Amazing Health Benefits Of Celery Juice You Probably Did Not Know Before!

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Some Quick Facts About Celery And Celery Juice

  • April is celebrated as the National Fresh Celery Month.
  • In ancient times, Celery and Celery juice was used in the treatment of insomnia, toothache, anxiety, hypertension, arthritis, and for purifying the
  • Celery was priory used in the form of a bouquet for the Athletic game-winner in Greece.
  • Drinking a glass of carrot and celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach helps in controlling the blood pressure levels and also in reducing the same.
  • Celery juice is a rich source of antioxidants and enzymes.
  • Celery juice works effectively for those who are looking for weight loss tips.
  • Eating celery in a raw form like in salads, juice, or smoothie gives various health benefits as compared to the cooked celery.
  • Celery juice contains a good amount of sodium nitrate which makes it the best natural preservative.

Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice

What Is Celery Juice? What Nutrients Can You Obtain From It?

People are now moving towards consuming vegetables and fruits in various forms like raw, boiled, juice, smoothie, etc. that help them in preventing against various health issues. Among them, a newly emerging search is the benefits of celery juice. But what is celery juice?

Well known for the reduced calories it serves with, celery is an ingredient from the parsley family, that is widely found salads. Popular for the long stalks filled with fiber, celery juice is the best way to begin your day with something nutritious. Celery is a treasure box for nutrients like antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and B6, Potassium, and many more. It contains a very minimal amount of carbohydrates, cholesterol, fats, and calories, due to which it is widely suggested for people diagnosed with obesity and heart problems.

Thinking How To Make Celery Juice? Here Are The Steps To Follow…

When it comes to making the celery juice, there are various ways of making the juice by including other natural and healthy ingredients according to your taste and benefits. However, a simple way to make only celery juice is as below:

  • Take some fresh and crisp celery stalks and make sure they don’t contain yellow leaves or are wilted.
  • Second is to cut the tail and root tips of the stalks.
  • Use some running water to wash away the celery stalks.
  • Take the washed stalks and soak them in cold water for some minutes to remove the mud in the leaves.
  • Take the soaked stalks and wash them again in the running water to remove the mud completely from it.
  • Cut the stalks into small pieces and intact the leaves from it.
  • Take a blender and blend the stalks by adding a small portion of water so that it blends easily.
  • Your celery juice is ready, strain it and drink it adding some ice cubes.

Some people also add lemon juice or ginger to the juice for making it more nutritive. Again, the pulp left after straining is also used as a topping over salads or added in smoothies as it contains a good portion of the fiber. Celery juice is also combined with carrot juice, ripe grapefruit, apples, cucumber, and much more according to the benefits you are looking from it.

What Are The Benefits Of Celery Juice?

Celery juice provides the body with essential nutrients required in day to day life. People count it as a superfood, but when used in meals it is similar to other vegetables. Here are some of the popular health benefits of celery juice.

1. Reducing Weight

Celery comes with reduced calories which makes it the best for weight loss. Celery juice contains various benefits for weight loss. As it is low in calories and rich in fiber, this helps in the regulation of lipid metabolism. This helps in reducing the fats in the body. It also contains other nutrients like antioxidants, Vitamins, electrolytes, minerals, potassium, and much more that helps in reducing weight naturally.

2. Helpful In Reducing Cholesterol Levels

The celery juice nutrition is also helpful in reducing the cholesterol levels that help in improving the heart health. Celery contains a vital element named 3-n-butylphthalide, also known as BPH that helps in lowering the lipid levels in the body and blood which is beneficial in reducing the high cholesterol levels that are helpful in maintaining and improving the health of the heart.

3. Treats High Blood Pressure

Suffering from hypertension? Why not try the celery juice? Celery juice contains a rich amount of fiber and a magical element named phthalide that helps in relaxing the muscles in the blood vessels which reduces the high blood pressure levels. This element is also helpful in reducing the LDL cholesterol levels that help for a healthy heart. Coumarins present in celery juice reduce the impact of the stress levels in the body that also helps in reducing the blood pressure levels or say hypertension.

4. For Digestive Health

Celery juice is also good for digestion. There are various doctors who recommend the juice to people suffering from digestive issues like gastritis, stomach lining, indigestion, etc. As celery juice is rich in antioxidants and fiber, it helps in regulating your bowel movements that reduces constipation problems. It keeps your bowels healthy and reduces the chances of gastritis.

5. Protects From Gastric Ulcers

This might surprise you but celery juice also prevents an ulcer. Celery juice contains enriched antioxidants that help in reducing the effects of gastritis or ulcers. Celery juice works on the improvement of the lining of the stomach that reduces the chances of having ulcers which are caused due to apiuman. The flavonoids available in the juice limit the growth of gut bacteria that are unwanted leading to inflammation.

6. Helps You With Sound Sleep

Surprised! But it is true. The celery juice nutrition list also includes electrolytes and magnesium that work as sleep enhancer for the people suffering from sleeping disorders. The electrolytes are available in high levels which reduce stress hormones, high blood pressure, and hypertension that promotes relaxation and sound sleep.

7. To Fight Against Cancer

As mentioned above, celery juice is filled with anti-cancer elements and antioxidants too like phenolic acids, flavonols, furanocoumarins, etc. that help in fighting against cancer. The compounds like luteolin and apigenin limit the spreading of cancer cells in the body. The compounds have shown effective results in fighting against breast cancer and pancreatic cancer cells.

8. Hydrating Yourself After A Workout

After exercising, it is important to hydrate yourself with water or other energy drinks. But why go for any preservative drink when you can go naturally for it! The list of benefits of celery juice includes hydrating as an important one. Celery contains 95% water in it, along with electrolytes, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. The juice is henceforth also recommended to various athletics also for hydrating with more benefits rather than simply water.

Hence, celery juice plays a vital role in protecting, maintaining and reducing the risks of various health issues. Along with this, the juice is also used for various skin benefits too. Although not yet proven, celery juice is also beneficial for increasing attractiveness in men for a happy sexual life.

Does Drinking Celery Juice Have Any Side Effect?

No doubt, there are various benefits of celery juice, there are still some possible side effects related to the juice. Celery juice comes in the form of a natural diuretic which contains fiber in high levels in raw form. Hence, weight loss is actually a side effect some may suffer from.

Celery juice is from a small food group that reacts with some possible allergic reactions that can be mild to severe resulting to fatal anaphylactic shock. The juice also contains sodium in high levels due to which, it is recommended to have the juice in a limited quantity or after consulting a doctor. The juice is also unsafe for breastfeeding and pregnant women as it may react with particular medications that are advised during pregnancy. Increased intake of celery juice can lead to miscarriage when it comes into contact with the uterus.

The juice is also not recommended with medications given to the patients of the kidney. It can lead to inflammation. For those suffering from bleeding disorders, the intake of celery juice can increase the possibility of increased bleeding. Hence, make sure you avoid the use of celery juice if having any kind of bleeding disorder.

As we know, celery juice helps in reducing high blood pressure levels, but it is definitely not advised to the people suffering from low blood pressure. Taking celery juice in such situation may drop the pressure levels too much. Celery juice also comes with an impact on the central nervous system. Hence, if you are going to have an operation, make sure you stop the intake of the juice around 2 weeks before the surgery to avoid any reactions with anesthesia or other medications during operation.

So, what are you waiting for? Include celery juice in your diet gets it well balanced for a healthy life. Don’t forget to mention your comments and experiences about the juice below.

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