How To Attract Fruit Flies And Gnats To Their Deaths!

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One of the most annoying things that you can find in your kitchens are the gnats and fruit flies. No matter how much we try to get rid of them, they just don’t seem to go away. We might have prepared something really yummy and kept it on our table and before our guests could arrive, the fruit flies would already be there as our surprise guests. Then, how to Attract Fruit Flies And Gnats To Their Deaths!

If you too are in the same place and hunting for some effective remedies to get rid of fruit flies, you’ve come to the right place! Read this article and learn how to get rid of gnats and fruit flies with some of the best home remedies. There are also over the counter products that can be used in order to kill the gnats and fruit flies. But, however, they are not very preferable as they might be affecting our goods and fruits too! Home remedies are hence the best way of getting rid of fruit flies and gnats. Read this article and take home some amazing home remedies. These methods are worth trying before you call the professionals who’ll help you to get rid of fruit flies. Read on “how to get rid of gnats”!

How to attract Gnats and Fruit Flies to their deaths?

How to Get Rid of Gnats & Fruit Flies? How To Attract them to their deaths?

1. The Vinegar Trap For Killing Gnats & Fruit Flies- How To Attract.

If you believe that vinegar is something that’s only confined to a kitchen, then let me tell you, you’re wrong. Vinegar can be used as an amazing remedy to get rid of the fruit flies. This method is a very simple one but works wonders and you’ll be shocked to see that the fruit flies and gnats would never come back again.

  • You will need a container, some dish soap water, sugar and the apple cider vinegar to do this trick.
  • Mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of the vinegar, add 1 or 2 tablespoons of sugar, take some dish soap that’s capable of producing more bubbles and mix few drops of it to this mixture.
  • Add 1 glass of water to this mixture and mix it well until you feel all the ingredients are blended into each other really well.
  • The vinegar trap is already ready to go!

All you need to do now is the place this container in the area where there are too many gnats. These insects will get so much attracted to the vinegar that they’ll approach the container and try to drink it off. All the gnats and fruit flies will get attracted to the container. They will then succumb to death when they try to lick the liquid as there is soap bubbles content. That’s how simple it is! No hard gas professionals required! Try this and you’ll be surprised yourself!

2. How to Get Rid of Gnats With The Rotten Vegetables Trick? How To Attract them to their deaths.

Instead of just throwing away the rotten vegetables, what if I tell you, you could make use of them for getting rid of the gnats and fruit flies? Just like the vinegar trick, this one too is very simple and an effective remedy. You don’t have to store all the rotten vegetables, all you need is one or two rotten vegetables. Rotten fruits too will do the trick!

  • Take a small container. Add 1 or 1 and a half glass of water to it.
  • Take a dish wash soap that comes with a lot of bubbles. You might also try the liquid washes that are available easily on the market.
  • Let the dish wash soap or the liquid washes be mixed well into the water. Let it show some bubbles.
  • Now, take the rotten vegetable or the fruit that you have and place it with the bottle. Cover the rotten fruit or the vegetable with a nice plastic so that it doesn’t stink too much and it can all he held in place.
  • Use a plastic tape and bring in place the container and the rotten fruit or vegetable. Now take a sharp pin and make some holes in the vegetable or the fruit.

Place this container in places where there are too many fruit flies or gnats. You will see that they are attracted towards the container and they’ll slowly try to gulp the liquid too. And that’s what we want! They will succumb to death. Use this trick if you’re fine with bearing the bad odor for some time until the gnats and fruit flies are all dead.

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3. The Bleaching Powder Trick to Get Rid of Fruit Flies-How To bait.

When you are having gnats that are probably breeding in the pipes of your sink, this trick is recommended. In most cases, the gnats will start breeding in your kitchen skin and from there, they’ll start spreading to the other parts of your home too very soon. So, treat the place from where it all starts and definitely, the gnats will be reduced over time.

  • You will need some bleaching powder to do this trick. Add some bleaching powder with water such that it is blended well. Make sure it’s mild, not very concentrated, neither too dilute.
  • Pour this mixture in your sink and especially pour it well into your sink pipe.
  • Consider doing this, twice a day and you’ll soon see that the gnats that are breeding in your sink pipe are gradually disappearing with time.

This trick can also be applied in the washing basin. Sometimes, if your washing some fruits and nuts in your wash basin, you’ll be noticing gnats from their too. You can apply it there too! And also, it’s not just serving the purpose of getting rid of gnats and fruit flies. Your kitchen sink will shine by the virtue of bleaching powder! Time to give it a shot!

4. How to Get Rid of Gnats Using Red Wine Trick ? How To bait.

This is yet another effective way for how to get rid of gnats and fruit flies. The red wine is something that appears very attractive and welcoming to the fruit flies and the gnats. So, you’ll not have to roam around your home with a gnats trap but they will come to the red wine bottle on their own. You will need some red wine for doing this. You needn’t really spend too much on buying the costliest red wine. Get the cheapest one, it would suffice to do the trick.

  • Take a plastic container that is a see through one. It can be of glass too. But make sure, it’s transparent and see through. Opaque ones are a no no.
  • Pour some red wine into the container.
  • Do not use the container lid to close it, but use a plastic polythene to cover the lid of the container. Use any sharp substance to make small holes on the plastic polythene.
  • Now, add some soap dish into the red wine so that it can create some bubbles.
  • The aroma of the red wine is very welcoming to the gnats and the fruit flies.

You will notice that the gnats and fruit flies that are present in various places of your home will be attracted to this container. They will come hunting for the red wine that looks like a fruit juice to them and they’ll slowly succumb to death by virtue of the soap bubbles. The best way of using this trick is to keep the container in the night and leaving it there overnight. By you wake up in the morning, all those annoying gnats and fruit flies will be dead and gone!

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They were some of the easy homemade remedies that can be followed for parting ways with gnats and fruit flies effectively. After you’re done trying out those remedies and getting rid of fruit flies and gnats, make sure you make it a note that you keep your kitchen really clean. Half the job is done if you keep your dishes clean. Fruit flies are basically attracted when there’s dirt that’s not being disposed from a long time. The pungent smell of the dirt is what attracts the fruit flies and gnats towards your home. Keep the kitchen crisp clean and neat, and half the problem is solved! Try out those simple yet effective remedies to get rid of flies and gnats.

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