10 Minutes Morning Meditation To Keep You Energised All Day Long!

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How great it would be if we could do something that can be done quickly, easily, and you can have a great start to the rest your day. A morning meditation for ten minutes has the power to keep you energized for the entire day.

Once you develop the habit of practising meditation in the morning for 10 minutes, you will start experiencing the positive changes that can take your life in a better direction. To get the best effects of meditation, you will have to be patient and keep practising the routine regularly. Many people try to meditate, but as it is tough to control the thoughts, most of them quit thinking that it is not going to help them.

10 Minutes Morning Meditation

The Benefits Of Doing Meditation In The Morning

If one practices even 5-minute morning meditation then you can have a peaceful mindset and a relaxed body. Apart from this, there are many other benefits that the morning meditation has for you. Go through this post to know what all can 10-minute morning meditation do for you.

1. You Get To Enjoy The Morning Energy And Peace Effectively

Get To Enjoy The Morning Energy

The meditation has its best effect when done in the morning and it also allows to enjoy the peaceful morning more than usual. The early morning is the time when you can expect your phone to not ring, or anyone to knock at your door and thus you can meditate with ease. Meditating in the cool breeze at the early morning hours will let you appreciate the peace around you which will give you a positive morning energy for the rest of the day.

2. You Will Be Able To Utilize You Energy More

Men who want to have more energy to workout to get stronger and muscular should practice the morning meditation. A man who meditates in the morning will have an increase in the levels of testosterone and a decrease in the cortisol level and thus gives you more energy. Since you feel fresh and more relaxed after the meditation, your workout will be more effective.

3. Properly Chanelises Your Mind’s Energy

Chanelises Your Mind's Energy

Many people have a weakness of not being able to wake up when their alarm is ringing. They hit the snooze button thinking that they will wake up in a minute, but end up sleeping for a little bit extra. This short nap, makes you feel more lethargic and instead of getting up, you start fidgeting with your phone. The mind gets stressed up in the morning itself and due to this, we cannot give our best performance.

If you make a habit of meditating in the morning, your mind will be relaxed for the rest of the day and you will be able to perform better.

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4. There Will Be No Need Of Coffee

People wake up and instantly look for coffee. Caffeine helps you stay awake or feel energized but also has bad effects on health. Meditation is a better activator than caffeine and has a positive effect on you. A 20-minute guided morning meditation get to activate the endorphins which give you a good amount of energy for your complete day.

5. You Feel More Sorted

We have a lot of issues to deal with in our daily life. Sometimes it is work, and sometimes friends and family. This issue can keep our thoughts scattered most of the time. Because of the scattered thoughts, we can make minor mistakes in our work which can turn into major troubles. With positive morning meditation, you can allow your mind to not be bothered by the issues happening and be more focused on the thing that has to be done in the present moment.

6. Morning Meditation Gives Your Mind A Filter

Meditation Gives Your Mind A Filter

Meditation can give us a filter just like the one our emails have. In our email inbox, we have a filter for spam emails, unread and read emails and various other categories which simplify things for us. The same way meditation makes your mind peaceful and thus allows you to filter things which are important to you and which are not. Your attention will be on your work instead of useless gossip happening around.

7. You Will be Exited Even For The Most Boring Tasks

Meditation Make You Feel Exited

Whether you are in your teens, thirties, or even in late seventies, you will always prefer doing things which you find interesting and try to avoid the boring tasks. This is because our brain and thoughts are not in our control completely and they keep us engrossed in our favourite things itself. A 10-minute morning meditation can work wonders on the way you think and help you prioritize things. Even if you don’t like a task but is important for you, you’ll start doing it as a priority instead of thinking about how interesting or boring it is.

8. Your Mind Feels Balanced And Can Handle All The Situations

At work, your day cannot be in the same flow. Sometimes you do things effortlessly and sometimes the tasks are frustrating. If you have done your morning meditation for energy then things will change positively for you. Even a quick meditation at work can allow you to calm down the negativity in your brain and balance all the thoughts.

9. Morning Meditation Is An Antidote For Stress

We all have stress and the best remedy for it is the morning meditation. You cannot run away from things that cause stress but dissolve it with the practice of morning meditation.

10. You Improve Your Bad Eating Habits

Improve Your Bad Eating Habits

Stress and lack of sleep force us to start eating unhealthy food at odd hours. This can slow down your work performance and also give your body a bad shape. If you are a meditator, you feel more satisfied and less stressed. You can easily avoid having junk food like fries, doughnuts, pizzas, etc. when you have a major workload. Your health improves and you automatically switch to healthy eating habits.

11. You Have Better Driving Skills

You Have Better Driving Skills

Some people are not good at multitasking and while driving they are at a major risk of getting into an accident. To fix this issue you should try the morning meditation. If you start practising meditation your mind will be calm and have the ability to do multi-tasking. This will also improve your reflexes and thus make you a better driver.

12. You Get Headaches Less Often

Stress and workload can give us headaches. A headache can prevent you from giving your best at work, and also from staying fit. To reduce your headaches you can switch to meditating every day in the morning and start having a healthy diet. It is not going to cure the problem completely, but the occurrence of the headaches will reduce significantly.

13. You Will Be More Liked By The People

Since the meditation practice will help in reducing the stress you will automatically have a very positive thinking. You will be eager to help people around and also be able to find right solutions for their problems. Such a behaviour obviously makes you one of the favourites at home and work both.

14. You Have A Better Intuition

When you are not stressed you tend to have a better intuition. A calm mind can think about all the pros and cons and thus give you a better intuitive mind.

Since the morning time is the most peaceful, practising meditation at this time will have the best results for you. You will not be able to see the change in a couple of days, but if you are regular, you will start noticing the change in a month’s time.

15. You Will Start Feeling Better About Yourself

Start Feeling Better About Yourself

Sometimes due to lack of work performance or bad behaviour at home, people start criticizing themselves and also lose self-esteem. Since the meditation can keep your mind focused, relaxed and make it more functional, you will start feeling better about yourself. As you notice that you are improving at work and relationships, you will feel more confident, and also have more respect for yourself.

The morning meditation brings a lot of positive changes in you. It hardly takes 20 minutes and a little discipline to begin with this practice. You will start seeing numerous positive changes in you and the way people behave around you.

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If you are willing to welcome positivity into your life, you must start meditating from today. If you do not know how to start the process, then go through these FAQs to get the basic understanding.

1. What is the right environment for meditation?

People who are regular meditators can meditate in any kind of environment, but if you are a beginner, then a peaceful atmosphere is the best. The early morning would be the best time to get this kind of environment as it is quiet and peaceful.

2. What is the right attire for meditation?

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the clothes for meditation. You can do it any kind of clothing but if you wear something which lets you feel relaxed, then that is the best choice. People like to wear loose fitting clothes while meditating.

3. What is the process of meditation?

Meditation is concentrating your thoughts on a particular thing. It allows channelizing your mind and energy to a particular task that you are performing. So, while you are meditating, you just have to focus your mind on a particular thing and practice to maintain it for a long time.

To begin with, you can start concentrating on the sounds around you and as you build your focus you can start concentrating on your breath.

4. For how long should an individual practice meditation for the best results?

if you are a beginner, it will be tough for you to control your thoughts for a long time. You can start with five minutes and increase it gradually. For the best results, meditating for 20 minutes in the morning and before going to bed will be sufficient.

5. Does music help in meditation?

Playing and listening to music is also a kind of meditation. If you want to enhance your meditation process, you can play some soothing and calm music in the background. The instrumental music played on oriental instruments like flute, guzheng, etc. is preferred by most meditators.

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