Surprising Benefits Of Cold Showers You Never Heard Before!

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Did You Know, Having Cold Showers Brings You The Following Benefits?

  • Builds strong willpower.
  • Improves your blood circulation.
  • Good for your immune system.
  • Works as a detoxifier for your brain.
  • Helps in burning excess fat in the body.
  • Boosts quick recovery after exercise.
  • Gets you appealing skin and hair.
  • Plays the role of an anti-depressant.

Surprised! Let’s learn more about how can you benefit from cold showers along with some interesting facts that add to the surprise.

Amazing Benefits of Cold Showers

Is It True? Do Cold Water Showers Actually Have Benefits?

Have you ever by mistake entered a cold shower? Or due to some unwanted situation are forced to have a cold shower? What is your reaction? Damn sure many of you might have finished with their shower in a fraction of minutes that day. People are well aware of the benefits of having a warm shower after a hectic day. But what if you are asked to have a cold shower? Definitely, some screams would be heard, especially when it’s cold outside. But the fact is that there are various benefits of cold showers that would encourage you to avoid the hot ones with nothing special to have.

According to studies, cold showers come with various health benefits, and the results are visible in merely a week. This is not something new, as people priory used to take bath in lakes, and I guess no lake contains hot water, right! From the ancient Spartans, Romans, Greeks, Japanese to the Scandinavians, cold water has been included in various rituals for building up physical strength as well as psychological, spiritual cleaning, and much more to give you that awesome feel from inside.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Cold Showers?

Looking after the comfort levels has become the priority today, due to which many of us are ignoring what actually is good for the health. Avoiding cold showers is one among them. Here are some benefits of having cold showers apart from reducing the heating bills that would surely push you towards cold showers next time you enter the bathroom.

1. Improves Your Blood Circulation

Surprisingly, taking cold showers comes with a positive impact on the blood circulation. It increases the flow of blood in your body by pumping required blood to the organs. When this happens, it benefits the cardio system, that would also help in controlling the blood pressure levels, hardening the arteries along with the varicose veins. The increase in the blood flow also helps in proper functioning of the brain and also keeps you more alert for long hours.

2. Helps You Burn Fat

This seems to be unbelievable right! But it is true. Burning fat is one of the health benefits of cold showers. The body is made up of both white and brown fat. ‘White fat’ is known to everyone since many people try to reduce it from their bodies. But did you know about the Brown fat? ‘Brown fat’ is the good fat that helps in keeping the body warm. When you have a cold shower, the brown fat gets activated and it burns more calories for keeping you warm. This indirectly helps in reducing weight by burning unwanted fats.

3. Cold Water As An Anti-Depressant

Remember that sensational woozy effect similar to electric shocks while you step in or out of the cold shower? Did you ever think this feeling would help you get out of depression? Yes, according to a study, such giddy waves send tremendous impulses to the brain from the nerve ending that works as an anti-depressant. This is the reason many doctors suggest the people suffering from depression to have cold showers, swim, etc. for changing the temperature of the body. A popular therapy named hydrotherapy is also helpful to get a relief from depression, inspired by cold water.

4. Helpful For Your Hair And Skin

Along with health benefits, there are certain hair and skin benefits of cold showers. Simply rinsing your hair after washing them in cold water would help in reducing the frizzing impact and would also improvise its shine. Using hot water for bathing would dry your hair and skin while cold water would leave the skin and the hair wrinkled and loose. Cold water also helps in toning the skin well. Using cold water with some lemon juice added in it and splashing it on the face would not only tighten it but also give you a toned and refreshed look.

5. Beneficial For Muscles To Reduce Soreness

Has the doctor ever advised you with cold water packs for reducing the soreness? Cold water showers come with the same impact. As mentioned priory, taking cold water shower would improve the blood circulation and would also reduce a portion of lactic acid, resulting into reduction of soreness from the muscles. Even after having tough exercises, going for some cold-water shower would provide the muscles with some relaxation.

6. To Improve Your Immunity

One of the most important health benefits of cold showers is that it comes with a good impact on the immune levels too. Having cold showers helps in increasing your immunity which helps in fighting against infections that affect the white blood cells as compared to hot showers. It also increases the metabolic speed rate and activates the immune system to function properly.

7. Boosts Fertility

This is among the interesting benefits of taking cold showers. As you take a cold water shower, it boosts the fertility levels in the body by increasing the sperm counts. For those taking hot water bath, it has been proved that hot water bath reduces the sperm count leading to infertility. So, begin with cold water showers to boost your fertility levels by avoiding hot showers which can reduce the sperm counts by 49%.

8. Helps In Increasing Your Willpower

This would look little mysterious to you, but cold-water showers help in building strong willpower. Taking a cold shower as soon as you get up in the morning would provide you mental strength. This indirectly builds strong willpower and boosts you to try new things for a fresh day. Strengthening the willpower will also motivate you with new ideas. As you step into the cold water and take deep breathes, it also helps in improving your mood as well as increases alertness.

9. For Having A Sound Sleep

Seems funny right! Cold water showers generally are used for a quick wake up in the morning. But having sound sleep is also among the benefits of cold showers. As mentioned above, the cold showers provide your mind, body, and muscles with relaxation. Hence, when you are tired or are having sleeping problems, taking a cold-water shower would help you in getting bed early and would also help you with a sound and comfortable sleep.

Hence, stepping into cold water in the morning, or after a hectic day would surely help you out in various ways. However, if you are suffering from a cold or are getting into the shower with someone who is not comfortable with cold water, it is better to avoid it.

What Precautions Do You Need To Take While Having Cold Showers?

Getting into cold showers for gaining its benefits is not that simple. There are certain precautions you need to look after before you begin with the cold-water therapy and for avoiding any kind of adverse effect.

Here are some steps that would help you to get the therapy with ease.

1. Look After Your Body

What happens if you overdo your exercises? Feel exhausted and lethargic? Same happens with cold showers. Taking a cold shower should keep you invigorated. But yes, taking cold showers for too long would leave you sluggish and chilled. So, make sure you take cold showers to energize yourself and not to freeze yourself.

2. Make Sure The Water Is Not Ice Cold

For gaining benefits of cold showers, you don’t have to get ice cold water. Using ice cold water would overstress your body and the systems. Make sure the temperature of your cold water is around 50 degrees F to 68 degrees F. So, avoid ice cold water.

3. Adjust Durations Of Using Cold Water

Just avoid going completely in the cold water. Go for the small and adjustable duration of entering into cold water. Start with a small application of the water, slowly moving completely into the cold water. You can also adjust the temperature of the cold water according to the fluctuation of the season.

4. Look When You Are Not Well

If you are sick and heading towards cold showers, begin by splashing water on the body, part by part. Also, people suffering from heart attack should also look before using cold water as it can lead to the stressful situation on the heart similar to exercises leading to stroke.

So, are you ready to benefit from cold showers? Begin with it today and lead your life to a new and refreshed path.

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