Dress Different This Halloween : 8 Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes

Can’t decide what to wear for Halloween? The witch or the sexy kitten? Go crazy go spunky, go scary! At your Halloween party, you will see all kind of maniacs dressed up as cowboys, clowns and animals of all kinds. Every imagined classic horror icon and trendiest pop culture artists of that era.

One or the other costume catches your attention and horrifies you to the extent of a heart attack! In the end, it’s all about decorating yourself to give a spooky feel, and enjoying to your heart’s content!  But with lack of time, sometimes you need to get ready with least number of things in a short period of time.

Let’s See Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes!

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We bring you some fun, easy on the pocket and creative ideas on DIY Halloween costumes.

1. Day of the Dead Costume

Day of the Dead Costume

Nothing screams more Halloween than a red and black outfit with skeletons. Boast of skeleton style from head to toes. Flaunt your bad to the bone look in a screamy way using fiery colors of red and black. Enter the party and make a statement by mixing and matching a flowing bustle and corset with sugar skull tiara, makeup, and gloves.

Pointed black shiny shoes and a skeleton neckpiece add to the horror factor of the costume. Go equally berserk with makeup with a white base, red spiky lips and yellow around the eyes!

2. Alice in Wonderland Look!

Alice in Wonderland Look!

Take a sensuous feel down the rabbit’s hole and dress up Alice in wonderland this Halloween. You will wonder and marvel at your own creation of this Costume. Keep adding things like the beribboned pop icy blue and black corset, a frilly and feminine little ruffles skirt in net that has playing cards detailing. Add more drama with thigh highs in black and white stripes, a cute and girly bow on your headband and Black heeled stilettos. Look your best irresistible this Halloween!

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3. Half Circus and Half Magician Look

Half Circus and Half Magician Look

Give the Halloween spectators a magical costume this season. Turn the house down with a freaky Half Circus and Half Magician Look and create you own gasping audience. A well-fitted red and black corset, a tutu with double design detailing of harlequin print and lace that complements you weird and mismatched thigh highs perfectly. Accessorize it in a crazy way with a blood splattered clown collar, half net, and half fabric gloves to add more drama. Plain hair is so boring and so NOT Halloween. Go for dual toned curly hair wig in red and black colors. That’s a killer finish!

4. The Vintage Vixen

 The Vintage Vixen

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The retro look of the 50’s and 60’s is never out of style. The classic vintage feel enlivens the Marilyn Monroe in you! Think all about cherries from head to toe. Whether a curve-flaunting halter top in polka dots or a knotted shirt in black with white polka dots, roses clipped in the hair the darkest and deepest colored lips. A chiffon neck scarf, cherry earrings and who can forget the quintessential retro accessory- the cat eyed winged glasses. Pin up to perfection!

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