High Calcium Foods : 10 Important Foods to Maintain Our Health!

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We all have grown up hearing calcium is very important for the development and maintenance of bones and teeth. As we grew up, our mothers ensured that we consume dairy products and other foods rich in calcium for our healthy development. Consuming high calcium-foods is very necessary and important to maintain our health and pass on the same health to the next generation.

Calcium is the most abundant mineral that is stored mainly in the bones and teeth. When needed, the calcium is released into the bloodstream. Eating high calcium foods ensure the appropriate amount of calcium that is maintained in the body.

Importance and Role of Calcium in The Body

Calcium rich foods are extremely important, as regular consumption of these help maintain the appropriate levels of calcium in the body.

High Calcium-Foods

There are several roles and functions of calcium. They are –

1. Alkali and Acid Balance

Calcium plays a very important role in regulating acid/alkali balance which is commonly called as ‘pH‘. When the pH in the blood goes down below the baseline of 7.4, calcium gets released from the bones into the bloodstream to bring the pH back to balance. Since pH of the blood is very critical to sustain life, calcium is equally important to be maintained in equal proportions.

2. Bone Development and Health

Bone is an active tissue which actively is built and broken down constantly. As we already mentioned 99% of the calcium is stored in the bones and teeth and is released when required. Various calcium rich foods provide you the necessary dose of daily calcium that your bones need to function properly. Calcium keeps the bones strong and healthy and prevents early signs of aging. Due to the lack of calcium the bones become weak and its ill effects are observed in the later stages of age.

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3. Nerve and Muscle Function

Calcium plays a very important role in muscle contraction and nerve regulation. The muscle cells send out a signal that the calcium levels are low in the body. In response to this signal there is an immediate flow of calcium to the cell. This enables muscles to contract efficiently. The similar function takes place in the nerve cells.

Top 10 High Calcium Foods That are Must in Your Diet

1. Green Leafy Vegetables


Dark green leafy vegetables are one of the richest calcium sources found in our daily diet. Spinach is known to be one of the high calcium foods having a concentration of 99mg of calcium per 100g. To know further benefits of Spinach, don’t miss to read spinach health benefits that help us stay young and beautiful!

2. Beans


Beans are one of the most common foods containing calcium. White beans contain approximately 113mg per 100g and winged beans contain approximately around 30mg of calcium per 100g.

3. Broccoli


Broccoli is one of the best calcium sources that can be included in your diet. Broccoli contains about 47mg of calcium per 100g. Broccoli is also rich in Vitamin C,Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin B-6, Iron, dietary fiber and folate.

4. Sesame Seeds


Sesame seeds are one of the richest food sources of calcium and its easy availability makes it a very common choice in your diet. Sesame seeds are known to contain an average of 975mg of calcium per 100g. Very rich, isnt it?

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5. Oranges


So yummy? This tasty fruit is one of the richest foods containing calcium. Orange contains about 40mg of calcium per 100g. Oranges are also rich in Vitamin C that helps the absorption of calcium by the body. Oranges are available abundantly in the market so consider its consumption on a daily basis to ensure the sufficient intake of Calcium as well as Vitamin C on a regular basis.

6. Milk


…And we all know the benefits of Milk since our childhood! Still, lets have a look at what exactly it offers in detail. Milk is the primary source of calcium that is the first food that is consumed from an early age. Not to mention, milk is one richest calcium sources in your daily diet. Milk contains 125mg Calcium per 100g.

7. Sardine Fish


Sardines are one of the good food sources of calcium. This fish is rich in calcium and omega fatty acids that compensate the exact requirement of calcium in the body. 1 small sardine fish is known to contain about 46mg of calcium. Precisely 382mg calcium is found per 100g in Sardine fish. Not the desired option for pure vegetarians but for those who eat non-veg food this is a very viable option for calcium intake!

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8. Cheese


Yet another Milk product! If you are wondering what foods offer calcium, then Cheese is the yummy solution to calcium requirement. Cheese is one of the best food sources of calcium containing 721mg of calcium per 100g. Whats more it is easily available in almost every household.

9. Dry Fruits and Nuts


Little expensive but equally useful! Most dry fruits are rich calcium sources. 100g of Almonds are known to contain 264mg of calcium. Likewise dried Figs contain around 26mg of calcium per 100g.

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10. Yogurt


Yogurt is one wonder probiotic drink that is one of the very rich foods containing calcium. Yogurt roughly weighing 100gm contains around 110mg of calcium.

Apart from the foods listed above there are several other high calcium foods that can be considered to be included in your daily diet. If dietary calcium intake is poor, you can also take calcium supplements in the form of tablets upon consultation with your physician. Eat your way to better health by including calcium rich foods in your daily diet!

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