What are the best foods for Coronavirus recovery?

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The recent outbreak of coronavirus in the Middle East and Europe has caused a widespread panic. The virus is easily spread through contact with animals, food or drinks that have been handled by an infected person or animal. And while it’s hard to know the long term effects of this virus, there are some things you can do now to help recover from it. One such way is taking care of your diet by consuming the best foods for Coronavirus. For instance, eating more fruits and vegetables will not only give you the vitamins and minerals needed for recovery but also provide antioxidants necessary for fighting off viral infection! Eating a balanced diet might just be what you need to get back on your feet again!

Eat right. To begin with.

Most Covid patients experience loss of appetite followed by reduced food intake, even while on the recovery phase. Now since the food ingestion is compromised the natural immunity gets hindered too. Hence it is critical to restore one’s natural defenses first. Only through the right kind of eating will the right nutrition start to kick in. Following a Covid recovery diet for a typical patient recovering from Covid, is a good start to healthy life.

Covid recovery diet

Sprout your natural defence mechanisms. Get sprouts.

During the post-Covid recovery phase, the body is short of the much-needed protein magnesium, folate and phosphorous. Even manganese and vitamins C & K, an entire repository of natural ammunition is just what the body orders to ramp up its defence mechanisms. Patients should be put on a mix of green grams, alfalfa, chickpea, flax, they offer higher quantities of amino acids, aiding effective digestion thereby inducing better protein absorption into the system.

Red meat from Lambs. A great protein treat.

Slices of red meat obtained from lambs fed on organic grass can compensate greatly for lack of protein. It is full to the brim with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, powerful nutrients that can freshen up your weak bearing, post-Covid with more vitality.

Fish, another wonderful protein catch

Fish is easy going on the weakened digestive system and hence is a better option for patients having bloating problems with lentils and beans. It is also home to high-grade omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, even minerals like iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium and potassium.

Pulses and legumes. Pulse up your recovery.

They are natural reservoirs of iron, zinc, vitamins, selenium, vital amino acids like Lysine and protein. For patients lacking taste, pulses and legumes can be an ideal choice to have their taste buds come back to life. Moreover, just a bowl of lentils, chickpeas, beans as a part of every meal can speed up covid recuperation. So many permutations and combinations are possible in terms of health and palate friendly dishes that can come out of mix and match of the family of pulses and legumes.

Probiotics to the rescue. Get back your guts.

Glutamine aids in mucosal healing, blood sugar control and the regeneration of the gut lining, after having suffered the brunt of steroids and vaccines. Probiotics like curd and pickles sublime protein absorption into the system by empowering the symbiotic gut bacteria to break down food better. Probiotics work best in combos such as Cabbage, leafy greens, Salmon, poultry and lentils.

Eggs a day. Oxidative damage at bay.

They are naturally high in antioxidants and vitamin D, high time essentials for a healthy immune system. Eggs also aid in the regulation of blood sugar levels which is essential to restore adrenal function and hormone balance. They also store a significant amount of protein, riboflavin one of the essential ingredients for core development and potency against infections

Supplement drinks. Complements health

Kosher approved and lactose-free drinks will prove to be a respite for patients eating less due to poor appetite, breathing difficulties, body fatigue due to loss of weight or muscle mass. This is a temporary arrangement to keep the body hydrated and supplemented with energy till a complete healing turnaround happens. Drinks could be anything like milk, juice, soups, even moist foods that give fluids.

Eat little, but often

Instead of a full meal which Covid patients were used to prior, they can opt for smaller meals followed by snacks, the former meals for a while would be daunting to finish. Eating slowly in small bites is the key while focusing on deep breathing while chewing can conserve much precious energy. Always eat in a sitting up position and opt for foods that are fast soluble without much chewing to ensure breathing with less strength dispensed.


Recovery from Covid is substantially all about having a proper coping mechanism in place. Treatment is asymptomatic and so the approach has to go beyond proper nutrition as well. Be it in a hospice or one’s own sweet home always ask for or keep mouthwash handy. Regular brushing and cleaning dentures if any, is highly recommended for tackling the dry mouth spells, a usual fallout of Covid. Sucking on candies, fruits, sweets, mints or simply chewing gum can stimulate the much-needed production of saliva. Above all proper sleep is paramount for the body to repair and line up its forte of defence mechanisms.

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