How To Dress Effectively As Per Your Body Shape?

Do you know how to dress for your body type? Have you teased someone at their back with respect to their body shape like calling him or her as a pencil-figured or a pumpkin? It sounds pretty amusing, yeah! During our childhood days, we have often made fun of our friends and acquaintances on the basis of how heavy or how skinny they look. If a boy is fat and plump, we would call him a pumpkin or even a baby elephant. And if a girl is skinny and very thin, we would call her a pencil or a stick.

Well, unknowingly, we also have a particular body shape. Evaluation of body shape is essential not to poke fun of others but to create our personal style statement. When we know our body shape, we can choose better clothes for ourselves. We won’t make the mistake of buying ill-fitted clothes and looking bad. Hence we bring this article, to tell you how to dress for your body type.

How To Dress For Your Body Type?

Why Should We Evaluate Our Body Shape?

Let us first know what the significance of evaluation of body shape is.

1. Shop For Perfectly Fitted Clothing

We do not like to wear clothes that do not suit us. For instance, imagine a slim and tall lady wearing loose fitted top. It will not accentuate her slim figure.

2. Flatter Your Appearance

We dress to look better and confident. We should be able to emphasize on our assets such as a slim waist and not show our negative aspects such as flabby arms or a protruding belly.

3. Select The Best Pieces Of Clothing

When you create your own wardrobe, you should end up having dull-fitted clothes that do not look good on you. You should not repeat the shopping process frequently. Buy the ones that are best for you.

4. Feel Confident And Attractive

Imagine yourself wearing the most perfectly fitted clothes in which you look great. You would definitely feel confident the whole day.

Basic Dressing Rules

Before we move ahead towards how to dress for your body type, let us revise the three basic rules of dressing.

  • Always chose clothing that suits your body shape and type.
  • You should wear clothes in which you feel comfortable and confident.
  • Choose clothing as per the occasion.

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Ankita Patil

Ankita Patil is a prolific writer and an avid reader. With a deep interest in organic and natural home remedies she loves discovering organic ways to improve health, lifestyle and beauty. Her inclination towards DIY organic therapies and her creative style of writing makes her a complete authoritative writer in this niche.

Ankita lives in Pune, India. Apart from writing, she loves to travel, play with her pet dog and listen to her favourite music.

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