it on the furniture and carpets.
  • Using a hard brush, rub the brush on the fabric.
  • Once you have done this, empty the fabrics in a vacuum bag and throw it in the trash.

Some also use baking soda by making a solution using baking soda and water. This also helps in effectively cleaning the house and furniture too.

5. Flea repelling plants

This might surprise you but when it comes to how to get rid of fleas naturally, there are specific plants that work as a natural repellant for the insects and their bites. The plants contain some oils, chemicals and compounds that irritate the fleas and they avoid that particular area.

  • There are particular plants like chrysanthemums, spearmint, lavender, and even pennyroyal that help in keeping the fleas away.
  • Using flower pots at the windows and doors help in keeping them away from the house.
  • For the people having lawns using flower beds is a great way to keep the fleas away.

The flower beds work as a natural remedy for the houses to keep the fleas away.

6. Salt

Similar to baking soda, salt is also another effective answer to how to get rid of fleas in your house. When used with vacuum, it acts similar to a dehydration agent which eliminates all the fleas from the house. Here is how you can use salt for removing fleas.

  • For using salt, take finely grounded salt.
  • Sprinkle it on the carpets and other furniture and fabrics.
  • Allow the salt to work on the fabric for around 2 days.
  • Vacuum the entire house and empty the vacuumed contents in the trash can.

The salt dehydrates the fleas and kills them. This is considered as the safest way to deal with the fleas.

7. White Vinegar

When looking for how to get rid of fleas naturally, white vinegar is yet another ideal way of removing them. Using white vinegar for washing the blankets, toys and even the pet beds would work magically in removing the fleas. This is the process of using white vinegar.

  • Take the detergent you are using and add around 2 cups white vinegar to the detergent.
  • Wash out your toys, blankets, pet beds, etc. using this mixture using the hottest and longest setting of the machine.
  • After washing them, air dries the fibers again in the hottest setting.

While washing with white vinegar, make sure you avoid the fabric softeners. This would protect the fabric from the clinging of eggs. Also, make sure you air dry the fibers outdoors as if carried out indoors the fleas would return back. Again, if you are not washing the machines, throw away the fibers as washing without machine would not be effective.

8. Citronella Mixture

While talking about the natural ways how to get rid of fleas, citronella mixture is the best repellant to go with. Making a solution or mixture using this essential oil would help you keep the fleas at bay with ease. Here is the method of making this solution.

  • Take warm water and add citronella oil around 20 drops to it.
  • After that add 10 drops of tea tree oil and lemongrass oil each.
  • Also, add 5 drops of the geranium oil to the water and mix it well.
  • Use this solution to mop the floor or areas where fleas are widely found. You can also sprinkle this mixture to the fibers and vacuum it later.

Repeating this process around 3 times in a week would be helpful in eliminating all the fleas from the house effectively.

Apart from all these, using horse apples, cedar oil, apple cider vinegar, pennyroyal herb, lemongrass oil and rosemary oil spray, rosemary powder, etc. would also bring effective results for reducing the fleas from the house. Also, after removing the fleas from the house, to get rid of them completely, it is important you look after the hygiene of the house properly. Regularly cleaning the house and your pet, upholstery, pet belongings, etc. would surely help you keep the fleas away from the house and your pet too. So, are you ready to fight the fleas!

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