Reiki Symbol Meanings and How They affect You!

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The healing powers of reiki works on a spiritual and emotional level. In this article, we will see the Reiki symbols and meanings in details that will amaze you.

Interesting Facts About the Healing Powers of Reiki

  • Reiki has a spiritual effect.
  • It heals the whole body.
  • Reiki is a great pain reliever.
  • It decreases tension and anxiety.
  • Boosts immune response.
  • Develops inner knowledge within you.
  • Heals emotional pain.
Reiki Symbols And Meanings

Reiki is a very popular healing technique, which is based on a unique principle. It implies that the specialized Reiki therapist will be able to channelize his energy into a person, by just touching and activating the natural healing process. This helps in restoring the emotional and physical well-being of the person. Reiki can be used for attracting various things, including love, money and success. No wonder, a lot of people are getting influenced and attracted by Reiki now. This article will illustrate on the various Reiki symbols and meanings.

Before you start reading the article, you need to know that though, Reiki is supposed to attract good things, it has got more to do with the personal development, rather than drawing magical symbols.

Reiki Is All About Healing By Self

Learning to bring about positive changes in your life means self-healing on a spiritual and emotional level. Here is a very simple example:

If you are not experiencing an abundance of money and love in your life, it means that the abundance flow is blocked in your life. Your next question would be what are blocks and why are they affecting you. Well, blocks are those negative emotions, beliefs, bad memories, etc. These are mainly in the form of fear, concerns, worries, distractions, and chaos. All of these negative emotions can block the abundance flow. And, if you wish to experience the flow of abundance in your life, then you will have to use self-healing techniques for removing those blocks. And, this can be achieved with Reiki. When the blocks start disappearing, you would be able to re-discover your natural abilities and talents. All these things will help you in succeeding in life.

When all the blocks go away, you will start appreciating your life. And, this leads to more positive energy flowing into your system. All the beautiful things have always been around, but because of the blocks, you were not able to see them. With healing, you will start seeing the beautiful things and the abundance that surrounds you.

How To Attract the Healing Powers of Reiki For Money?

If you wish to attract money and financial safety, you will need to heal yourself and try to get rid of all the negative beliefs regarding money. This will enable you to develop all the latent talents and abilities in yourself. This, in turn, will give you a feeling of self-worth and develop your self-esteem, so that you are able to attract love, happiness and friends.

Self-healing is done with the help of regular practice of Reiki, which is quite simple and normal.

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Reiki Symbols And Meanings

When you do your second level, which is also the master level in Reiki, you will be able to gain access to the Sacred Reiki symbols. These symbols are transferred from one Master to another so that they can go about initiating more people in to the Reiki lineage. These symbols are used for healing and protecting.

The Reiki symbols symbolize the focusing of attention so that one is able to connect with the specific frequencies for healing. When you use different symbols, you would be able to give yourself a boost of Reiki energy, which will flow into your system. Let’s see some important Reiki symbols and meanings.

1. Cho-Ku-Ray Or The Power Symbol

This symbol signifies the coming together of Man and God. The main use of this Reiki symbol is increasing the power of Reiki. By drawing the energy around you, it helps you in focusing exactly where you want it to focus. To derive energy from it, you should make a sign of this symbol on the client or on yourself and silently say the words Cho-Ku-Ray thrice.

This is an all-purpose symbol, and can used anywhere and for anything. This is meant for on-the-spot treatments and helps in cleaning the negative energies. It gives a spiritual protection, and aids manifestation. It empowers all other Reiki symbols and seals the energies after treatment. And, if you want the symbol to bring in energy, you should reverse it.

2. Sei-Hei-Ki Or Emotional Symbol

This symbol is the key to the universe. It is mainly used for healing emotions and for calming the mind. It is meant for cleansing the mind and for giving psychic protection. It helps in meditation and for activating Kundalini, so that the left and the right brain are balanced. It also helps in removing all kinds of addictions, and for dealing with the past traumas. When you are able to clear the emotional blockage, you would be able to remove the negative energies.

3. Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen Or Distance Symbol

This Reiki symbol is for distance. This is the symbol that promotes peace and spreads enlightenment. This helps in sending the Reiki over time and distance for anything and anyone.

4. Tam-A-Ra-Sha Or The Balance Symbol

This is the balancing or unblocking symbol of Reiki. This symbol tries to ground and balance the energy. It helps in unblocking all the energy chakra centres so that the energy is able to flow through. If this sign is used over pain points, it helps in reducing it or completely dissipating it.

5. Dai-Ko-Myo

This is the symbol of Master himself. This is one of the most powerful symbols in Reiki, and can only be used by the Reiki masters themselves. This symbol is for the soul and for healing the soul. As it deals with the spiritual self, it helps in healing the illnesses and diseases, right from the original source itself. By providing peace and spreading enlightenment, it allows a person to become more psychic and intuitive. After some practice, this symbol helps in bringing about profound life changes.

How To Activate The Symbols?

The Reiki symbols can be activated in the following ways:

  • Drawing the symbols with the centre of the palm.
  • Drawing them with the fingers.
  • Having a visual of them.
  • Drawing the symbol with the third eye.
  • Spelling out the name of the symbol 3 times.

Any of these methods can be used for activating them. It is the intent which matters.

Where Should You Apply The Symbols?

  • First of all, place the symbol on the palm of your hand, and then redraw them on the patient’s hand or palm, or on the area where it has to be treated.
  • If you do not remember the Reiki symbols and meanings, you can use the alias, as both of them have the same kind of energy.
  • After some time and with practice, you will notice that the symbols become less relevant, as the focus shifts to intent.

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Magical Reiki Symbols and Meanings – Do They Exist?

What everyone wants to know is which chakra is associated with money. They want to practise only those chakras which will make them wealthy and rich.

Well, the truth is that there are no magical Reiki for money symbols. There are symbols that are associated with love, success and money, but none of them will bring money into the bank account. For that, you will only need to do the hard work and take the efforts. Reiki will only help you to uncap your potential so that you are able to do things that will attract money.

So, for people, who are looking in for faster ways to make money, Reiki is not a lottery. The only path to achieve success, love and money is the path of self-healing. The healing of self-takes some time, and the results are not immediate. You will need to spend some months, or even years so that you are able to work the Reiki to benefit you. When you are able to accept this fact, Reiki will start helping you in achieving your goals.

The path on Reiki will take you through a world of self-healing and affirmations, and you will have to spend a considerable amount of time to heal the beliefs and opinions regarding wealth and money. And, while you are on this path, you will be able to discover all your hidden skills and talents. You can use Reiki for love also and recognize and find your ideal soulmate. You would be rid of the fear of spending too much of money or paying the bills. You will also not feel insecure about having very little money.

Some of the realizations that you will uncover during your journey would include:

  • You would accept the abundance flowing into the life.
  • You would make money very easily, and with utmost pleasure.
  • You would be fine with spending your money, without worrying too much about it.
  • You would be able to recognize and accept the love in your life.
  • You would feel healthy and look it.
  • You would be open for true friendships in life.

There are some other ways by which you can attract the abundance in your life.

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Attract Abundance By Using Reiki

These following tips will help you in attracting abundance in your life. Within a period of weeks, months and years, you will start noticing an improvement in your life.

1. Healing Affirmations

The healing affirmations with Reiki work. So, you need to keep reaffirming to yourself that healing will work.

2. Reading Books On Wealth, Love And Abundance

You should start reading books about wealth, love and abundance, which will show all the negative beliefs, which require healing. These books will provide you with tips on getting healed and will show the positive things that should be believed in.

3. Do Reiki On Yourself

Yes, you should do Reiki on yourself so that you get healed of all the blocks related to love and wealth. But, do not expect immediate changes. It will take some patience and time for the spiritual force to start its work.

4. Work With The Cho-Ku-Ray And Sei-Hei-Ki

Try to spend a year meditating and chanting these 2 symbols. While the first one is for grounding, and creates a sense of safety, and deals with the material fears, the second one helps in healing the negative mental habits and emotions. This will also help in opening up the heart so that love gets attracted to you.

5. Create A Box For Reiki

Write down your dreams and wishes into small chits, and place them inside the box. Do Reiki on that every day, so that the Reiki gets into the box, and all your goals and dreams become achievable.

These were all the Reiki symbols and meanings for you. Now that you know the significance of each symbol, you can gear yourself up and start practising. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that Reiki is a completely holistic practice. Having an abundance of success, love, fame or money is all a matter of holistic attitude. This means that if you wish to actually attract abundance in your life, then you should not focus on just the small parts of the earthly experience. You should try to improve your life overall. Try to improve your diet, your relationships with others, cultivate and nourish your hobbies, and take care of your physical health and spiritual beliefs.

Practising Reiki will help you in healing all the aspects of your lives. When you allow Reiki to do this, you can see the abundance manifesting itself. When you start healing your life, you will open the gates to allow the abundance to flow inside naturally. Just practice Reiki and see the transformation within yourself. You would be able to use Reiki for success, fame, money, love and friends, and there will be an overall improvement in positivity in your life. Overall, your life would be improved and you would be a much positive person. With an improved and positive outlook, you would be able to deal with all the challenges in your life.

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