Best Motivators To Start Diet and Exercise!

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Every New Year, we make a resolution to eat healthy, exercise and be healthy. Hence, we bring here best motivation for diet & exercise.

The 31st night is spent in binging on our favourite dishes, cuisine and drinks. We resolve that since 31st is the last day of the year, let us enjoy every comfort food and beverage as the next whole year we won’t be able to eat anything. 1st January is wasted in getting rid of the hangover. The whole year we say to ourselves, “Not today. Today I am down. I will start diet and exercise from tomorrow.” But tomorrow never comes. The day when we decide our diet and exercise start day, some close friend of yours

The whole year we say to ourselves, “Not today. Today I am down. I will start diet and exercise from tomorrow.” But tomorrow never comes. The day when we decide our diet and exercise start day, some close friend of yours invite you to their Birthday celebration. Now, obviously, you cannot say “I am on diet” when she is filling your mouth with a piece of chocolate cake with love. In that case you need some motivation for diet & exercise.

Motivation For Diet & Exercise

The same story goes with the exercise regime. With full enthusiasm, you subscribe for the annual membership of your nearby gym. You might even hit the gym floor, consult your trainer and seek advice from him or her about weight loss program. But the next day, you have an urgent meeting. Or you wake up late. Or simply it is raining. Or someone in your family falls sick. The gym instructor, dumbbells and machines keep waiting for you the whole year. You make a sudden appearance sometimes and spend the next day in groaning in body ache.

We decide, we resolve, we say to ourselves that healthy diet and regular exercise are our core work areas the next year. But we are not motivated. We are not inspired. We are not consistent with our routine. We eat, drink, and go to work daily, sleep adequately. But when it comes to healthy eating and exercising, we have a number of excuses and valid reasons piled up.

Whom are we cheating on? None but ourselves. If we don’t exercise or if we feed ourselves with unhealthy food, the greatest damage will be caused to ourselves and to none.

Considering your chaotic situation, we are bringing for you some of the best motivation for diet & exercise. No, we are not providing you a list of healthy foods or workouts for you. We are just going to describe the effective ways by which you will be motivated to eat healthy and hit the gym regularly. The only requirement is to read this article carefully and follow the tips consistently.

Instead of making baseless New Year Resolutions such as ‘Lose weight’ and ‘Eat healthy,’ form a New Year Resolution to be consistent. This consistency can be observed in all walks of life, including personal and professional life. Then, it could be being consistent in your relationship or being consistent in eating oats every day in the morning. The choice is yours!

So, let us begin with the motivation for diet & exercise to stay fit the following year. Don’t wait for 1st January. Your New Year Day could be even today!

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Best Motivation For Diet & Exercise

1. Use SMART Technique

You must have heard of SMART technique with reference to goal-setting. Even in fitness scenario, goal setting is the initial and foremost task. You need to be focused and clear about your fitness objectives. Why do you want to lose weight and be healthy? Your objective could be anything. To wear that cute, back dress without hiding your belly. Or to prevent yourself from dangerous diseases.

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. Apply the same technique in setting goals for your fitness aspect.

Be Specific – Don’t just write down ‘Eat Healthy’ as your goal. Write specifically which healthy foods you would be eating during the weight loss period.

Be Measurable – How many pounds do you want to decrease? Be particular about your body measurements. Always record it regularly.

Be Achievable – This is very important. You have to understand your capabilities and form goals. If you know you are a foodie, then don’t torture yourself.

Be Realistic – Do not form unrealistic goals such as losing 10 kgs in two days or exercising for 2 hours a day.

Be Time-bound – If you are losing 10 kgs in a period of 3 years, then you are too slow. You also have to consider time factor while losing weight.

2. Adopt a Role Model

A role model can be anyone – your favourite actress, celebrity, a sportsperson or even your friend or relative. You might adore their physique or have seen how the role model has reduced weight in an effective way.  You should get inspired with your role model to start diet and exercise.

3. Prepare a Visionary Board

A visionary board could be pasted on a wall of your room. Position it in such a way that your attention goes there often. A visionary board should contain your fitness goals, your diet chart, your workout schedule and pictures of your role model. If you were healthy and fit a few years back, you could even paste a past picture of yours. You can also be your own role model.

The purpose of a visionary board is to motivate you and remind you about your fitness goals. Your diet chart will remind you what to eat at what time. Your workout schedule will remind you about the next workout timings. When you feel down, you can view the pictures of your role model and gain inspiration from it.

4. Get a Fitness Buddy

Some of us do not work effectively as an individual. We want someone on whom we can rely, or even enjoy. For example, how often do you go to theatre alone? Do you go to a coffee shop or a bakery to eat or drink alone? Do you go on a trip solo? Yes, we need someone. Then, why not in diet and exercise scenario.

A fitness buddy could be your neighbour, relative or your friend. Both of you will go for workouts together and remind each other about what to eat. You might even go to shopping healthy foods together. You will evaluate each other’s performance and give a pat on shoulder when you achieve your goal.

The only thing to remember is that you do not have to compare each other’s achievements. Your body and physique is different from that of your fitness buddy. He or she might be gaining or losing pounds fast while you go on a steady rate. Another thing is not to get diverted to some other goal. If your fitness buddy is diverting your attention to a pastry or a restaurant opened newly in your area, then beware of your fitness buddy.

However, if your fitness buddy is a fitness freak and inspires you when you are down or tempted to eat French fries, then never leave your friend.

5. Learn To Say ‘No’

In some situations, we get fixed, don’t know what to answer and simply say yes. For example, you have a gone for a cousin’s wedding and your aunt forces to have another sweet. You know that it will devastate your yesterday’s workout. But you can’t say no to your aunty whom you have met after three years and your cousin’s wedding won’t take place every year. So, you just say yes.

If you really want to lose weight and be fit, you should learn saying no to unimportant things in life such as weddings, parties, clubs, etc. Understand the consequences. People might deny your resolution saying, ‘Hey, you are not going to put on weight with the little piece of cake.’ Or some may even flatter you, ‘You already look gorgeous. Why do you have to diet? Look at me. I am double than you.’ Suddenly, you realize that you are much slimmer than the fat lady in front of you and succumb in eating delicious, hot sizzlers. Remember, it’s you who have to pay the price.

You have to avoid such embarrassing situations or say a flat no to such convincing.

6. Make Your Diet and Workout Schedule Interesting

Won’t you be bored if you are told to eat a pizza every day? Of course, you will. If you eat the same unhealthy foods every day, then imagine the consequences of eating boring diet food every day. You need to create your diet chart in an interesting way such as cooking foods using spices, changing the cooking pattern every week, changing the foods every week.

The same goes with an exercise regime. If you are told to do yoga every day, you will get bored after a few weeks. You need to include the variety of workouts that will target your core areas. Try with Pilates, power yoga, cardio workouts. The list is endless. Nowadays, we have a wide array of fitness workouts created by the experts which are the best motivation for diet & exercise. Ask your instructor when and how often can your change your workout.

7. Reward Yourself

This tip will make you motivate like anything. Imagine you had liked a beautiful red dress or a pearl necklace at a shop display. Promise yourself that if you lose 5 kgs in the next week, then you will definitely shop for that dress or necklace. Or if you achieve your target in the next month, you might go for a shopping spree to a nearby mall and buy all clothes that you love and in which you look great. Probably, you will love yourself and will start taking proper care of your diet and exercise regime.

Let us now understand how a reward should be. If you promise yourself that if you exercise daily this whole week, you will treat yourself with a yummy cheese pizza and a cold coffee on next Sunday. This idea will ruin out all your efforts that you have taken. Similarly, rewarding yourself with things that interfere your fitness goals won’t be a great idea. You should reward with something you love and desired to have in your closet or at your home. For instance, a pleated skirt, or a hiking trip.

Rewards must add value to your fitness goals and not iron out the efforts.

8. Get Support – Best Motivation For Diet & Exercise

Getting support is not like getting a fitness buddy. You can gain support from your friends or family members to whom you would be accountable for your achievements. Do you remember the good old school days when we did homework and showed it to our parents or school teacher? Similarly, you can tell someone about what you ate, drank and exercised or did something special to achieve your fitness objective.

Let us take an example. Your significant other or your best friend is in touch with you every day though social media or through phone or personally. He or she is well aware of your fitness resolution. You simply have to tell that person at the end of the body what all you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner and which workout you performed. In case you achieved in losing certain pounds, you could tell he or she happily. He or she would not just nod head or simply say ‘ok’. Your support system will appreciate your efforts and encourage you to take further the weight loss regime. This way you are getting considerable support for your objective.

You would concentrate on your efforts because you are accountable to tell about your regime to someone. You would be happy to share with someone about what you are doing and achieving to be fit and healthy.

9. Change Your Surroundings

If you are surrounded by tasty recipe books, or menus of restaurants, then obviously you will end up ordering yummy food for yourself or preparing such ones and gaining extra pounds. Instead, replace your books and magazines at home with diet and fitness books. Instead of slumping on the sofa and watching TV, get a fitness cycle or a set of fitness instruments at home. It will direct you towards your fitness goal. Read books written by fitness experts and dieticians and be motivated. Discard the menus of lavish restaurants. Find some restaurants in your area that serve healthy food. Get some receipe books which have healthy and nutritious recipes.

Thus, staying motivated and consistent is one of the keys to eat healthy and exercise right. This motivation for diet & exercise will do their job in helping you a start a focused and consistent diet and exercise routine. You need to create a routine and stay motivated to achieve your fitness goal.

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