Reasons Why You Should Avoid Eating Sugar!

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A bite of a juicy rasagulla, or a piece of chocolate after lunch or dinner makes you feel complete and your stomach full. But if you feel that having such comfort foods make you happy and satisfied, then you are completely wrong. You may even be suffering from sugar blues when your body keeps demanding for more sugar. We will explore here why is sugar bad for you.

When you eat sugar, your taste buds are satisfied and your body reaches a happy and exhilarating state. Your energy levels are boosted and you feel motivated to work or study. But when these sugar levels drop down, your body experiences a sudden and rapid crash. This situation is dangerous for the body as it demands more sugar, more calories and may also suffer from mood swings or stress.

Ideally, our body is capable of metabolizing only six teaspoons of sugar in a day. But we have so many yummy, delicious and our favourite sugary foods that are easily available. We have a wide variety of deserts, ice-creams, chocolates, pastries, teas, coffees, soft drinks, etc. The list is endless and so are the issues resulting out of its consumption.  Excessive consumption of sugar leads to harmful effects on our body as well as for the brain.

Why is Sugar Bad For You

Let us first understand what is sugar and its various forms are. One should avoid eating all these forms of sugar.

  • Sucrose
  • Maltose
  • Lactose
  • Glucose
  • Fructose
  • Corn syrup
  • Corn syrup solids
  • Molasses
  • Sorghum syrup
  • Cane sugar
  • Malt sugar
  • Sugar alcohols

One has to check the ingredients of a chocolate, or a diet drink or a pastry before you jump to grab it. Even if the word sugar is not indicated on the packet, it contains large quantities of hidden sugars and is named differently.

Even if you are opting for a diet drink or ‘no added sugar’ product, you need to be extra careful. It might not contain refined sugar. But other sugar-based substances are added to it to enhance its sugary taste and make you feel that you safe and healthy. It is better not to ‘trick’ your body by option for such sweet shortcuts.

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You can always be natural and opt fruits, dates, dry fruits, etc. to satisfy your sugar cravings.

Why is Sugar Bad For You?

1. Susceptibility to Sickness

Excessive sugar consumption negatively affects your immune system. As a result, your body loses its capacity to fight against diseases. A body needs a nutritious diet and a fitness regime to remain fit and deal against sicknesses. But even if you are taking care of your body but eating a lot of sugar, your immune system gets affected adversely.

2. Obesity

Obesity is the rising malady of our times. One of the primary reasons for obesity is the over-consumption of sugar. Sugar intake calls for more sugar intake. The digestive system finds very difficult to absorb excessive sugar in the body. As a result, sugar gets converted into fats and deposits in areas such as stomach, thighs and hips. Obesity is a major cause of many diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, etc.

3.Tiredness – Why is Sugar Bad for You?

Your body takes considerable energy and time to deal with the excessive sugar that you have consumed. Hence, it becomes tired. When the body suffers from a rapid and sudden crash, it becomes inactive and needs an external boost of energy. It goes on demanding to the brain for more sugar. Your brain may also experience mental fatigue and tiredness. During the high sugar levels, the brain is energetic and active to take decisions and react to things. But during a crash, the brain does not understand how to react and becomes slow while communicating or deciding something.

4. Diseases Such As Anaemia and Osteoporosis

Well, we are not exaggerating but excessive sugar consumption can lead to dangerous diseases. Over a period of time, sugar depletes the levels of essential minerals from the body. It also reduces the level of calcium from the day. Low levels of iron can lead to conditions like anaemia. Similarly, low calcium levels lead to diseases such as osteoporosis. Thus, sugar does not just stay in the body as it is but it also destroys the essential nutrients needed for a healthy body. Some medical experts even call it as a devil and addiction that declines the healthy body into diseases and ailments.

5. Dental Problems- Why is Sugar Bad for You?

We often scold kids not to eat excess chocolates as it causes cavities. In reality, chocolates and other sugary foods should not be consumed by kids and adults alike. Sugar consumption builds up bacteria and plaque on teeth leading to cavities, gum diseases, etc. So, eating sugary foods such as pastries and desserts will not only cause painful tooth episodes but will also cost considerable dental expenditures for us. Hence, avoid sugar intake.

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6. Emotional Disturbances

We are of the opinion that day-to-day deadlines, challenges, technical issues, long-term problems cause stress and mental disturbances. We never feel that what we eat also influences our emotional condition. We never try to evaluate the real reasons of our sleepiness or lack of sleep or anxiety, blaming the sedentary lifestyle we have adopted. We are required to consume a daily diet of rich and nutritious foods that supplies adequate nourishment and energy to our body. But we substitute it with comfort foods. When we consume excessive sugar, it fuels the brain and leads to emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, mood swings, anger and insomnia.

7. Reduction in Vitamin B Content

The fluctuating blood sugar levels cause depletion of Vitamins B, particularly Vitamin B12. As essential minerals are reduced, we experience rapid hair loss and dryness of skin.

8. Skin Concerns – Why is Sugar Bad For You?

If you visit a good dermatologist, then he or she will definitely advise you to stay away from white foods – rice, sugar, maida (flour) and salt. Excessive intake of sugar reduces the content of important minerals, nutrients and vitamins from the body that is very much essential to maintain healthy skin and hair. Soon, you start experiencing skin issues such as acne, irritated skin and dry skin.

9. Affects Brain Functioning

The sugar levels keep fluctuating in our body as we consume excess sugar. Initially, it causes irritation and headaches. An important amino acid known as tryptophan is essential to ensure brain’s smooth functioning and harmony with other body organs. Excessive sugar depletes this substance and affects the efficient working of the brain.

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10. Increases Bad Bacteria

More amount of sugar in your body affects the pH balance of the body. This results in the formation of mucous where bacteria and yeast keep growing. A person who consumes excessive sugar can always notice that his or her tongue’s colour is never pink but white. It is because of the bacteria collected on the tongue.

11. Affects Digestive System

As already mentioned before, the digestive organs such as pancreas and spleen go through a lot of difficulties to absorb sugar in the blood. These are the main organs where insulin is activated. Excessive sugar intake affects the secretion of insulin and results in disorders such as diabetes.

We have seen that why is sugar bad for you. Thus, excessive sugar intake can cause you a lot of trouble. Though relishing on your favourite desert sounds tempting for you, you also have to careful about your health and think of the long-term consequences.

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