Essential Pushup Variations For Beginners!

Pushups are one of the most trending and very well known workouts due to its awesome results on your body. Generally, this workout can build rock solid arms, biceps, chest and shoulders but the workout also has some added advantages for back, abdomen, forearms and various other body parts.

Fitness experts and gym trainers never fail to include this awesome workout in the workout sessions of people who need a solid and strong body.  Pushups can be performed in different ways using different positions and variations! There are some unknown and extremely high impact variations of this workout which can make your body sculpt as a dream come true!

If you are a fitness enthusiast and love evolving your fitness goals with different and fresh workout options, here are some great push ups for beginners you must try this season!

Push Ups For Beginners

What Are The Benefits Of Pushups?

Before going though the super cool variations of pushups, you must know how this incredible workout can sculpt and benefit your body. Here are some amazing benefits of these push ups for beginners which would get you addicted to it!

  • Pushup enhances the body parts like shoulders, arms, chest and also the lower body. It helps in strengthening the body muscles with each move.
  • While you elevate and go down in the pushup position, all your upper body muscles are sculpted and toned!
  • Pushups are awesome workouts which can get your body a perfect stretch. While you perform pushups your body experiences and amazing stretch which prevents various injuries and soreness.
  • Pushups make all the body muscles strong and thus can help in increasing your cardiovascular strength. Make your heart healthier and more efficient with this high impact workout!
  • Pushups are performed in an amazing elevated position. This can help in improving your posture. Improper posture can make your body look bad as well it can affect your body internally. Thus, go for pushups and get an awesome posture.
  • This is an amazing workout option if you have been dreaming for strong and flawless muscles or your entire life! Nothing can work as amazingly as pushups in building hardcore muscles.
  • Generally, the high impact workouts can cause you injuries but this awesome wporo0ut option would prevent injuries in back, lower back and shoulders! This is an easy stretch workout which would make your muscles string and stretchy while preventing injuries!

These are some amazing push ups for beginners which you need to consider and kick start a cool pushup session to make your body super strong everyday!

Push Ups For Beginners

1. Basic Pushups

The basic pushups can get your body transformed in just few days! Considering muscle building or straight training, this is an amazing workout which can get your body a redefined shape and appearance. For increasing core stretch and to get those perfect muscles, try the basic push ups for beginners and get enviable body!

Workout Technique

  • Start with the plank position while keeping your hands directly under your shoulders, rest on your foot and get straight in this position.
  • Once you get into the perfect position, lower your body slowly downwards while bending. Bend your elbow and keep your chest straight and when you pause while your chin and chest touches the ground.
  • Elevate when your chest touches the ground and push your body upwards while keeping your entire body straight again.
  • Inhale while you push yourself down and exhale when you lift up.
  • Keep the arms tight and straight while performing pushups and also your posture must be right and sharp for maximum benefits!

Muscles Targeted

Forearms, shoulders, chest, biceps, back and wing muscles

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2. Plyometric Or Clap Pushups

Plyometric or clap pushups are one of the rigorous forms of push ups for beginners which would benefit in many ways! For strengthening your upper body and to target the biceps you can consider this amazing workout.  You can perform this workout if you have amazing strength and are familiar to the basic pushups. Try this cool workout and feel energetic all the daylong!

Workout Technique

  • Get into the normal plank position with your arms under the shoulders and with a correct posture.
  • Go down while bending your elbows and keeping it pointed. Also, your back must be straight and sharp.
  • When your chest touches the ground, raise yourself upwards and with intensity until your hands can be pulled off the ground.
  • Pull your hands off from the ground and clap quickly.
  • Get a smoother landing and lower your chest towards the ground.
  • Perform few repetitions to get awesome results.

Muscles Targeted

Chest, arms, and triceps

3. Narrow Grip Push Ups for Beginners

If you want to focus specifically on your chest and triceps, this variation can get you awesome results. The narrow grip pushups are a slight variation of the casual pushups where you need to go for a narrow grip while performing the pushups. You can get perfectly sculpted shoulders, triceps and chiseled back with this cool variation!

Workout Technique

  • Start with the plank position, keep your hands directly under your chest, rest on your feet and get straight in this position.
  • Once you get into the perfect position, lower your body downwards and keep your elbow tucked inwards, your chest straight and posture straight your chest would touch the ground.
  • Elevate and restore your position upwards while keeping your entire body straight again.
  • Inhale while you push yourself down and exhale when you lift up.
  • Keep the arms tight and straight while performing the narrow grip pushups.

Muscles Targeted

Chest and triceps

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