Broccoli Nutrition : Let Us Explain Why Broccoli is Your Superfood!

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So dear readers last night I was rippling over the dark and deep unholy places of the internet to look for…uhhh….some pirated episodes of this great cartoon show (shut up, cartoons are more clever shows!) and there I saw this….broccoli nutrition.

Turns out that our moms were super right all along people, broccoli is really, really a super duper healthy and contains loads of nutritional benefits. So today as we are trying to chase the sour sleep away from our drowsy eyes, let us bask into the greenish glory and rich benefits of Broccoli’s nutrition. And before we delve deeper into the complex healthy compounds of broccoli and its oh so many awesome broccoli nutrition, let me clear this one thing now.

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Broccoli Nutrition

I personally never liked broccoli like the rest of decent and sane humanity but trust me, in breakfast today I chomped on some broccolis after reading this what you are gonna read, of course the taste sucks of such good natural healthy things. Because God is a tricky son of a prick who knows burgers will kill every human one day, slowly and hilariously and that is why he made every actual good food bitter tasting and a curse on our taste buds!

That is why here are some neat broccoli recipes that you can have at home without accepting the lordship of McDonald’s or Burger King!

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Now moving on with the awesome broccoli nutrition guide.

Let’s See Broccoli Nutrition

1. It Prevents Cancer!

One of the many amazing Broccoli nutritions are that it is a serious aid in helping you ward off serious big time diseases like cancer. For it contains glucoraphanin, that gets processed down into an anti-cancerous compound called sulforaphane by our bodies.

This compound makes our body get rid itself from a bacterium that is sure to increase the risks of gastric cancer, H. pylori.

Broccoli also has indole-3 carbonate which is a very powerful antioxidant compound and an effective anti-carcinogen that not just hinders the increase of breast, prostate and cervical cancer but also, a great liver booster!

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2. It Reduces Allergic Reaction and Inflammation!

Another one of broccoli’s great nutrition is that it is super and filthy rich in isothiocyanates and kaempferol, which are anti-inflammatory phytonutrients.

And many research have been showing that kaempferol lessens the attacks of allergy-inducing substances in our body!

Broccoli even contains some serious amount of omega 3 fatty acids for a vegetable, known as a good anti-inflammatory agent!

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3. Bone Booster

And now since we are talking about some really unheard broccoli nutrition then let me tell you one another thing, it is a serious strengthener of bone health and density.

Broccoli Contains Calcium for Strong Bones

For broccoli contains high levels of both Vitamin K and Calcium, those two thing are super duper important for overall bone health and prevent osteoporosis.

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4. Heart Helper

The anti inflammatory sulforaphane which is one of the isothiocyanates (ITCs) in broccoli holds prevention and quite possibly can even reverse some of the damage of the blood vessels’ linings which is caused by inflammation due to chronic sugar problems.

5. On Diet, It Helps You Like Crazy!

Broccoli contains some good levels of necessary carbohydrates and is super rich in fibers that tends to aid in digestion, maintains low blood sugar and prevents constipation also curbs down overeating tendencies!

What is even more interesting is that a cup of broccoli has much more protein with half of the calories than a cup of rice or corn!

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6. Cholesterol Redux

Just like many other whole foods, one of the super broccoli nutritional advantages is that it reduces down cholesterol from the body!

Broccoli contains high soluble fibers that draw out cholesterol out of your body!

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7. Powerful Anti-oxidant

In all of cruciferous veggies, broccoli contains the most concentrated amount of vitamin C with all the flavonoids that are important for vitamin C to recycle efficiently.

There are also carotenoids lutein, beta-carotene and zeaxanthin, those are some other seriously powerful antioxidants that provide the body with some serious defense power boost and a great immune system, so if you were looking for some natural immunity builder, this one here is a serious contender guys!

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8. Great Alkalizing Agent!

A body needs to have the basic ratio of 80:20 to alkaline, well if you did not know about this then know it now man!! And woman too, the body has a ratio construction between acid and alkaline, if it’s more acidic, then you are a goner bro and lady bro so the body must have more alkaline in its structure, and broccoli does just that, one of the cool broccoli nutrition!

9. Detoxifier!

There are some special phytonutrients that help our body in all its processing steps that detoxify our body’s waste, they are glucoraphanin, glucobrassicin and gluconasturtiin. These activate, eliminate and neutralize the unwanted containments of our body’s waste and harmful products.

And what more is helpful is that these three are in perfect combination in broccoli, which by the way also contains isothiocyanates that at genetic levels help the detox process of our bodies!

And now here are some fun trivia facts about broccoli that will interest you and number the words of this article…

Broccoli is not for people with thyroid problems so if you have some thyroid problems then have some chit chat with yours or anyone’s doctor about how to devour broccoli without dying.

Just two cup of broccoli servings per week can get you some super neat cancer preventing benefits!

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Broccoli sprouts just became more popular due to the studies showing them to have high concentrations in anti-cancer phytonutrient sulforaphane.

So there is it guys, some amazing nutrition of broccoli, I know they suck at the taste but it depends on how you make them, trust me they are super good for you and consume them as much as you can, it’s your duty to be healthy and alert about such things.

All righty then ciao!

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