How To Dress Effectively As Per Your Body Shape?

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Do you know how to dress for your body type? Have you teased someone at their back with respect to their body shape like calling him or her as a pencil-figured or a pumpkin? It sounds pretty amusing, yeah! During our childhood days, we have often made fun of our friends and acquaintances on the basis of how heavy or how skinny they look. If a boy is fat and plump, we would call him a pumpkin or even a baby elephant. And if a girl is skinny and very thin, we would call her a pencil or a stick.

Well, unknowingly, we also have a particular body shape. Evaluation of body shape is essential not to poke fun of others but to create our personal style statement. When we know our body shape, we can choose better clothes for ourselves. We won’t make the mistake of buying ill-fitted clothes and looking bad. Hence we bring this article, to tell you how to dress for your body type.

How To Dress For Your Body Type?

Why Should We Evaluate Our Body Shape?

Let us first know what the significance of evaluation of body shape is.

1. Shop For Perfectly Fitted Clothing

We do not like to wear clothes that do not suit us. For instance, imagine a slim and tall lady wearing loose fitted top. It will not accentuate her slim figure.

2. Flatter Your Appearance

We dress to look better and confident. We should be able to emphasize on our assets such as a slim waist and not show our negative aspects such as flabby arms or a protruding belly.

3. Select The Best Pieces Of Clothing

When you create your own wardrobe, you should end up having dull-fitted clothes that do not look good on you. You should not repeat the shopping process frequently. Buy the ones that are best for you.

4. Feel Confident And Attractive

Imagine yourself wearing the most perfectly fitted clothes in which you look great. You would definitely feel confident the whole day.

Basic Dressing Rules

Before we move ahead towards how to dress for your body type, let us revise the three basic rules of dressing.

  • Always chose clothing that suits your body shape and type.
  • You should wear clothes in which you feel comfortable and confident.
  • Choose clothing as per the occasion.

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How To Dress For Your Body Type?

Stand in front of a mirror dressed in minimal clothing. Study your body shape carefully by joining the measurement points of the four core areas: shoulders, chest, waist and hips. If you are not able to determine your body shape, you can draw a dotted line on the mirror or tell a close friend of yours to do so. Join the dotted line and then, determine your body shape.

The next important point after this determination is not to get disheartened that your body shape is not the ideal one. If it is hourglass, then well and good. But if it is not, then do not blame yourself, “Oh! I don’t have a proper body shape. Now, what should I wear?” We have got the concrete solution for all your dressing problems. So just love yourself and your strengths and see how to dress for your body type.

When you watch celebrities, models and actresses on TV, you feel that they are God-gifted with a perfect body shape. Actually, they are not. Their stylists recommend them the best style of clothing and that’s the reason they look great on screen despite of their flaws. So, our emphasis is on choosing appropriate clothing that will look great on us.

1. Hourglass Body Shape

Yes, we all know that is the perfect body shape and a dream shape for each and every woman on this planet. However, with the advent of the skinny trend, this notion has been struck off by some women. They prefer zero-size body shape instead of an hourglass one.

  • In an hourglass body shape, the body is curvy.
  • The hips and chest are heavy.
  • The waist is small.

When you have a curvy body, you need to obviously flaunt your curves and accentuate them instead of covering it in layered clothes or clothes that hide your femininity. You should bulk your shoulders and hips in any way. Be feminine, this will be an effective mantra for you.

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What To Adopt?

  • Always wear fitted or semi-fitted clothes.
  • Dresses in which your waistline looks nice should be wore.
  • Medium and scooped necklines would suit you.
  • Tops to wear – halter tops, light pattern tops, wrap tops, tops ending at waistline
  • Bottoms – Mid or low waist
  • Waistcoats, short and long jackets, straight or flared skirts will look good on you.
  • You should choose your lingerie very carefully as your clothes will fit in your body perfectly.

What Not To Adopt?

  • Do not wear over-sized clothes or big patterned clothes.
  • Do not wear layered clothing as it will make you look frumpy.
  • High necklines should be avoided.
  • Do not choose fabrics that are bulky that will camouflage your curves.

2. Triangular Body Shape

In this kind of body shape, the shoulders are narrow while the waist and hips and broad. If you want to use fruits as a basis of evaluation of body shape, then you can also call it as pear-shaped body shape. Here, you will emphasize in drawing other’s attention towards your upper part of the body and not to the lower part.

  • Shoulders are narrow.
  • The waist is small or medium-sized.
  • The hips and thighs are heavy and wide.
  • The bottom part of the body looks bulky.

What To Adopt?

  • Always choose clothes and accessories of attractive designs and patterns.
  • You can wear tops having shoulder pads.
  • Apply makeup appropriate so that your facial features are visible.
  • Long tops or jackets till your hips will give you a slimmer perception.
  • Tops will collar will look good on you.
  • Your upper portion of tops and dresses must be busy and patterned.
  • Use bottoms of dark colors.
  • Wear slimming shapewear so that your hips look slimmer.

What Not To Adopt?

  • Have you noticed jeans having embroidered designs at the pockets? DO not choose them at all.
  • Even prints or patterns at the bottom part of the clothes will not look good on you.
  • Do not wear big and broad belts.
  • Do not wear waistcoats and empire tops and dresses.
  • Do not wear high-waist bottoms.
  • Do not wear ill-fitted clothes such as loose or bulky ones.
  • DO not choose fabrics that are heavy, particularly in the bottom half.
  • Do not wear tops that end at the waist or cropped tops.

If you also think that are limited clothing options for plus size women, we are here to prove you wrong. Find best dresses for wide hips females.

3. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

In this body shape, the upper part of the body looks heavier and the lower part looks lighter. It is also known as the apple-shaped body. Here, your focus should be in emphasizing on the bottom part of the body and hide the upper portion. Let’s see how to do it.

  • Shoulders are broad.
  • The waist is medium to large-sized.
  • Hips are narrow.
  • The topmost part of the body looks bulky.

What To Adopt?

  • Fabrics that are smooth and flowing on the body should be chosen.
  • Accessories such as a funky or broad wrist watch or a beautiful bracelet will divert the attention from shoulders to hands.
  • Trousers and skirts that are slightly flares will look good and balanced.
  • A-line tops are the best ones.
  • Bottoms could be of lighter and bright colours. On the contrary, wear dark and solid colours on the top.
  • Layered clothing is preferably but not heavy. For instance, a loose checked shirt on a tank top or spaghetti top.
  • Empire lines tops and dresses are better options.
  • Wear waistcoats, short skirts and low-waist bottoms.
  • If your bottoms have details such as embroidery and pockets, then it will emphasize that area.

What Not To Adopt?

  • Do not wear big patterned tops.
  • High-waist bottoms are a strict no-no.
  • Shoulder pads are not preferred.
  • Do not wear tightly fitted clothes, particularly in the upper body.
  • Do not choose heavy and funky neckpieces.

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4. Diamond Body Shape

In this case, the shoulders and hips are narrow, whereas the waist is broad. The middle portion of the body looks bulky and may give the illusion of a stout person. The key is to hide the waistlines and accentuate the topmost and lower portions of the body.

  • Waist is broad.
  • Shoulders are narrow.
  • Hips are narrow.

What To Adopt?

  • You need to focus on your shoulders. So, wear tops and dresses with shoulder pads.
  • Use attractive accessories to draw attention towards it.
  • Apply makeup effectively.
  • Your hosiery should be of proper fitting.
  • You can wear jackets, blazers and shrugs hide your bulky shape.
  • Go for printed and patterned tops.

What Not To Adopt?

  • Do not wear tightly fitted clothes even though they are trend.
  • Do not tuck your tops and shirts in your trouser or pants. It will emphasize your midriff which we want to totally avoid.
  • If your trouser or skirt is heavy, then do not wear those.
  • Do not go for solid colored tops.

5. Oval Body Shape

We know what it means. Oval is something obese. If face shape of a person is oval, then it is perfect. But if the body shape is oval, then it resembles an obese person. But you do not worry and lose hope as we have got useful tips that will make you look attractive. You do not have to feel awkward of your rounded body lines.

  • Weight is more than average.
  • Large body
  • There is no definite body line.

What To Adopt?

  • If your body shape is oval, then make accessories your best friend. You have a variety of fabulous jewellery, stoles, shoes and others to choose.
  • Apply makeup. Learn how to accentuate your facial features. If you have beautiful eyes, then use kohl to emphasize it. Use lipsticks of vibrant colors.
  • Semi-fitted clothes are best for you.
  • Monochromatic clothing will suit you. For instance, if you want to wear a palazzo, then wear a top of the same colour. Wear tops and bottoms of the same colour.
  • Wear straight skirts.
  • A third layer such as a jacket or a waistcoat will look good to hide your bulky frame.

What Not To Adopt?

  • Tight-fitted clothes are a big no-no.
  • High necklines and tucked tops are also not recommended.
  • Do not accessorize your waist.
  • Do not wear loose clothing in which you will look frumpy.
  • Fabrics that are bulky will not suit you.

6. Rectangular and Tubular Body Shape

In these body shapes, there is no much difference between the shoulder, waist and the hips. There are no curves or a defined waistline. People might be calling you skinny or bony but you can earn some curves by dressing properly.

  • Same width of shoulders, waist and hips.
  • No defined waistline.
  • No curves.

Please not that a bulky person may also appear rectangular if she has no curves.

What To Adopt?

  • Wear patterns and contrasting coloured clothes.
  • Apply makeup.
  • Choose fabrics that are light or medium-weighted.
  • Use patterned belts.
  • Wear tops and dresses having shoulder pads.
  • Wear delicate and elegant accessories to emphasize your face and hands.
  • Wear well-shaped garments.

What Not To Adopt?

  • Do not wear clothes that stick to your body. Even fitted clothes are not recommended for you.
  • Do not wear loose fitting tops either. If you are wearing a loose denim shirt, pair it with a tight jeans.
  • Do not wear straight tops. Wear something that defined your waistline.
  • Do not wear clothes with dull colours. Always go for vibrant ones. DO not wear solid coloured clothes. If you want to wear the cute black dress, then accessorize yourself in the best possible manner.
  • Accessories does not mean chunky ones. Wear elegant and classy ones.

Thus, whichever your body shape is, you can accentuate your strengths and hide your flaws. You need not feel bad that your body shape is not perfect. You can choose appropriate clothing, accessories and apply proper makeup to look beautiful, attractive and confident. Evaluation of your body shape is must before going for a shopping trip so that you choose the best pieces for your wardrobe.

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