What are the 7 Chakras – A Beginner’s Guide!

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You have probably heard a lot about the Chakras, but what exactly do they mean. What is a Chakra? Well, Chakra is basically the centre of energy. It is the wheels around which the neurological and physiological systems of our body revolve. The chakra, being the vortex of all these energies, help in regulating the functioning of organs and ensuring that all the processes are regulated. Starting from the base of the spine to the head’s crown, there are 7 chakras in the body, and each of these chakras have its own specific vibrational frequency. We will discuss here chakras for beginners in detail.

Chakras – Invisible Power Houses

The chakras are invisible, and get charged through coming in contact with the cosmic energy that is present in the atmosphere. The chakras connect the spiritual bodies with the physical structure. Just similar to the electrical systems inside the house, the chakras in the body allow the energy to pass through the entire system. There are times when the chakras get blocked due to various emotional problems, stress, or other issues. And, this can lead to discomfort and illnesses, leading to emotional and mental imbalance.

Chakras For Beginners

Let’s take a quick look at chakras for beginners!

The 7 Chakras For Beginners

Chakra 1 – The Root Chakra

The colour of this first chakra is red and it is located at the base of the spine. As this chakra is closest to the earth, it signifies the physical survival of the person and his being grounded to the earth. It is mainly associated with the feet, legs, bones, adrenal glands and the large intestine.

Features of Root Chakra-

The key features of Root chakra is survival, security, safety, basic needs of food, sleep and shelter, being grounded, the physical aspects of body and the foundation on how to live our lives. It clearly lays the foundation on which the life can be built. By supporting us to grow and to feel safe, this chakra ensures that everything goes smoothly.

Root Chakra Imbalance-

A blockage on this chakra may create a feeling of fear, paranoia, defensiveness and procrastination. And, an imbalance in this chakra can lead to eating disorders, greed, cynicism, negativity, job insecurity, etc.

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Chakra 2 – The Navel Chakra

The colour of this second chakra is orange. Located between the spine base and the navel, on the lower belly, this chakra is associated with kidneys, lower abdomen, bladder, the reproductive organs and circulatory system. This chakra signifies emotions, representing desire, creativity, pleasure, sexuality, etc. The element of this chakra is water, so the energy is characterized by the flexibility and flow.

Features of Navel Chakra-

The key features of Navel chakra are relationships, emotions, sensual pleasure, creativity, fantasies, sexual expression, sexual desires, etc. The chakra’s main motivation is pleasure, and uses all the six senses to enjoy life.

Navel Chakra Imbalance-

This chakra is really important as it’s the foundation for the well-being. A balance in this chakra is required for maintaining good relationships, and harmonious exchanges. A blockage to this chakra may lead to emotional problems, obsessive behaviour, sexual guilt, etc. And, an imbalance can cause emotional imbalance, dependency issues, feeling numb or indifferent, overindulgence in sexual obsessions, fantasies, or complete lack of sexual desires. So, it is necessary to maintain the right balance of Navel chakra.

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Chakra 3 – Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus chakra is yellow in colour, and is located just a few inches above navel area. Symbolized by a circle with ten petals around, along with a triangle that’s pointing downwards, this chakra is associated with the digestive system, pancreas, muscles and the adrenals.

Features of Solar Plexus Chakra-

This is the seat of the emotional life, and feelings of laughter, joy, merriment, intellect, decisiveness, clarity, confidence, independence, self-assurance, anger and personal power are related to this chakra. All the sensitive, assertive, ambitious and the zest to achieve feelings are also stored over here, and the element of this chakra is fire.

Solar Plexus Chakra imbalance-

A blockage to this chakra can lead to frustration, anger, loss of direction, or a wrong sense of discrimination.

Chakra 4 –Heart Chakra

This chakra is green in colour, and is located within the heart, or on the chest. Signifying love, compassion, beauty, peace and harmony, this is associated with the heart, lungs, arms, and hands. This chakra’s element is air, and is symbolized by 2 intersecting triangles, which form a star in the circle with 12 petals. This is the chakra that helps one to fall in love. The strong foundation of this chakra is transformation and integration, and it bridges the spiritual and the earthly aspirations.

Features Of Heart Chakra-

The main features of heart chakra are thymus glands, which is responsible for the production of hormones. It signifies compassion, relationships, love, forgiveness, transformation, etc. One feels deeply connected when this chakra is open.

Heart Chakra Imbalance-

Blockage to this chakra can lead to heart problems, lung diseases, immunity related issues, and other emotional problems, such as lack of compassion, dependency, jealousy, inhumanity, etc. One can balance this chakra with the help of crystals, aromatherapy, or gemstones, such as jade, pink quartz, etc. One can also use essential oils, such as geranium, rose, jasmine, etc.

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Chakra 5: Throat Chakra

The 5th chakra is the throat chakra. It’s blue in colour, and is located inside the throat. It denotes the passage of energy between lower parts of body with the head, and means purification. This chakra signifies communication, creativity, judgement and self-expression. Associated with the neck, arms, shoulders, hands and thyroid glands, it deals with the senses of hearing, healing, purification, and transformation. The element of this chakra is sound, and it is therefore an important instrument of expression and communication. The symbol of this multi-dimensional chakra is a circle, having 16 petals, with a circle and crescent.

Features Of The Throat Chakra-

The main features of the chakra is the association with brachial and pharyngeal plexi, and it is connected to jaws, mouth, tongue and pharynx. The chakra is also linked to the neck and shoulders, and is also strongly associated with the thyroid gland, which regulates the metabolism and growth. It signifies expression, communication, connection to the spirit and intuitive feeling, sense of timing, etc.

Throat Chakra Imbalance-

Blockage on this chakra can lead to dishonesty, creative blocks, and other communication problems. This chakra connects one to the spirits, but is often seen as a bottleneck for the energy movement.

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Chakra 6 –Brow Chakra

The 6th Chakra is the brow chakra, and it is indigo in colour. Located at the middle of the forehead, it is also known as the “third eye” chakra. This chakra signifies the spiritual nature of life, and is associated with wisdom, vision, foresight, clairvoyance, inspiration and intuition. This holds the dreams and visions of this life and recollections of previous lives, as it is driven by principle of imagination and openness. It is regarded as the supreme element, which combines all the other elements in its purest form. The luminous feature of this chakra reminds one of moon light. The symbol of this chakra is the upside-down triangle, along with lotus flower.

The 3rd eye chakra tries to perceive the elusive reality in a subtle manner. By going beyond the physical senses, it gets into the subtle energies, and tries to sense it. When you awaken your third eye, it will help in opening up the inner perceptions, along with the intuitive sensibilities. With this chakra, one gets to see and perceive things in a different manner. Though, difficult to describe in a verbal manner, this puts the person in touch with the intangible and the indescribable. The visions of the third eye is more understated than the regular visions. They may look blurred sometimes. It requires a lot of focus and relaxation to be aware of the third eye chakra. One really has to focus the mind and the consciousness, so that one is able to see beyond all the illusions and distractions that come on the way.

Features of Brow Chakra-

This chakra is linked to the pineal gland, which is in control of regulating the biorhythms. These include the sleeping and the waking time. This is centrally located inside the brain, which is the focal point of attention. Positioned close to optical nerves, it is sensitive to the visual stimulations, along with changes in the lighting.

Brow Chakra Imbalance-

Blockage to this chakra may lead to problems with foresight, depression, selective memory, and mental rigidity. The imbalance of this chakra can lead to a feeling of getting stuck in the daily routine, without any light in future, indulging in psychic fantasies, illusions, loss of vision, lack of clarity, etc.

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Chakra 7 – Crown Chakra

The 7th chakra in our system is the Crown Chakra, and is white in colour. This chakra is also commonly represented with deep purple colour. With white being the dominating colour, the petals are in multi-colour, just like a rainbow. Located at the top of the head, this chakra is famously associated with cerebral cortex or the central nervous system. The main concern of this chakra is understanding, information, bliss and acceptance. This chakra denotes the connection to supreme God, giving the person a purpose and destiny. It gives access to the high states of consciousness, as one can open up to things that are beyond the personal visions and preoccupations.

The 7th chakra also signifies 1000 petals, by its names ‘Sahasrara’. So, the symbol of this chakra is a circle with a thousand petals. The circle also represents the full moon.

Features of Crown Chakra-

As the crown chakra gets associated with the pituitary gland, along with pineal and hypothalamus, it regulates the endocrine system. It controls the brain and the entire nervous system. The 7th chakra is also closely linked with the first chakra, the Root Chakra, as they both form the extremes of the chakra system. Some of the main features of this chakra include consciousness, wisdom, spirituality, and connection to the formless, liberation from restrictions, realizations, communion with the highest conscious state, bliss, ecstasy, and presence. This gives the awareness of being universal and transcendent. So, this actually takes us on the journey of spiritual ecstasy. By giving access to superior clarity and enlightened wisdom, this chakra makes sure that a person has a blissful life. Linked to the universal or infinite, this chakra acts as the gateway to divine self, or the cosmic self.

Crown Chakra Imbalance-

An imbalance in this chakra can lead to various psychological and emotional problems. Some of them include feeling disconnected to the spirit, cynical feeling regarding sacred things. An overactive chakra can lead to a feeling of being disconnected with body, and other earthly matters, along with obsessively getting attached to the spiritual matters. The person will also feel closed-minded.

Thus, we have seen here chakras for beginners. These were the 7 important chakras in our body. Now, we can try to find out how the chakra can actually help in healing us. There are basically 3 keys to the chakra healing. And, these are detailed below.

How Can Chakra Actually Help In Healing Us?

1. Balancing of Chakras

The foremost and the most important thing to do is to balance these chakras. It will lay the foundation for a healthy system, so that there is a harmonious and sustainable flow of energy throughout the system. So, the chakras should neither be too low, nor should it be too high. It should be in balance, and in moderation.

2. Opening Up The Chakras

There are various practices, which aim to open up the chakras. These practices originate from the traditional school of thoughts, which are directly associated with the spirituality from the East. Also, these form the core for the various modern healing modalities, which are derived from all these practices.

3. Healing Techniques Of The Chakras

The healing techniques of the chakras are created by the people, who come from wide range of fields. These techniques range from the energy healing methods, to the holistic medicine, and encompass the psychology and fitness aspects, as well.

This was a beginner’s guide to the 7 Chakras. To be successful in life, and to be contented and happy, one should know chakras for beginners & how to balance all the chakras. Using all the techniques and approaches to keep the chakras in balance, you will be able to lead a happy, healthy and prosperous life.

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