Amazing Benefits Of Flutter Kick Exercises On Your Body!

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Flutter kicks are amazing and fitness enthusiasts nowadays love to include this magical life changing move in their workout regimes. Specifically targeting the abdomen and lower abs, this workout has been changing the definition of abs building!

The entire lower body is targeted while performing this workout and the areas like abs, hips, thighs and core are sculpted.  Flutter kicks are traditionally known as the important strokes performed while swimming but the fitness freaks have now transformed it into a body redefining workout option! Flutter kicks are considered for swimming, scuba diving, for military training and as a lower body strengthening workout! However, if you are still unaware about the brand new workouts inspired by flutter kicks and benefits this workout would give; here are some interesting facts about this benefits of flutter kick exercises you need to know!

Benefits Of Flutter Kick Exercises

Different Ways To Perform Flutter Kicks

As we all know, the flutter kicks are not limited to the swimming pools. You can also perform different variations of flutter kicks on the floor and in your gymming space. Though, if you want to go for a high impact flutter kick session, it is advisable to perform it in the swimming pool! Here are some interesting benefits of flutter kick exercises and high impact variations of flutter kicks you can try!

1. Stationary Flutter Kicks In A Swimming Pool

It’s hot these days and what can be more amazing that you can work out in the thrilling swimming pools? The stationary flutter kicks in swimming pools are a fun workout option to consider.

  • Hold the pool wall or the handles tightly.
  • Get your body into the horizontal way.
  • Try to keep it as straight and sharp as possible.
  • Keep your body and face in the water.
  • To keep straight in the water, you would require your head deep into the water. If you feel difficulty in breathing, you can wear a mask and go for this workout.
  • Begin your workout while pushing your left leg into the water and try to keep it as parallel as possible.
  • While you perform this with one leg, one you bring the left leg upstairs in the normal position, push your right leg downwards same as you did with the let one.
  • Apply more focus on the hips toes and on the position.
  • Continue from little strokes to quick and sharp stokes with alternate legs.
  • You can also let your chest a little down if you find it difficult to maintain a straight posture due to increasing speed.

2. Back Stroke And Free Style Stroke While Swimming

Swimming is the best way to perform the flutter kicks and to grab all the advantages it can have on your body! There are two strokes known as back stroke and freestyle stroke performed while floating in the reverse and straight position in the swimming pool. Here are these two ways of performing flutter kicks!

a. Freestyle Flutter Kicks

  • Get into the water and face downwards as you pose while swimming.
  • While moving ahead, rotate your hands while making it enter the water in an alternative pattern.
  • Similar to stationary flutter kicks, push your legs in the water one by one.
  • In this position, you need to move ahead and reenter your hands step by step.
  • This is the ideal swimming flutter kick position which you can perform while swimming.

b. Back Stroke Flutter Kicks

  • Get into the water and face upwards in the ceiling position
  • Keep your body parallel with the floor of the swimming pool
  • Rotate your hands alternating while performing the flutter kicks
  • Instead of pushing the legs downwards, you have to apply pressure to push your legs in the upwards direction
  • Keep your toes pointed, the body sharp and the movements crisp.

3. Flutter Kicks In On The Floor

If you don’t have a swimming pool and require performing the flutter kicks on the floor, here is an amazing and proper technique to perform the high impact flutter kicks in your gymming room!

  • Lay on your yoga mat and keep your arms wide opened on the floor.
  • Keep your legs straight stretched out but little bent from the knees to perform the flutter kicks comfortably.
  • Raise your back and shoulders slightly.
  • Raise your legs and apply pressure on your hips and thighs.
  • Now push you one leg down with slight pressure and get it back into the starting position.
  • Now repeat this movement for the second leg.
  • Alternatively, move both the legs downwards and upwards.
  • Increase the speed once you catch the rhythm.

Surprising And Glorious Benefits of Flutter Kick Exercises On Your Body

People are crazy about this amazing workout due to the bunch of benefits of flutter kick exercises on the body. From weight loss to posture perfection, here are some cool benefits of flutter kick exercises which would get you addicted to it!

1. Flutter Kicks Transform Your Lower Body Magically!

A strong lower body is very essential for everyone. Especially if you are an athlete, runner, sports person or fitness enthusiasts, lower body strengthening is extremely important for you. Flutter kicks would get you a dreamy lower body!

  • Flutter kicks target the hip flexors, thighs, calves, and butt. These areas can get perfectly toned and sculpted with flutter kicks
  • Women specially are tired of the fat jammed around the hips and thigh areas. In such cases, the flutter kicks would melt down the fat from these areas and get you leaner from legs
  • For those who love perfectly chiseled calve muscles, this is the workout which can help you!
  • Thus for a crisp and stunning lower body, go for flutter kicks!

2. Fights Belly Fat And Sculpts The Stomach

Who would not want that adorable and tight belly? Both, men and women are troubles with hanging and loose belly. This awesome workout specializes in fat burning from the belly which makes it a widely perceived workout!

  • Flutter kicks target the abs muscles and the entire lower body.
  • The flutter kicks work as scissor movements which would thrust and squeeze your abdomen muscles.
  • This results into belly tightening and also helps in melting the fat from your stomach.
  • Thus apply focus on your abdominal muscles while performing this work out and get gorgeous belly in few days!

3. Flutter Kicks Give Relief In Back Pain

We all sometimes suffer from lower back pain. Due to extremely hectic and tiring day, household chores, also due to sitting in the same position for hours in the office and much more, your lower back becomes stiff and achy. You can perform flutter kicks to relive this pain

  • Flutter kicks can reduce lower back pain and get you a soothing effect.
  • The flutter kicks generally target the abs muscles and thus, the lower back would get support and relieved from back pain.
  • If due to constant workout your lower back is painful, you can perform mild movements of flutter kicks to get relief!

4. Flutter Kicks Help In Losing Weight And Burns Calories

Burning calories can get you in shape and would lose the excess fat in your body. We understand people have lots of fat jammed in your belly, thighs, hips and such target areas. In such cases, this is the workout which can help you burn lots of calories and stay in shape!

  • A person with high weight can burn up to 300 calories while performing the flutter kicks for 30 minutes.
  • This workout is an amazing option and works as a cardio while focusing on your legs and lower body.
  • The constant and rigorous movements of flutter kicks would melt down the flab and just a 30 minutes session would help you in burning calories!

5. Flutter Kicks Would Bless You With Flexibility!

Flexibility is one of the important motives of workouts. Athletes and sportsman especially target the workouts which can give them flexibility, strength and endurance. This workout fills you with flexibility and energy with its crisp moves!

  • To perform the flutter kick workouts, you would need to stretch your body straight throughout you perform the exercise
  • This stretching of your body, legs, arms and abdomen would make your body flexible and stretchy
  • Your muscles would get awesome benefits and a perfect stretch with this workout for sure
  • Thus, go for this workout and stretch your body for smooth and flexible muscles

6. Gets Your Core Sharp And Strong

Flutter kicks are amazing workouts which would simply make your core stronger day by day. This workout engages the core and makes the muscles tight. For a sharpened and solid core, you need this workout which can get you awesome results

  • While you lay on your back and perform the flutter kicks, you also need to raise your chest and shoulders
  • This leads to strengthening and sharpening of the core muscles
  • Your core muscles are constantly stretched while you perform the alternate kicks
  • Thus, go for this work out and get a solid core in no time!

7. Helps In Building Solid Abs

Nowadays not only men, but women too love to have those crisp and solid abs. Abs building does not only make your belly tighter but would also get you an unbelievably gorgeous shape! Flutter kicks mainly focus on the abdominal muscles and thus, you can watch the cool impact of this workout on your abs!

  • Flutter kicks are one of the highest impact abs building workouts which can get you enviable abs in some days.
  • Working on both the sides, your abs and your back, this workout would simply help you in building abs quickly.
  • The constant thrusts and kicks applies positive pressure on your abs and increases your body stamina.
  • Performing these kicks simply makes your abs more crisp and flexible!
  • Thus, try including flutter kicks exercise in your workout regime and get hardcore abs building benefits!

8. Flutter Kicks Would Improve Posture

To perform the flutter kick workouts, you need to get straight and stretchy. This helps in maintaining a strong and crisp posture. The movements and stretched included in this workout would surely improve your posture and get you a flawless personality!

  • While you perform the stationary, swimming or any variation of flutter kicks, your body requires strength and flexibility to stay in the horizontal position.
  • This position and pressure makes your core stretch.
  • To sharpen your core muscles, you need to hold on the stationary position which can get you multiple benefits.
  • Thus, go for flutter kicks and you would simply get as chiseled and sharp core in few days!

Thus we have seen benefits of flutter kick exercises. These are the most amazing ways you can benefit your body while performing flutter kicks on daily basis. This workout is not limited for athletes and swimmers; everybody can perform this workout for multiple health benefits and can tone up the body in a dreamy way. Try flutter kicks daily and you would witness significant difference in your lower body, legs abdomen and stretch ability of your body!

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