How to overcome the addiction to alcohol?

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Drinking is not a problem unless it becomes an excuse to indulge in excess. It is otherwise mostly in universal acceptance as a social norm to raise a toast or two on many occasions. Singularly you may engage in drinking when feeling anxious or heartbroken. The temporary solace you derive in such forlorn instances leaves a lasting impression on your psyche. This invariably leads you to seek more such refuge in the potion. An Alcoholic is hence born. Continue reading to know how to overcome the addiction to alcohol!

Infographic of How to overcome the addiction to alcohol?

An alcoholic. In the making.

As your body takes the toll of increased consumption of alcohol, it starts to raise several red flags: high levels of irritability, anxiety, mood swings, depression, hazy memory, disrupted digestion and sleep; the list keeps only increasing to finally transform a sober you into one wreck of a soul.

Overcoming craving. It begins with understanding yourself.

Initially, to do the homework of finding out your biological tripwires for alcohol craving. Is it while you are alone, contemplating over the death or separation of a loved one. Maybe you don’t get the slightest of cravings when then. It could be that you get the feeling while out with your friends. A few glasses of it; neck-deep you are already found. Understanding the trigger is the right way to go about it.

Cut down drinking. Practice moderation.

You can stop drinking without actually stopping, so to say, fully. Moderation management will help you to be more conscious of your drinking problem while at it. Never force yourself to a full stop, it will only backfire with a vengeance. Rather, indulge in it but sip a few pegs less, draw the line between your cravings and the goal to be achieved. Slowly you develop the ability to restrain yourself on your own without going bonkers. You begin to have the advantage now of being mindful of situations. To decide when to and in what measure to indulge in drinks with sobriety.

Love heals. Talk to your loved ones.

Bare your heart with those who care, your family, best friends, or it could be even your roommate who is going through a similar struggle in life. They could accompany you to places wherever you could be most vulnerable to giving in to temptation. One of them could have walked your path before. The person could genuinely motivate and give you life lessons learnt the hard way to take down the problem; step by step.

You will be known by the company you keep. Find a new community.

Associate with new people, learn new skills. It will fire up new neuron connections in the brain, rendering the former craving weak within you with each passing day. Expose yourself to people who take a dislike for excessive drinking or any form, know why. Throttle up your social skills and make new connections offline and online.

Learn to say no. Let the past be past. Always.

While at a business meet or any get-together, it is natural for people to pour you a drink. It’s your life you have put back from shreds, so politely refuse without divulging many details. A few standard replies could always come in handy; I decided to cut down on drinks; I don’t get to enjoy the kick actually, improvise as per need and situation. With your loved ones around, you could be more open. You could say that you have been drinking a lot for no apparent reasons and that you want to face your problems boldly and not hide behind a few drinks.

How to change the mindset? Change the environment.

Memories always are in the habit of latching on to things in your current environment. Making a few necessary changes within your immediate arena will break the mental frequencies associated with your drinking. It could be a table you used to keep your favourite beverage brands. Or a small storage unit exclusively dedicated to storing drinks. Just do away with things that directly or indirectly brings to fore such memories.

Change your routine. Play spoilsport to your cravings.

Make a note of the timings, when you are confronted by your drinking demons, during day and night. Create activities to be engaged on to when the former temptations come to lure you. It could be going for a walk, calling a dedicated counsellor or shifting one’s focus on doing something creative and enjoying the fruits thereof. Engaging at such pressing times is paramount. Even meditation, breathing exercises and a newfound interest in cooking are worthy distractions.

Boost your wellness. Uplift mood.

Work on your body, tax it physically through hiking, cycling, roller-skating as per your resources and availability of avenues, your body will reward you back. You will experience a new vigour and energy. Sustain it with good sleep and nutrition. Slowly and steadily make wellness: mind and body your new craving. The former leech with nothing to suck on will fall off automatically.


To quit drinking in partial or complete is going to be burdening on the senses. So it makes the most sense to complement your efforts with expert counselling services. A pat on your back can give you the much-needed dopamine for motivation and focus. Do not be run down if you stray away and miss the daily goals. Don’t allow the guilt of having cheated yourself on the vain indulgences to rule your mind. Keep pushing the deaddiction process; it is harsh for a fact. Think of it as a revival from the dead, from the cusp of death in your cup. If you have been reading all along without a sip of your drink until now, you did it. You are a winner in the budding. You will blossom soon.

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