How to Find the Best Prom Dress for Your Body Type?

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With March slowly rolling by, teenagers all over the country are getting very excited because April marks the start of much awaited Prom Season. While it is meant to be a joyous affair, teenage girls tend to have a lot of confusion in figuring out how to find the best Prom Dress for their body type. It is quite essential too because the right type of dress can make you look like a Princess and others can ruin what could have been a great photo. Here, we have to give quick suggestions on how to find the best Prom Dress for your body type.

Best Prom Dress

Best Prom Dresses for Petite Girls

Petite girls are those girls whose height is less that 5’3″. While you may think none of the types of prom dresses suit your body type, you can look dashing by showing a little bit of leg.

  • Long gowns are traditional but all that fabric can be overwhelming on your frame.
  • Opt for knee-length, delicate and feminine dresses.
  • An asymmetrical hemline is ideal as it makes you look taller.
  • Long ruffles also add to the illusion of appearing taller.

Prom Dress Ideas for Pear Shaped Body

Pear shaped body type usually means your hips are larger than your bust. Pear shaped body type also means you have a well-defined waist so this is what you should showcase proudly. So Prom Dresses for pear-shaped bodies tend to fill out on the top and de-emphasize the bottom.

  • To divert attention from your wider lower body, wear a fitted top with full skirt.
  • If you are comfortable with showing off your well-endowed backside, wear a completely fitted dress.
  • To draw attention to your upper body, wear dresses with crystals or beads or embellishments around the neckline.

Prom Dress Suggestions for Slender Body

The slender girls have a slim body throughout. While this uniformity may seem like it can carry off Prom Dress styles for all the different body types, it is a myth. Unless you find the right one suited for your type, it may hang off your shoulders unappealingly.

  • To emphasize your lean figure, wear a long fitted dress.
  • To break the monotony of the fabric, choose a dress that has a slit.
  • A dress that has different colored top and bottom add dimension.
  • Another trick to add shape to the dress and break up at the torso is using a thin belt.

Prom Dresses for Busty Girls

The busty girls have a large bust, evidently, and narrow hips. To find your perfect Prom Dress, you have to find one that draws attention up to your face to balance the silhouette that is broader on top.

  • Buy a dress that adds the curve to your hips and defines your waist.
  • Show off your legs but don’t buy a dress with too-short hemline as it enhances the top-heavy look.
  • Buy a dress with embellished hemline to draw attraction towards the lower half of your body.

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Best Prom Dress Ideas Hourglass Figure

Hourglass body type is often envied because of its proportionate, ample fullness in both upper and lower body with a well-defined waist. Choosing prom dress for hourglass body type is therefore, quite easy.

  • Natural or accentuated waistlines work well.
  • Open or v-shaped necklines are a good fit too.
  • Wrap dresses create great silhouettes for this body type.

Prom Gowns for Apple Shaped Body

Apple shaped body types usually have heavy torsos with undefined waist and slim legs. Prom dresses for apple body types draw attention away from the middle.

  • If you love to show off your slim legs, wear a short hemline.
  • An empire waist can divert attention away from the middle. Its higher waistline also does not pinch your fuller torso unattractively.

Now that you know the important tips of selecting the best Prom Dress according to your body type, feel confident about you choice. Dont forget to be selective about the colors of the dress according to your skin and hair colors. This is very important since a wrong color selection can ruin the overall beautiful look. Lastly do not forget to compliment your dress with the matching accessories.

Hope you have loved our tips and if you really did then how about sharing this article with your friends on Social Media? Also please give your suggestions and feedback in the comments section below to suggest any new addition to this article. We will definitely consider to thankfully include it in our tips with full credit to you. Cheers!

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