Diet and Exercise Tips For Getting Flat Stomach!

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Everyone dreams try and fail to earn flat stomach. How wonderful your favourite actor or actress looks with his or her flat stomach? As if they have never known of something called belly. You admire them, idolize them and love them. However, when you look yourself in the mirror, you get furious at your bulging stomach from the beautiful red dress. You hate the stomach. You just cannot love yourself with that rebellious belly and you start thinking how to get a flat stomach!

Your next step is to make a firm decision to quit unhealthy foods and sign up for the most expensive gym in your nearby area. You hit the gym for the first few days but your urgent important meeting, or a business trip or simply your laziness does allow to continue with your decision.

In your to get those flat abs, you need to be self-motivated. Remember that your favourite actor or actress must have undergone numerous challenges to earn those cool stomach. They must have also sacrificed their favourite sweets, fried foods and early morning sleep to reach the target. So, in order to know how to get a flat stomach, you will also have to suffer the costs involved. You have to be determined first to earn a flat stomach and flaunt in front of others.

How To Get A Flat Stomach?

Just remind yourself what all you can do with flat abs –

  • You can tuck your shirt in and dress up in a smart, formal attire.
  • You can wear that beautiful red dress and look hot.
  • You can speak confidently with your friends or strangers.
  • You can be a good public speaker.
  • You can wear all kinds of outfits and look great.
  • You can obviously flaunt that you have a flat stomach.

So, now since you have made a resolution of getting flat stomach, we will try to enlighten you with some of the tips and tricks on how to get a flat stomach. But at the same time, we will advise you to stick to these tips to notice the results in your body. Do not quit in the middle of your cool abs journey.

How To Get A Flat Stomach?

1. Say NO To Unhealthy Foods

The main reason for accumulation of fat on our belly is excessive sugar consumption. Also, a number of fried foods get deposited in our stomach and thigh areas. Hence, you have to cut down these foods first. The list of such foods is long – pastries, cakes, chocolates, French fries, baked foods, white bread, processed foods, packed fruit juices, ready-to-cook products and so on. Well, there are numerous things to eliminate from your diet which is harmful to your weight as well as for your health.

Get Flat Stomach Do Not Eat Unhealthy Food

2. Say YES To Healthy Foods

  • Imagine that you have gone for shopping. How many of us keep in mind the number of calories we consume? We go for a movie with a tub of popcorn and the largest scoop of our favourite ice-cream flavour. We don’t bother to try a veg sandwich or go for a fruit salad instead. This is the way how calories keep collecting on our body.
  • You should be willing to accept healthy foods in your diet regime. It is a misconception that diet foods are not tasty and are extremely boring. But you can try out various recipes on the internet and cook tasty diet recipes.
  • Additionally, we have listed out certain items that have to be incorporated in your diet plan – whole-wheat bread, legumes, pulses, cereals, food grains, fruits, vegetables, salads, nuts, seeds, soybean, etc.

3. Eat Everything In Moderate Quantities

  • If apples are healthy, it doesn’t mean you have to eat apples every day and nothing else. You should eat everything in moderate quantities.
  • For instance, if you are really like to have a piece of dark chocolate, then you can have only small piece and not the whole bar.
  • Always have a variety of healthy foods in your plate. You should not feel that your diet plan is monotonous and boring.

4. Record Your Meal Intake

  • This is an important habit for people who earn a flat stomach. They record what they have eaten, at what time and how much calories have been consumed. This helps in analyzing eating habits of an individual. You will understand at what time you are hungry and what do you feel like eating.
  • For instance, some people have the habit of eating a sweet such as a chocolate or a pastry after a meal. It means that person likes to have a sweet after eating spicy food. You can lessen the amounts of spices used in cooking. Or you can have dates or raisins instead after a meal. It will energize your body and fulfill your sweet cravings. You can alter your diet plan accordingly.

5. Plan Your Future Meals

  • We all plan for our future such as investments, insurance policies, real estate properties and so on. But have you ever thought of planning your future meals? Well, it sounds like a funny idea. But it will help you in maintaining your health in the long run. Oftentimes, we keep on loading our stomachs with unnecessary foods that do not provide any nourishment to the body. Hence, planning future meals is important.
  • For instance, let us say you have a meeting at 10 in the morning at the office. After that, you are supposed to leave for a client visit and return home at 7 in the evening. Now, you have to plan your next day diet. You begin your day with a handful of almonds and other nuts. Before leaving for the minute, you have a bowl of oats and soya milk. As your client visit involves traveling, you need to have your lunch by 1.30 itself. You can order it in the morning itself. When you return in the morning. Have a fresh fruit juice and some tasty diet crackers. In the night, do not be lethargic and place a dinner meal at the restaurant. You can cook some legumes for yourself or cook brown rice with mixed vegetables and spices. Nothing tasty and healthy like that!
  • In this way, you should be able to plan your meals beforehand. Moreover, you should store the kitchen containers and fridge with necessary ingredients to avoid hassle at the last moment. Go shopping for buying healthy, organic foods and fill your containers. This is because if nothing is available at home when you are hungry, you will end up eating fast food or ordering a pizza. This is to be avoided.

6. Take Sufficient Sleep

  • You need to get adequate sleep of 7-8 hours in the night.
  • However, do not sleep during the day or take long naps in the afternoon.

Let’s know how to get a flat stomach with suitable exercises & some important tips!

Exercise Tips For Getting Flat Stomach

The next step to get cool abs is hitting the gym floor and moving your body up and down. You have to target your stomach muscles and get the requisite workout regime. First of all, iron out the lethargy in your body and get out of the comfort zone. You have to do it! Let’s start with the exercise and get to know how to get a flat stomach!

1. Choose A Suitable Exercise Regime

Workout out doesn’t mean just signing up the gym membership. You have to be consistent in working out daily, at least 15 minutes in a day. Gyms provide the variety of workout regimes for people having large bellies. Since this problem is observed in most of the people, they have come with specially designed workouts to target those core ab muscles. You can have cardio workouts or floor exercises. You need not directly hit the gym machines to get your stomach flat.

You can also perform exercises at home for some time. All you need is a yoga mat and a focused mindset. Of course, some of your precious time out of your super-busy schedule. The different kinds of workouts are as follows.

a. Cardio

Fat burning workouts targeting the stomach.

b. Pilates

They have the different workout for different body parts such as arms, stomach and thighs. You can definitely go for a daily 15-minute stomach workout.

c. Specially Designed Six-pack Ab Workouts

Do not worry. Six-pack work out does not mean that you have to directly work in getting six packs. If you follow a six-pack ab workout, then you can target your belly and get a flat stomach instead.

d. Spinning Cycle

This is a new and interesting workout along with dynamic movements. It not only targets your thighs but also stomach and arms.

e. Running

Yes, if you have time to spend 20-30 minutes for running early morning, then go for it. If you are backing it with a 10-minute ab exercise, then nothing wonderful about it!

f. Floor Exercises

These are simple, yet difficult floor exercises that are designed for your abs. In the beginning, you may feel that you are not able to perform it as expected. For instance, if you are not able to do push-ups, then you can cheat and rest your knees. In that case, you would be still targeting your ab muscles and earning that effect. Thus, instead of avoiding the workout completely, you can do certain modifications instead.

2. Keep Moving Your Body

  • If you are an office employee who has to sit on a chair for 8-9 hours a day, then this is for you. Sitting on a chair for a long time and not moving at all is obstructing your path to get cool abs. Even if you are the workout in the morning, you are remaining stiff and stubborn rest of the day. Our body muscles need movements and have to be stretched after regular intervals.
  • When we do not move our body parts, it leads to certain health issues such as neck pain, back pain, strain on eyes, and other problems. Hence, you have to get up from that chair and walk away from it. For instance, if your printer is located far from your cubicle, then please don’t crib on it and take advantage of it instead. Do not delegate these tasks to your office assistant or office boy. Walk towards the printer to collect your printouts.
  • You can always park your vehicle far from the exit so that you have to walk towards it.
  • If your office is on 10th floor, then skip the elevator. Use staircase. Climbing stairs has an amazing effect on your thighs and stomach muscles.

3. Target Your Whole Body

  • Some people have a large belly as compared to their other body parts. They feel that they should concentrate on stomach muscles and ignore other body parts. Well, how would you look if you have a flat stomach and flabby arms? Quite unpleasant.
  • Hence, you should target your complete body while working out. For example, if you are performing a 15-minute ab workout, then spend 5 minutes for jumping jacks, skipping rope and heel kicks. In this way, your whole body will not only warm up for the exercise regime but your overall stamina will also increase.

Motivational Tips For Getting Flat Stomach

  • Before diet and exercise, comes the self-motivation. You have to be dedicated, committed and consistent in following your diet and exercise regime. Remember, you cannot cheat in fitness. You are the only one who will notice the positive or negative consequences.
  • Adopt a role model. He or she can be a celebrity or even your relative.
  • Find a fitness buddy who also has a large belly and wants to get rid of it.
  • Avoid going for parties, weddings and events where you will be tempted to eat scrumptious foods. Instead, go to healthy veg restaurants. Or simply buy a diet recipes book and cook yourself.
  • Reward yourself suitably when you achieve a milestone. For instance, if your belly size has been reduced by one inch, gift yourself a trip to a spa or a beautiful neck piece. You will be more motivated to workout and eat properly.

Thus, it is not a ‘mission impossible’ task to get flat stomach. You need to have a lot of self-control and self-motivation for achieving the said target. You have to adopt certain daily rituals, lifestyle decisions and healthy habits in your life. These tips will not only help you in how to get a flat stomach but will also ensure overall health.

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