For a woman juggling kitchen, kids and a career, easy cooking tips and tricks are no less than a blessing. Be it cleaning or cooking, both the activities take a considerable amount of time and effort. But when you use smarter cooking hacks as solutions, the hardships are reduced and the work is done much quicker. Here are some such cooking tips that will save, time, money and effort.

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20 Cooking Tips and Tricks

1. Grate the Butter

If you want to add butter to flour while making biscuits, muffins or scones, instead of melting it just grate the frozen butter. Within minutes, you will have melted butter that can be easily used as a spread for toast or bread or as a topping for veggies and baked potato.

2. A Bowl for Garbage

When you have to do a lot of preparation work in the kitchen or have lots of cooking to do, you have to make multiple trips to the garbage can to throw away the things. You can save time running to throw the garbage by designating a bowl for collecting the scraps. Later on, after completing all the work you can drop the garbage in the can in one trip.

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Easy Cooking Tips and Tricks!

Learn Easy Cooking Tips and Tricks!

3. Faster Way to Thaw Meat

Do you keep forgetting to take out the meat from the freezer a few hours before cooking? We all do! It is very important that the meat thaws for a couple of hours before you begin cooking. If you have forgotten to do it earlier, you can still manage to serve a well-cooked meat dish by placing the meat in a bowl with cold water for some time. Just keep on changing the water every few minutes, for the meat to thaw sooner.

4. Saving the Leftover Sauce

Here is one of the cleverest kitchen hacks. If you want to prevent wastage and do not want to throw out any leftover sauce, just freeze it in an ice-cube tray. You can add the cubes to the gravies and curries to enhance the taste.

5. Easier Way to Peel Garlic

Many find peeling the garlic very tedious and irritating. Moreover, your fingers will smell of garlic for at least 2 to 3 days. Here is the easiest and the smartest way of peeling garlic. Smash the garlic to the bottom of a porcelain bowl. Put them in a plastic box, cover the lid and shake well. Separate the flakes and you have freshly peeled garlic ready for mincing or grating.

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6. Reheating Smartly

Reheating can mess up the taste and the texture of the dish, especially if you are reheating spaghetti, noodles or pasta. For uniform reheating, arrange the pasta or the noodles in the shape of a doughnut leaving some empty space in the middle. You will be surprised at how uniformly your noodles will heat up. Take out and serve!

7. Use Ziplock Plastic Bag to Store Ice Cream

If you want to maintain the softness of your yummy ice cream, keep the ice cream box in a ziplock plastic freezer bag. Make sure that as much as air is kept out of the bag before you place it in the freezer.

8. Prevent Sliding of Cutting Board

If you cook, you will emote to the battle with your cutting board and knife. The cutting board never stays in place, especially when you begin to chop. You can now keep your cutting board in place, by simply placing a damp hand towel or a wet paper towel under the board. It will ensure that the cutting board does not slide while you chop away!

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9. Freeze Meat to Slice Better

If you want to slice meat faster and better, freeze it for a few hours prior to slicing. Even a partially frozen slab of meat is much easier to slice than that at room temperature.

10. Use a Spoon to Peel Ginger

Try using a spoon to peel ginger instead of a vegetable peeler or a paring knife which is bound to eat up too much of the root along with the skin. Simply use the back of a spoon to gently grate away the skin. The peel will fall off rather easily, as it is very delicate and tissue like.

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