Get Rid Of That Extra Calories By Following These Tips For Walking For Weight Loss!

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Being obese and overweight is one of the most common and rapidly growing problems in the fastpaced world today. Walking for weight loss which is given the least priority these days is moreover one of the best solutions for your weight issues. In this article today, we are going to emphasis on the question of ‘is walking good for weight loss?’  The answer to this question will only be justified when you know some facts related to walking and weight loss.

Walking For Weight Loss Tips

Facts About Walking And Weight Loss

  • Ever wondered how much weight can you lose by walking?

One mile walking = 100 calories burnt.

  • It is the easiest form of exercise.
  • Walking maintains heart health and is a crucial factor that helps you stay away from cardiovascular disorders.
  • It also benefits by lowering the risk of osteoporosis and other joint-related disorders.
  • The very well known fact and study – burns calories but doesn’t make you feel lethargic.
  • It’s absolutely free, and you don’t need to burn holes in your pocket for those heavy gyms.
  • Walking prevents muscle loss and maintains lean muscle.
  • Very crucial and the needed for all, walking burns belly fat.
  • Walking improves mood and helps you keep motivated towards the goal of weight loss.

Walking For Weight Loss Tips

Some of the very important questions and walking for weight loss tips to be considered are addressed below:

1. Is it important to choose the right type of walking shoes?

Yes. Shoes are the only equipment needed for this form of exercise. Hence, make sure that the shoes that you choose while walking are lightweight, cushioned, flexible, and stiff heeled to prevent sideways motions. Above all, they should be comfortable to you while heading out with the motto of walking and weight loss.

2. How much weight can you lose by walking and incorporating Green tea as a daily habit?

It is a known fact that walking burns calories but having green tea post walking fastens the process of fat burning. A study performed on people indulging in 25 minutes of walking workout and having 4-5 cups of green tea daily lost 2 and more pounds of weight compared to those not having green tea.

3. Recently, someone asked me can I lose weight just by walking and with good music?

Having the good and favourite music tracks handy does not directly affect the calories burning process. But what it does is that it keeps you motivated to put in an extra effort into your routine without you even noticing it. Isn’t it nice? The study suggests that music with BPM between 75 – 130 tempos will help you synchronize your walk to the heartbeat.

4. Aid in Weight Loss

You might have never thought of this but the route that you follow daily impacts your walking routine habit and mood too. This one is more of psychological then directly being physical. Knowing your route well will prevent your time from being wasted on figuring out where to go today? While some of the good everyday sights in your known way are going to boost you up to keep up with the routine and aid in weight loss.

5. Here again, let’s find out, is walking good for weight loss when done along with an amusing buddy?

Oh Yes! Having an amusing buddy helps you burn extra calories and also keeps you motivated to keep up with your goal. It has been scientifically proven that a sincere laughter for 10-15 minutes increases the expenditure of rate of energy from the body and burns up to 40-170 calories. Also having a peer group around with a similar purpose is going to help you as it is a human tendency to always look up to the others to match up the level of competition be it in life or weight loss. It wouldn’t be at all a bad idea to go out with a buddy to lose weight walking 30 minutes a day.

6. Can I lose weight just by walking just after I wake up and on an empty stomach?

During your sleep, the Glycogen levels are at an absolute low. Hence, when you go for a walk right after you wake and before hitting on to your breakfast the body utilizes the body fat as the source of energy. This promotes weight loss at a rapid rate.

7. What is the most efficient walking for weight loss tips?

Walking briskly is the well-known method for effective weight loss. Walking at a faster pace for about 30 minutes a day helps burn up to 1050 calories at the time. Brisk walking not only burns fats and calories faster but also makes you much revived and different. The positive effects of brisk walking can be observed within a week of following this routine regularly. But there is a catch to this too. Along with brisk walking varying your speeds can burn 20% more calories?

8. Is water beneficial in walking and weight loss routine?

The answer to this is yes. Water does facilitate weight loss. Having more water increase the rate of body metabolism by 30 %. The research suggests that having 1.5 liters of more water than the required burns nearly 174000 calories over the period of a year. Had you thought of water as a routine for weight control? I bet no. But, the fact is this is the way to keep your weight under control and keep your body healthy.

9. Does walking help you lose belly fat with the change of terrain?

Yes, that is true. Walking at different speeds, on slopes, steep roads or up a hill changes the rate at which the belly fat is burned. The amount of calories burnt when walking on grass is higher than walking on the walking track. Similarly, walking by the beach on sand increases the percentage of belly fat burning by 50. Changing your speeds and the terrain can be an effective method when walking and weight loss is considered simultaneously.

10. Have you ever came across the term “retro walk” or heard about backward walking?

Walking is something that we learned at a very early age in our life and is the process that we do every day. We often see children walking backwards while having some fun time. But little do we know how much beneficial it can be. Walking and weight loss as mentioned previously go hand in hand. In backward walk also called as ‘retro walk’ the manner in which your muscles function is different from when we walk normally. Doctors recommend this when recovering from any kind of knee injuries. Backward walking can be easily done every day on a treadmill since there is no chance of bumping into anyone which might happen otherwise on the walking tracks.

11. Most Effective Walking for Weight Loss Tips

One most effective walking for weight loss tips that I would suggest is to maintain a walking journal and also keep a watch on the number of strides. Having a walking journal is going act as icebreaker towards your weight loss regime. Keep all the records of your walk routine in this journal.

What to record in this journal?

  • The time you walked
  • The distance
  • When did you go?
  • How many steps or strides you took? You can keep a track of this using a pedometer.
  • Calories intake
  • How many calories did you burn with every walk?
  • Your every day or weekly weight

12. Another question that I came across while looking out walking for weight loss tips is can I lose weight just by walking incidental?

  • Firstly, incidental walking is when you opt to walk when there are other means available to reach your specific destination. Like, using stairs instead of the lift, avoiding escalators, walking from home to nearest bus stop instead of opting for any vehicle.
  • Incidental walking is going to be an added advantage since it is going to burn extra belly fat.It is going to improve the circulation to your body and keep you more energetic.
  • So yes, walking incidental is going to aid in weight loss.

13. Does walking help you lose belly fat with a maintained diet?

No doubt of this fact that we can lose weight walking 30 minutes a day. However, only walking wouldn’t do much of benefit to that increasing round belly of yours. It is essential to maintain a low calorific diet when aiming for a weight loss.

Some of the following tips can be looked upon to maintain the diet for weight loss.

  • Give up on that sugar-containing sports drink. Those drinks are meant to be consumed after a heavy workout session. They wouldn’t be of a benefit when consumed after a light walk. That would instead add up to your calorie intake.
  • Consume almonds; they give you a feeling of fullness. This way you would be tricked into eating less.
  • But make sure you don’t starve yourself just because you want to lose weight.
  • Eat post workout or walk to add to the glycogen level, decrease the breakdown of proteins and facilitate the building of the muscles.
  • Also, make sure that you don’t consume more than what you are burning. Having a journal is going to help here.

14. Is walking good for weight loss when paired with some resistance exercises?

Yes. You can lose weight walking 30 minutes a day and pairing it up with some resistance exercises as it is going to fasten the fat burning process and cut short the time you’ll require reaching that specified weight loss goal.

By now I’m sure you guys are convinced that walking and weight loss is definitely possible. Be sure to follow the mentioned tips to attain your goal faster, easier and without fretting yourself much. Give yourself enough span of time to experience the results. De-stress yourself and have a happy walking.

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