8 Natural And Unique Ways To Be Fit And Healthy!

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George was fed up of his monotonous routine. Indeed, he spent time for exercising daily in a posh, well-equipped gym. He ate healthy food bought from branded stores. Yet he wanted something different in his life. He wanted to live more naturally and be fit and healthy at the same time. Hence, we bring how to stay fit and healthy.

We know what all things can make us fit and healthy in life.

  • Eat oats and lean meat
  • Hit the gym
  • Go for a brisk walk in the morning
  • Think positively
  • Worry less
  • Work hard
  • And what not!

The conventional ways of being fit and healthy are well known to everyone, thanks to the internet! But yes, there are some solution on how to stay fit and healthy with natural and unique ways.

How To Stay Fit And Healthy

People are educated, working and prefer to live a modern lifestyle. They prefer to shop at malls, exercise at well-equipped, air-conditioned gyms, pamper themselves in spas, and take their children to malls. Overall, their lifestyle has become lavish and wonderful. They are more engrossed in mobile phones, iPad, laptops than in natural sources of happiness. Even when they go for a hike, they want their earplugs in their ears.

Why do we refrain ourselves from adopting a natural lifestyle? Does it sound outdated and out-of-the-world concept? Do you think that people will treat you as crazy and insane if you take your children out for nature trails? If you decide to follow without-mobile week in a year, will your friends think that you have gone out of your mind? Well, the possibility is present in these cases.

It is true that we have to walk along with the world. We adopt an artificial, sedentary lifestyle that makes us unfit. Then, in order to cope up with the problems resulting out of it, we resort to medications and doctor’s advice. During the journey of adopting this life, we tend to ignore nature and its miracles bestowed on us.

Let us now understand How To Stay Fit And Healthy with natural and unique ways.

How To Stay Fit And Healthy?

1. Want To Walk Or Run – Go For A Nature Trail

Tired of walking or running on a treadmill with earplugs in your ears? Same rocking music and same companions around you?

Well, we have a natural solution for you. A nature trail is a way to explore nature and get involved in physical activity. You can enjoy it alone or with your friends and family members.

Let us assign you some activity.  This Sunday go to a nearby mall with your family or friends. Watch a movie, then eat at a nice place and then explore the shops for some kind of shopping. At the end of the day, you feel that your legs have become stiff by the constant walking. You will get drained and also bloated with the food you had at your favourite place. You will lack oxygen and fresh air when you reach home.

Now, next to next Sunday, instead of going to mall, go for a nature trail with your family or friends. Carry fruits, salads, juices along with you for the journey. Walk along the curvy paths, use your legs for climbing the stones, listen to the chirping of sparrows and birds, notice some new birds that you don’t know, eat what you are having, relax for some time breathing the fresh air, chat with your friends. Remember that you are not allowed to carry your mobile phones, cameras, or any other electronic devices. At the end of the day, you will feel simply awesome! You will sense a kind of energy boosting in your body and mind. You have spent a whole day with nature without any intervention of message beeps or calls. You have eaten natural foods and not some kind of cheesy or tangy foods. That Sunday would be definitely memorable! So, just try it.

2. Go For A Hike Or A Trek

A trek is not similar to a nature trail. A trek is difficult, challenging that contains obstacles. You need to be physically fit in order to go for a hike or a trek. That’s what we want to achieve. Treks add strength to your body. Your level of endurance increases when you go for a trek. If you are going to a trek with a trekking club, then you can also make new friends who are also fitness enthusiasts.

A trek is overcoming obstacles in the path and reaching the pinnacle. You also get a different perspective to view life. When you are ascending or descending, you are struggling with the stones, rocks and steep paths. You feel that you can’t make it. But you push your body and your mind out of the comfort zone, and you finally reach the top. You gain a sense of achievement. It helps in making you strong, spend some in nature and mountains, and builds your fighting spirit.

3. Say No To Plastic

The world is already saying no to plastic bags. But are you saying yes or no?

Discard plastic bags from your life. You are saving the environment and also protecting your health. The oils, foods or beverages stored in plastic bags are hazardous to your health. If you chopped vegetables packed in plastic bags, then stop that practice. The vegetables are just crap materials and have lost all their nutrients when it comes in contact with plastic. Women have become health conscious and they prefer olive oil for cooking instead. But are you aware that olive oil stored in plastic bottles destroys all its nutrients? Then, what is the use of using the ever-expensive olive oil for cooking? Hence, go for oils that are stored in glass containers. Do not buy chopped vegetables. Instead, buy fresh vegetables, wash them and then, chop them.

How do you store water at home? In bottles. We have a wide variety of plastic water bottles in colours, styles and shapes. You have an ample choice to style up your fridge. Wait! Did you say yes to plastic bottles for storing water? According to medical studies, water stored in plastic loses its value and it can also be the reason for weight gain. You might feel bloated the whole day. Change your plastic bottles and get steel containers or jugs for your home. Yes, these are also available in different shapes and patterns.

4. Get Out Of The Couch Zone

When you get tired after a long day, what is your next plan of action? Obviously, sit on the couch and watch TV or slump on the bed and watch videos on phone or do some chatting on a group. Wow! Just get out of the couch zone and stand near the window. Look outside! Or just go for an evening walk. You won’t actually feel tired if you walk with your friend or partner. If there is a terrace or balcony, then go there. It is the simplest and the most natural way to have fun and be healthy.

5. Go Organic-How To Stay Fit And Healthy?

As we have already mentioned, do not shop for chopped and packed vegetables. Buy fresh ones. Similarly, try to eat raw foods on a daily basis. For example, eat raw cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, lettuce, coriander leaves by making it a part of your diet regime.

You can also choose organic foods over packed foods. Organic foods are produced without the usage of fertilizers and other harmful substances.

6. Avoid Processed Foods

We have often heard that processed foods are a strict no-no when you are losing weight and when you trying to be fit. We again repeat it. When you make an effort to go natural, then processed foods are completely out of the way. These foods are just empty calories and are leaving you bloated and obese. Instead, replace with natural foods. Go for fresh fruit juices prepared at home and not the canned ones. If you are tempted to eat French fries, then simply chop potatoes and fry them. Do not buy them from outside.

7. How To Stay Fit And Healthy? – Do Yoga

Just keep those resistance bands aside. Keep those weights aside. Keep the machines aside. All you need is a yoga mat and fresh sunlight. Learn yoga from a teacher or watch a DVD. But don’t forget to inculcate a daily ritual of doing yoga early in the morning. When you do yoga, you stress each and every muscle of your body. You not only try to be slim but also healthy. Your mind becomes stable. Your breathing becomes normal. However, people do yoga in closed, air-conditioned rooms. Avoid this practice.

You should also gain from direct sunlight. Hence, play some soft music and do yoga along with your friends or family members. After yoga, do breathing exercises. Eat a fruit or drink green tea.

8. Drink Green Tea

Cut off the artificial beverages such as coffee, black tea, energy drinks, alcohol, packed fruit juices. Instead sip on green tea as much as possible. You are not only making your body healthy but also soothing your mind.

Thus, we still have the opportunity to turn our lifestyle into a natural and unique manner. We have given few tips for how to stay fit and healthy to make your lifestyle more interesting. Adopt it in your lifestyle. Do not make it once-in-a-lifetime activity and overlook it for the rest of your life. Be consistent with these practices and keep kicking!

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