12 Best Moves To Get Rid Of Arm Fat!

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Strapless gowns, sleeveless dresses, single strapped tops are trending at an amazing speed, and we are busy worrying about the arm fat which would flash out from these super trendy clothes! Arm fat is one of the annoying fat shaming issues which women face! The saggy and loose skin over the arms is simply undesirable and tough to fight! If you are looking for the effective solution, then here we bring some amazing exercises for arms.

If you tried hard to fight the arm fat and certainly ended up getting even more disappointed, here is something which you can try and get desirable results. Work smartly by following these tips and loose arm fat significantly!

  • What causes arm fat?
  • What are the best exercises for arms?
  • 12 Magical moves to banish arm fat

Exercises For Arms

What Causes Arm Fat?

  • Arm fat is very common, especially in females. Mostly, women face this issue of saggy and huge arms consisting of a lot of flab. This gets very embarrassing and undesirable!
  • Arm fat is caused due to the hormonal changes, weight gain and changes in the diet.
  • Generally, the women who don’t work out and do not consider arms as an important area to focus in gyms, which can result into arm fat.
  • While your body grows and you gain weight, the arm area tends to jam up some fat which does not melt away due to lack of workouts and exercises for arms!
  • To reduce arm fat, you need to focus on the triceps muscles, deltoids biceps. If you do not work out these muscles, storage of fat in your arms is quite obvious.
  • Thus less activeness and lack of workouts focusing on arms can make you gain fat in arms!

What Are The Best Exercises For Arms?

The workout is the best way to fight arm fat and to melt it down. There are different and some unusual workout options which you can use for fighting arm fat. From cardio to strength training, there is some super cool option to let you wear all those sleeveless dresses without worrying about the flab!

Here are the best options to reduce arm fat and the benefits of these workouts.

1. Strength Training

  • Strength training is an intensive workout option which requires lot of energy and strengthens your bones.
  • Along with fighting flab, this workout option can tone your arms and sculpt them magically!
  • By the contraction of muscles, these rollouts build strength in the arms and also helps in battling the unwanted flab
  • This option would strengthen the joints, tone your arms and provide inevitable strength which is immensely important for your body!
  • This is a combination of intensity, speed and frequency which gets you cool results.
  • Strength training includes some awesome and high-intensity workouts which would work miracles on your arms!

2. Cardio

  • When it comes to losing weight and melting flab, nothing can work as magically as cardio on your entire body.
  • Cardio incorporates some amazing moves which can trigger arm fat and would significantly fight the arm flab.
  • Cardio workouts include the workouts like dancing, aerobics, walks, jogging etc. these options make your hands move on a constant rhythm which is the best way to reduce arm fat.
  • Thus, cardio workouts are awesome for arm fat and can help you get rid of it soon!

3. Anaerobic Workouts

  • Generally, the anaerobic workouts are performed to build strength and muscles but in this case, your arms can be toned and sculpted with this workout option.
  • You can consider this cool workout and intensify the results by just performing the anaerobic workouts for desired time period.
  • Heavy weight training, sprinting, running etc has a very important role in helping you to lose arm fat. These workouts would surely help!

4. Yoga Poses

  • Yoga is one of the most accepted and performed workouts in India as well internationally. This is due to its cool benefits for weight loss and body sculpting
  • Yoga poses consist of some stretches and bends which can help in fighting arm fat and would clearly tone your arms just as you wanted
  • The stunning stretches would make your arms more flexible and strong which would also support your other exercises for arms and make you able to perform them.

These are the core types which would get you flawless and tight arms within few days of the training session. But we are here for those 12 awesome moves which can transform your arms and are the perfect amalgamation of these different workouts!

These moves will not only help in reducing arm fat but would also sculpt and tighten your arms enviably! Here you have those amazing 12 moves!

12 Magical Moves To Banish Arm Fat

1. Wall Pushups

Wall Pushups

  • Wall pushups are the high end variation of pushups which can target the arm fat and would help in melting don all the flab
  • Pushups generally target the shoulders, arms, triceps, biceps, spine and torso.
  • But if you want the variation which can specifically target your arms and help in fighting arm fat quickly, this is the one you must try
  • This workout would gradually reduce fat from your arms and tone them beautifully
  • Also, if you want spectacular muscles and biceps, this is one of the best workouts which can help!
  • This workout helps in improving your overall posture and makes your body graciously sculpted!

Method To Perform Wall Pushup

  • Stand straight in front of a wall.
  • Place both your hands on the wall. Keep your hands at a height of your chest.
  • Stand away from the wall and keep a wide distance.
  • Not bend yourself towards the wall while bending your hands from the elbows.
  • Apply the pressure on your arms and chest. Feel your arms getting worked out!
  • Keep your face straight and your body sharp while performing the pushups.
  • Perform 8-10 repetitions in the beginning phase to avoid injuries and then increase the repetitions!

2. Planks


  • Planks area high-intensity workout option which strengthens the arms and also helps in losing excess fat from various body parts.
  • While performing this workout, most of the pressure of your body is applied on your arms and hands and thus, it is very beneficial for arm fat loss.
  • If you want tighter and toned arms, this is the best workout which you can consider and try a 15 days session to get best results.
  • Planks help in improving the posture and strengthening the hands.
  • While you perform the planks and rest on your hands, the pressure is applied straight on the arms and biceps which would help in losing fat!

Method To Perform Planks

  • Lie down on the floor on your belly.
  • Now, your body on the legs and hands.
  • Fold your hand from the elbow and place your hand straight on the floor.
  • Also, prepare your legs and on your pointed toes and arms, rest your body.
  • You would feel the pressure on your abs, arms, hips, thighs and all the target areas which are fatty!
  • Your arms play a very important role in this workout and thus, you must consider this option to sculpt your arms.

3. Chair Dips

Chair Dips

  • This is a high-intensity strength building and toning exercises for arms which is specifically made for biceps, triceps and upper body sculpting
  • If your problem area is your arms, perform this workout daily and you would feel the difference in your arms in just few days
  • Chair dips would require immense strength and are intense workouts which can tone your shoulders, wing muscles, biceps, triceps and your entire upper body!
  • Thus, sculpt your upper body with this promising work out and flaunt your flawless arms!

Method To Perform Chair Dips

  • Get a chair, table or bench, whichever is available.
  • Get into the sitting position but do not sit.
  • Get in front of your chair and keep hold the chair with your hands from the corners.
  • Now either keep your knees bend or you can also keep them partially bent.
  • Now lower yourself down the chair while applying pressure on your hands and arms.
  • Just like pushups, get back upwards and again go down.
  • Perform 10-15 repetitions of this workout and surely, you would get awesome results.

4. Triceps Extensions

Triceps Extensions

  • Any workout which includes dumbbells and eight would never fail to benefit your arms.
  • The triceps extensions are the best exercises for arms. Your core, triceps and upper body is toned with this flattering workout.
  • While carrying manageable weight, not only your arms would get slim but also they would get strong and tighter!

Method To Perform Triceps Extensions

  • Stand straight and hold a dumbbell with both your hands.
  • Now stretch the dumbbell overhead and keep your arms stretched.
  • Feel the pressure on your core, torso, spine, triceps and all the body parts and breathe.
  • Now low down your arms and relax. Perform 10-12 repetitions of this exercise and feel your muscles getting toned and your flab getting disappeared!

5. Running


  • If you love jogging or running, this can help you achieve overall body benefits. Running is one of the most promising exercises for arms which can help you lose arm fat quickly as never before!
  • While you run, your entire body along with your arms is worked out and this is the quickest ways to reduce the arm fat
  • Your flexor and extensor muscles are worked and also the triceps, biceps get toned while making your arms look dreamy!
  • Run for 15-20 minutes a day and you will find a visible difference in your arm fat!

Method To Perform Run For Best Arm Fat Benefits

  • You can go for a running session for 20-30 minutes daily to lose the arm fat.
  • Engage your arms and hands equally with the other body parts while running to get the maximum benefits.
  • Maintain the steady pace. Follow this same pace for 15 days and this would get you awesome results.

6. The Downward Dog Pose (Adho Mukh Savasana)

The Downward Dog Pose

  • This is a yoga pose which an asana practiced to get strong and slim arms.
  • If, you are troubled by extensive flab in the arms, this yoga pose would help in reducing arm fat quickly
  • Your spine, arms, hamstring muscles, shoulder calves etc body parts are emphasized during this workout
  • With this pose, all the issues of headaches get reduced and your arms get toned beautifully!
  • Your feet and arms are stretched while making you more flexible and elastic!

Method To Perform The Downward Dog Poses

  • Bend yourself from the abdomen and make a v pose.
  • Rest your body weight on your feet and hands.
  • Alignment is very important in this pose. Keep your wrists straight and aligned with the shoulders.
  • Your body from the wrists to the butt must be straight. Also, your feet must be straight aligned with your bout.
  • This way you make a perfect reverse v shape from your body.
  • Stretch your hands, elbows and shoulders and do not apply more pressure on your back.
  • Breathe and let your legs get stretched backward.
  • Lift from your spine, feel the stretch in your spine, torso, pelvis and arms.
  • Hold as much as you can and take deep breaths.
  • Perform 5-10 repetitions of this asana for few days and enjoy watching your arms getting slim.

7. Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Dumbbell Bicep Curls

  • Dumbbell curls are immensely important exercises for arms and help in strengthening the arms. The dumbbell curls, when performed with other aerobic workouts, can give amazing results.
  • If you aim to get slim, toned and gorgeous arms, the dumbbell curls can make them tighter and sculpted as never before!
  • The bicep curls works on your arms, biceps, shoulders and hands. Along with strengthening your arms, they can also build up muscles and make them look more adorable!
  • Thus, accompany your aerobic workouts with dumbbell curl to get gorgeous arms!

Method To Perform Dumbbell Bicep Curls

  • Stand straight with dumbbells in your hands.
  • Keep your upper body straight and sharp while let your elbows stay close to your chest.
  • Contract your biceps and curl your hands.
  • Curl your hands while you hold the dumbbells and feel the stretches in your biceps.
  • Perform 10-15 repetitions in the beginning and gradually increase.
  • This awesome workout would tone your biceps and help in redoing excess fat from your arms!

8. Shoulder Presses

Shoulder Presses For Arm Fat

  • This is another strengthening workout which can get you a flawless body along with gorgeous arms. Leave all your flabby arm concerns behind with this cool workout.
  • The shoulder presses can tone each and every muscle of your arm and would reduce flab while sculpting your hands.
  • This move would tone your shoulders, wing muscles, biceps, triceps and entire hands.
  • For killer and attractive arms, go for this move along with other exercises for arms and look stunning!

Method To Perform The Dumbbell Shoulder Presses

  • Sit or stand straight with your torso crisp, and breath.
  • Hold both the dumbbells in our hand and position your hands straight above in the ceiling direction on your head.
  • Side by side on your face place the hands and feel the stretch.
  • Now lower your hands from the elbows while lifting the dumbbells on your sides.
  • Lower your hands downwards until they reach your shoulders.
  • Repeat the process and feel the stretch on your biceps, arms, shoulders and various upper body muscles.
  • Perform 8-10 repetitions in the beginning and then slowly increase the repetitions for better results.

9. Swimming


  • This is an awesome move which can get you miracles result in just few days. If you think that your arms have become fat and chubby, you must start learning to swim if you do not know!
  • This is a multi-purpose whole body benefit workout which can tone your arms and get you slim body in little time.
  • Swimming includes a lot of arm work and the muscles getting engaged which strengthen your body and gets you more flexible.
  • The strokes of swimming such as backstroke, breaststroke, crawling etc can impact your arms and significantly help in losing flab from these areas.
  • Thus, try this awesome move and swim your flab away in the right manner!

Method To Perform Swimming To Lose Arm Fat

  • Every week, go for 1 hour swimming session which would help you not only in losing weight but also in fighting arm fat.
  • Practice lap swimming for high impact results. Also, go for different variations like backstroke, crawling and freestyle swimming for making your arms more strong.
  • Due to the resistance and the gravity your arms would need a huge stretch and pressure to perform swimming and this would help you lose arm fat quickly!

10. Jumping Ropes

Jumping Ropes

  • We believe this workout is one of the high-intensity exercises for arms which would work miracles on your arms.
  • In this workout, everything is done by your arms and shoulders and thus, it is one of the most widely preferred workouts for losing weight.
  • It is not only a workout option to lose overall body weight but also it can straighten your arms and get you a sculpted body!
  • Just a 15-20 minutes session of jumping ropes can make your arms beautifully slim and gorgeous! If you do not want to gain muscles and build awesome biceps, this is the perfect slimming workout for your arms!

Method To Perform Jumping Ropes To Lose Arm Fat

  • Stand straight and hold your rope in both hands.
  • Flip the rope with your hands straight as maintain the posture is immensely important.
  • Now skip the rope and start with a slow and steady pace.
  • Rotate your shoulders and feel the stretch on your arms.
  • You can also perform different variations of skipping rope which are very intensive and would get you similar results!
  • You can try double jumps, one foot jumps, running on the spot and such cool variations to stay thrilled!

11. Resistance Band Row

Resistance Band Row

  • We have this popular and immensely high impact workout which would keep your stunned with its awesome results.
  • This is a fun filled workout which can fight arm fat as never before and can get you slim arms while fighting the extra flab stuck in your body!
  • The resistance band workouts improve strength, flexibility and resistance while keeping your body in shape!
  • You can perform the seated row work out which would tone your arms and make you feel more confident while wearing those awesome strapless dresses!

Method Of Performing Resistance Band Rows

  • Sit straight with your legs spread in front and your body crisp.
  • You can bend your legs a little from the knees for perfect balance and stretch.
  • Twist and loop the band on your feet and soles and stretch both ends towards your hands.
  • Hold the ends without hands and stretch in the backward position stretch till when your elbow bend completely and your hands reach your chest.
  • After few seconds, get back into the actual position and repeat for 10-15 times.
  • Quick repetition of this workout can tone your arms and also help in fighting excess fat and thus, this is a soothing and strengthening workout to make your arms picture perfect!

12. Scissors


  • Scissors is one of the very lesser known exercises for arms which can help you burn arm fat fast.
  • The quick and high impact moves of this exercise would target your arms specifically and make them slimmer.
  • Scissors include moving the hands in straight, cross and different directions in quick sessions to burn fat and strengthen the muscles.
  • Thus, go for this iconic workout and feel your arms getting toned!

How To Perform Scissors?

  • Stand straight with your feet wide apart.
  • Also, keep your hands straight on the sides.
  • Bring your arms closer and make an x position with them crossing each other.
  • Now, open your arms in a v position and again, stretch them straight.
  • Perform 10-15 repetitions of this exercise daily and notice the visible difference soon!

Learn the benefits of Savasana here.

The best way to extract more benefits from these exercises for arms is top perform them together in a row. This is a combination of workouts which you can perform as a whole arm fat trimming workout session with quick movements!

Go for this exercises for arms, measure your arms every week and appreciate your hard work which gave you these awesome results!

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