Coconut Oil Pulling: Natural Detoxifying Way To Stay Healthy!

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All of us want shining and white teeth! Isn’t it? Tried your hands at flossing, but there is a method which you are assured instant results. Yes, you heard it right, the proven benefits of coconut oil pulling is now very popular. It promotes healthy teeth or gums whereby bacteria is removed. The best part is that it is a nature driven method. It has slowly soared in popularity, with countries like the United States showing a strong inclination towards it.

The proven benefits of Coconut Oil Pulling

Oil pulling with coconut oil is detoxing (cleaning of the oral cavity) in a similar manner where soap is used to clean dirty dishes. The toxins are sucked out of the mouth, whereby a clean oral atmosphere is assured. It ensures an appropriate dental liquid flowing that is needed to keep diseases at bay. In India, it was regarded as the traditional procedure that has been the part for centuries.

  • Removes bad breath
  • Prevents any form of heart disease
  • Immune system is boosted
  • Strengthens jaws and gums
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Heals any bleeding gums
  • Whitens teeth

So considering the option of white teeth, there is no safe and better option than coconut oil pulling which has immense benefits rather than merely a set of white teeth.

On a word of caution, the oils used as part of coconut oil pulling are food grade which can be consumed at the same time. Despite this fact, there has been a sense of unpleasantness of oil pulling with coconut oil as reported in various sections of media.

Coconut Oil Pulling Benefits From A Health Perspective

With coconut oil pulling your health is for a complete overhaul. The mouth is the storehouse for millions of fungi, bacteria, germs etc. As part of coconut oil pulling benefits, the toxins are tapped at an initial stage before it spreads its wings all over the body.

Hereby are illustrated some of the benefits associated with coconut oil pulling

1. Whitens Teeth

No need for chemical whitening methods where oil works wonders. The oil is embedded with and antiviral coupled with antibiotics that brighten your teeth. Just try it for a couple of weeks and you can come across the impact coconut oil pulling can generate

2. Body is Detoxed

Germs in our body can be compared to poison and are the breeding ground for numerous diseases. The inlet for all these diseases is your mouth. With coconut oil pulling you remove the toxins before it spreads its wings and your body is in line for a complete dextofication

3. Skin Is Kept Clear

Surprise! The benefits of coconut oil pulling extend to the skin as well. When toxins are removed from the body before its entry into the bloodstream it does mean a glowing skin. Any skin diseases or rashes reduce considerably or is completely eradicated by oil pulling with coconut oil

4. Oral Hygiene Is Enhanced

With the aid of coconut oil pulling, the bad cavities are removed which prevents bad breath. You cannot harp on the fact that coconut oil pulling benefits extend to oral health.

5. Reduces Headaches

With coconut oil pulling, your body is prone to less stress. The migraines or headaches are a thing of the past and it is nature’s method of asking someone to recover. Oil pulling with coconut oil eliminates bacteria from your body whereby headaches are avoided

6. Increases Energy Levels

When the immune system is working overtime to flux out the toxins from the body, the energy levels sap down. With coconut oil pulling, the volume of work which the body has to do reduce considerably that tends to make us feel a lot better.

7. Inexpensive Method

One of the major benefits of coconut oil pulling is that it works out to be a cost-effective way to improve your oral health. Oil needed for pulling is an integral part of most households, and if this is not the case, then quality oil could be purchased online or from a nearby store.

When you begin the process of coconut oil pulling, the positive vibes are felt immediately or it may take a few days or weeks. It is all dependants at which stage your health levels are at and how capable your immune system is as well.

Coconut Oil Pulling Instructions

In this manner, you can plan for coconut oil pulling.

  • Make it a point that the first thing that you do after getting up from bed. This is before you drink , eat or even brush.
  • Swish gently 1 to 2 teaspoons of coconut oil in your mouth amidst your teeth for close to 20 minutes. Do it a gentle manner so that your jaws or cheeks do not make a creaking sound.
  • The oil should be spilled over to the trash and not to the wash basin (the chances of clogging are pretty high) and with the warm water rinse your mouth. For anti-microbial properties, you can use salt water.
  • Then brush your teeth.
  • Sounds easy as it gets.

It is recommended that coconut oil pulling should be done 2 to 3 times with mixture of essential oils to derive maximum benefits. As one can see it is a simple but at the same time an effective procedure where instant results are advocated. If you feel that 10 to 20 minutes is time-consuming, then do oil pulling while driving or when you are in the shower. To pass your time, you can also do it when you are working in your home.

Following Coconut Oil Pulling Instructions Ensures Efficient Practice

How do you figure out coconut oil pulling has achieved optimum results? Let us analyze the following aspects which will throw light on the same.

  • Oil is going to mix thoroughly with the saliva.
  • Because of this reason the oil will become much thinner than before.
  • Once the oil is released from the mouth to the sink, you will notice that the oil becomes white and then mixes with the saliva. Another thing worth mentioning is the formation of formed bubbles and this occurs due to swishing of the oil.
  • If the colour of the oil still happens to be yellowish, or you do not witness any change in its original colour then it is clear that coconut oil pulling instructions have not been followed correctly. In such eventuality for better results you should increase your time for coconut oil pulling.

Viewpoint Of The Dental Professionals With Coconut Oil Pulling

First and foremost the technique of coconut oil pulling has no impact on your routine dental visits. Pulling with coconut oil has positive effects on tooth decay and as a patient, one should be aware of that. In a way it could be termed as a great supplementary therapy. In the process coconut oil pulling instructions needs to be worked into your mouth by sucking, pushing or pulling the teeth.

Once the oil goes on to touch base with the teeth and the gums, the microbes will click on to them in the form of a magnetic force. The bacteria that are within your teeth are sucked out of the hidden bases. In fact the longer the process of coconut oil pulling is undertaken microbes are pulled free.

From a mechanical point of view, coconut oil pulling does make sense. The primary cause of tooth decay is bacteria and with this technique your simple oral hygiene is going to improve by leaps and bounds.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coconut Oil Pulling

Hereby are some of the common questions of oil pulling with coconut oil?

1. Which is an appropriate age for coconut oil pulling?

As oil is swished into the mouth and then thrown out, even at a young age there is no harm in pulling oil. Ideally try a small quantity say half a teaspoon. Just ensure it is an enjoyable and comfortable experience as you would want to enjoy coconut oil pulling benefits. It should not replicate a dreaded situation.

2. Can you plan for oil pulling with coconut oil if you have fillings?

Coconut oil pulling cannot replace crowns or for the matter any fillings. The only instance where it is possible is the underneath teeth are full of infection and have decayed. With oil pulling bacteria along with mucus is removed. The only reason for the filling becoming loose if there is a rot in the mouth. The infection needs to be addressed on an immediate basis so that the spread of infection is restricted.

3. Is it necessary to undertake coconut oil pulling in the morning?

Yes for sure! The best time for oil pulling with coconut oil is early in the morning when you have an empty stomach. But you can opt for other times during the day when it is comfortable, but ensure it is done before eating.

On the other side of the coin coconut oil pulling at night is not a bad idea and may prove to beneficial.

4. What is the need for coconut oil pulling for a long time?

To ensure optimum coconut oil pulling benefits, it is a must for sure. When you are pulling with coconut oil, you tend to use the oil up during the process of swishing it. It is going to become milky and watery say about 15 minutes or so. If you undertake it with less oil, the texture color changes pretty soon, but obviously, you would want sufficient oil in your mouth to clean the mouth along with the teeth.

Doing more than the stipulated share of coconut oil pulling, does not ensure good results immediately. But if you want the results to be at a faster pace, then it would not be a bad suggestion of pulling with coconut oil two times in day.

5. Can coconut oil pulling be done during pregnancy?

As the toxins are split out, which is pulled out during swishing, there seems to be no harm on oil pulling with coconut during pregnancy. It works out to be an effective way of cleaning your teeth if you encounter any gum sensitivity.

6. Are there any side effects or symptoms associated with coconut oil pulling?

Each individual is different. Some people are likely to face mucous in their noses or throats. Swishing can pave way for an outlet for the sinuses to release and ensures better drainage. This is not harmful, but if you feel overwhelmed then blows your nose before coconut oil pulling.

Some people are likely to experience sourness of jaws with coconut oil pulling. If it happens swish in a mild manner and pull teeth in a gentle manner. Ideally you can cut down your down time to 8 to 10 minutes and then pick up pace once you get adjusted.

At no point during Oil pulling with coconut oil you should swallow the oil as it contains toxins, bacteria or mucous. If you swallow some oil accidentally, then no need to panic, but ensure that it does not become a regular habit. Oils are also a strict no if you are sensitive or have some form of allergy. For example there are people who are prone to allergy of tree nut type and coconut oil is a no for them.

7. What is the time frame to derive benefits with coconut oil pulling?

Hardly a week or so! People do notice a change in their breadth and witness a cleaner mouth. Within a few days people have gone on to experience healthier gums and dental repair.

Final Thoughts

Coconut oil pulling happens to be a popular form of Ayurvedic practice which prevents tooth decay, heals the bleeding gums, removes bad breath and in hindsight ensures you have glowing white teeth. It is considered to the best oil as it is embedded with lactic acid that possesses antimicrobial along with anti-inflammatory properties. Sunflower and Sesame oil are worthy options, but it is recommended to stick to coconut oil. Essential oils could be an add on so as to increase capability of oil pulling benefits.

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