Guava Leaves for Hair Growth : How To Get Rid of Hair Fall Problems?

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How often have you heard that Guava leaves can benefit you in hair growth? Well, not much often. It is true that the fruit guava is essential for maintaining health of a person. We also enjoy eating guava fruit salads. However, we are not aware that guava leaves can help us fight against hair fall. Yes, guava leaves are comprised of nutrients and essential vitamins that can make your hair healthy and bouncy. All you have to do it to search for guava leaves at the right places – may in your backyard or at your usual fruit seller. Once you have got the leaves, get ready to experiment guava leaves for hair growth.

Hair fall is becoming a dreading problem for men and women in this world. We try several shampoos and conditioners available in the market. We go for expensive hair fall treatments in famous salons and spas. But the result is not seen in our hair. We just torture our hair with harmful chemicals, hair products and equipment. Our pockets show significant money loss.

Guava Leaves for Hair Growth

The hair loss problem continues despite these efforts. For hair care, one needs to take concrete efforts by using ingredients bestowed by Mother Nature and not displayed at a cosmetic store.

We can use natural ingredients like guava leaves for fighting against the hair fall problem. You can now flaunt with long, thick hair using guava leaves in the form of various hair packs.

Benefits of Guava Leaves for Hair Growth

Guava leaves can offer immense benefits to your hair in the following ways.

  • Fortified with Vitamin C content, guava leaves boost hair growth. It moisturizes the hair right from the roots to the hair tips, making it stronger. You just need to wash your hair with water boiled in few guava leaves. It is an effective remedy for preventing hair loss.
  • Our scalp is susceptible to dandruff and results in itchiness and infections. An itchy scalp can be irritating as well as embarrassing to go in front of anyone. As guava leaves are rich in anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can maintain good and healthy scalp. As scalp is usually dry, guava leaves offer sufficient moisture to it. Guava leaves can be grinded into a paste. One can massage the scalp with this paste and wash it off after a few minutes. This procedure must be repeated to get a healthy scalp.
  • Dandruff is an issue prevailing since ages amongst young and old alike. Dandruff is also the root cause for itchy and irritating scalp. Guava leaves help in treating dandruff to a large extent, thereby getting rid of itchy scalp.
  • Guava leaves help in getting healthy and nourishing hair. It makes possible rapid and healthy growth of hair.
  • Split ends is also a major issue in most of the women. Split ends is also a reason for dandruff. It obstructs the natural and fast growth of hair. Split ends can be removed by regular trimming of hair. However, this is not the solution for preventing split ends. The hair tips and the roots must be moisturised with healthy substances. Hence, guava hair packs can be used for preventing split ends in the future.
  • Rich in antioxidants, guava leaves help in fighting against hair damage. Our hair is exposed to harmful sun rays, and hazardous pollutants. It is constant under a process of damage. One of the best ways to avoid hair damage is applying guava packs regularly.
  • Regular application of guava hair packs provide the additional layer of protection to the hair against harmful sun rays. Sun rays are responsible for hair loss and other problems.
  • As we have already mentioned, our hair is exposed to dirt, pollutants. As a result, our hair becomes dry and unclean. We shampoo our hair to make it clean. However, our hair becomes dry and frizzy because of the continuous shampooing. Well, if you are using a shampoo our of guava leaves, then your hair will become clean and also soft and smooth. The excess oil and dirt will go away, and your scalp won’t feel dry and stretched.
  • We all know that hair massage helps in proper blood circulation. Hence, we often go to salons and saps for massaging our hair. If our hair is massaged with the right natural ingredients, then it helps in circulating the nutrients in an effective manner. If you are massaging with guava hair oils and mixtures, then your hair massage earns additional value and nourishment.

How To Use Guava Leaves For Fighting Hair Fall?

We have seen the numerous benefits of guava leaves for hair growth and other hair problems. Now, the question is how to use these guava leaves for the benefit of the hair as per your convenience and time availability.

Preparing guava face packs, oils and shampoos sound overwhelming and tedious. But if you want to provide the essential nutrients to your hair, then you have to take consistent efforts. If you really care for your hair, then we have brought some of the interesting recipes made with guava leaves for hair growth and make your hair gorgeous and beautiful.

Here are simple hair care tips and home remedies to prevent hair loss problems…

1. Guava Leaves as a Shampoo

Boil one cup of water and put half cup of guava leaves into it. Allow the mixture to cool down. Apply the solution to your hair as a shampoo. You can rub the guava leaves on your hair tips and roots to give extra nourishment. It is an instant shampoo.

2. Guava Leaves as a Conditioner

When you wash your hair with your regular or your favourite shampoo, skip the conditioner. Use a natural conditioner instead. Make a mixture similar to the above. One can also add curry leaves, ginger or reetha to the mixture while boiling. It will condition you hair, making it lustrous and shiny.

3. Guava Leaves as a Hair Pack

This is also the simplest method of using guava leaves for hair growth. Grind a half cup of guava leaves along with other ingredients such as ginger or almonds. You can mix this paste with warm coconut oil or olive oil, depending upon your preferences. Massage this paste into the hair right from the roots to the hair tips. Leave it for nearly half an hour and wash it off with a regular shampoo.

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4. Guava Leaves as a Split Ends Remedy

In order to avoid split ends, guava leaves can be effectively used. While preparing pack out of guava leaves, put some honey into it. Massage and cover the hair with this paste right from roots to the hair tips. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off later with warm water and your regular shampoo. However, this treatment needs to be done on regular basis for better results. Split ends is a recurring problem. Hence, keep repeating this process on consistent basis.

Thus, guava leaves can be applied to the hair in various forms. One can get rid of various hair problems such as hair loss, dandruff, baldness, loss of shine, split ends, etc. by applying guava leaves.

It is difficult to find guava-based hair products in the market. Even if they are available, these are not in their original form and may be comprised of harmful chemicals. Hence, it is always advisable to make home-made natural hair packs and other recipes of guava leaves for hair growth with care.

Hair care is not simply applying coconut or olive oil. One should also use naturally available ingredients to boost hair growth and make it healthy and shiny. Though preparation of guava leaves products at home sound tedious, it is better to use such techniques.

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