7 Best Anti Aging Tips To Stop Growing Older!

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Growing older, a thought can make you upset. Everyone dream of staying beautiful. All need the wrinkle free face. But is looking beautiful just mean by face glowing? Nope, Beauty means the healthy body. It means the disease free body. Hence we bring here some important anti aging tips. Healthy body and mind not only keeps you glow from outside but from within the body too. Staying fit although cannot reverse the aging process but definitely helps in delay of the aging process.

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Skin is the mirror of our inner body, any disease inside the body will reflect soon on the surface. So one must aim to achieve Healthy skin by getting a Healthy body. Here are the 7 best natural anti aging tips to stay younger for a longer time.

7 Best Anti Aging Tips To Stop Growing Older

Anti Aging Tips

1. Drink Enough Water

Water is the essential liquid to our body. Our body is composed of about 65% of the water of the total weight. When there is the decrease in the body water levels it results in a condition called Dehydration. This dehydration leads to many symptoms such as Cramps in the muscles, Prostration, Heat and Burning sensation, Elderly look, Dryness of skin, Wrinkles on the Skin and so on. This completely makes the body idle and bed ridden. Hence water is an important source of energy for the Human body. Drinking 4-6 liters of water per day can make you disease free. It also acts as the Blood Purifier. All the waste products are excreted in the urine resulting in Healthy skin and Healthy body. Drinking warm water after food and in the early morning helps you to free from gastritis, Constipation, Good appetite, Easy digestion and the healthy skin.

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2. Consume Calcium-Rich Food

Sounds new but true. Calcium is very necessary to grow, develop or maintain the strength of our bones. Imagine you have awesome looks but you have Pain in the knees or Fracture of bones. You may not look lively as you are because of pain and suffering. Calcium helps in maintaining the density of the bones from preventing the Age-related diseases like Osteoporosis, Age-related fractures and Disc collapse. Calcium is abundantly seen in many fresh fruits and Vegetables. The food rich in Calcium are Green leafy Spinach, Peas and vegetables such as Tomatoes, Ladies finger, Cauliflower and it is also present in Milk and other dairy foods like Yogurt, Cheese, cottage cheese. Sardines and soybean also contain high calcium.

3. Silica Helps in Hair and Nails Growth

Our body gets nourishment from many nutrients and minerals one among such important mineral is Silica. Silica is a mineral which is necessary for the proper growth of Hairs and Nails. Silica not only helps in the Growth of the hairs but also see that no damaged, fizzy and dry hairs are present. It moisturizes the scalp giving you a healthy and strong hair. It also helps in the treatment of the brittle nails. In Homeopathic Medicinal system they have a medicine called Silica which is used to treat Hair related problems. Silica is found in Raisins, Cereals, Brown rice, green beans, whole wheat, nuts, seafood, Oats, Beer, Bananas, dry fruits and Barley.

4. Vitamin C Helps to Build Immunity

Vitamin C is an important Food supplement for the body. It helps in building our immune strong against the infections. Vitamin C also helps in maintaining the vision of the eyes by preventing the early Cataract during old age. It also helps in fighting the bleeding and the spongy gums. The spongy gums lead to the loosening of the teeth and there is a premature falling of teeth giving an elderly look to the person. Vitamin C is rich in Citrus fruits like Lemon, Pineapple, Kiwi, Strawberries and Oranges. It can also be seen in Tomatoes and Potatoes. Regular intake of Vitamin C rich foods has proved to reduce the intensity and the frequency of the illness. It also helps in the tissue repair.

5. Natural Oils are Essential Too!

Oils have been extracted from the nuts and dried fruits for the various purposes. The basic quality of the Natural Oil is to maintain the moisture of the surface. Oils produced from Almonds and Olives are rich in Vitamin E, they help in soothing the irritable skin. Regular massage of Vitamin E oil helps in growth of the hair and strengthens the hair follicles preventing hair fall and damage. It also prevents drying of hairs which is the most common cause for the hair fall and Split ends. On skin, it acts as a Moisturizer. It not only removes the impurities lodged underneath the skin but also helps in Blood circulation of the parts resulting in glowing skin. The other natural oils also help the skin from dryness and when applied to the skin it acts as a protective layer on exposure to hot summer from the Sun Burns. Oils give lubrication during the massage helping in an increase of blood circulation of the localized parts.

6. Balanced Diet for Healthy Body

For the disease-free life and body, a well-planned Balanced diet is important. A balanced diet means the food which contains all the nutrients and vitamins in an adequate amount for the proper and normal development of the body both mentally and physically. Health can be achieved only by planning a diet. It reduces the risk of Heart troubles, Diabetes, Hypertension and other lifestyle disorders. A well-planned diet also helps in the nourishment and development of the body. A balanced diet includes all the fresh green leaves, dairy products, meat, cereals, pulses and the roots and fruits.

7. Exercise Daily to Stay Fit

Our human body definitely requires an Exercise to maintain the fitness and Strength. Anti aging tips such as daily exercise of about 30 minutes keeps you fresh and rejuvenated throughout the day. It gives the strength to the muscles and joints which are necessary to fight the age-related weakness. It also helps the body in the digestion of the fatty and protein rich foods helping the body with a good appetite. Exercise helps in the normal functioning of the Lungs and Heart. Exercise includes any kind of Physical activities, be it Yoga or the normal Push-ups. It also helps in relieving the mental stress resulting in improved work efficiency.

If you follow the above-mentioned anti aging tips and focus on consuming the balanced diet and do regular exercise, you can certainly maintain a healthy body and calm mind. This, in turn, will help you look more young and fresh always.

Hope you liked our anti aging tips. If you really do then please share this article with your friends on social media to help spread the good word. Stay healthy and fit always. Cheers!

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