Jump The Rope : Useful Techniques And Amazing Benefits of Skipping!

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Are you not going to a gym? Well, that is okay! Jumping rope for strength training could be your perfect economic way of getting a good workout! Here you can see some benefits of skipping.

Skipping The Rope!

I’m sure many of you think it is for kids or perhaps for professional athletes. If you think Skipping is something not meant for you, you are going to be surprised at the benefits of skipping!

You’ll find a lot of people telling you that the fitness of the body is directly linked to the time you spend in the gym. Since I have explored the world of fitness and health, I know that it is not true. Exercises needn’t be expensive with all those gym equipment, neither it need be time-consuming. It just needs to be effective. Jumping the rope is that!

Basically, your only effective exercise would be the one you do many times every week. In the busy lives like ours, it means that the exercise needs to be fun, quick, portable and inexpensive! This is the reason I’m going to tell you about this particular exercise!

Benefits of skipping

Things to Follow Before Jumping!

  • Establish proper balance of body by looking ahead straight
  • Have an upright stance
  • Your weight must be maintained on your toes
  • Jump high enough just to clear the Skipping rope (about an inch off the floor)
  • Land on your toes lightly
  • Your elbows must be at the sides!
  • The elbow joints should be in 45° angle
  • While turning your rope, you’re supposed to be circling your wrists in about two inches
  • Don’t slow down your pace anyone

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Safety Rules!

You may fear that Skipping the rope might be harmful to the knees. But as a matter of fact. When you execute it properly, Skipping the rope is an exercise of low impact. If you do it for a longer while, the benefits of skipping you get will only magnify.

Jumping the rope is not completely free from risk. However, some planning can decrease the dangers of injury.

  • To begin with, use cross training footwear that has got ample padding for the forefoot in order to protect your toes (not mandatory.
  • Secondly, refrain from skipping on rough surfaces like tiles or concrete. You could rather select a surface which is capable of absorbing the impact, something like a rubber surface or wood!

The Length Factor!

Determining the length of the rope is also important for the success. To find it out, put one of your feet in the middle of the rope and pull tight the handles of the rope up the sides. If they go beyond your shoulders, the rope is very long. It should go up to your armpit.

As you get used to Skipping, decreasing the length of the rope may increase its rotational speed and enhances your reflexes. To have vest of the performance, cut the rope to the desired length. If you don’t wish to cut it, you could always make a knot near the handles.

Techniques : Bounce Step, Alternate Foot Step

You need to be a master at these two skills involved in jumping ropes. Before you go for this, I suggest you spend your time indulging in a shadow jump. It is just the simulation of the jumping rope without a rope. You should not commit the mistake of trying to reach the top using a shortcut. It is vital that you follow every step and make progression one step at a time. You should focus on technique first and then speed!

Skipping Rope Technique

To begin with, maintain your focus on learning coordination and practice. Begin with a single jump at a moment. When you properly learn the rhythm and the timing, increase the jumps to five in a set. Once you get used to it, keep adding more jumps and you could effectively perform 150 jumps in succession. In order to become a pro at this, spend at least ten minutes twice in a day. You can stretch after every session, specially the calf muscles!

In a six week cycle, concentrate on slowly taking the endurance of jumping ropes from 150 to 500 jumps consecutively in small raises in numbers. Don’t go onto improvise the speed immediately. You just need to be good at these two skills to get most out of the training!

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1. Bounce Step

  • One inch off the floor, jump using both the fee
  • Land gently on your toes
  • Never let the heel touch the floor
  • Master this technique before going to the alternate foot step

2. Alternate Foot Step

  • Rather than jumping using both the feet in a moment, you could switch your feet alternatively like you were running in a same place.
  • Make sure your knees raise up to your front.
  • Hop a bit higher than one inch off the ground.
  • Stay on your toes when you land.

The Twenty Minute Circuit of High-Intensity Resistance

Once you have found your confidence in the exercise, you can move onto the next level and club both strength exercises and jumping. You could tackle a vigorous workout such as this so that you can burn fat!

For this Twenty minute circuit, you need to set your clock for fifty seconds of jumping and ten seconds of resting. This must go on for twenty cycles. The main aim is to transit among exercises with less time and no rest time.

For the jumping part of this circuit, you could make use of the combination of both alternate foot step jump and basic Bounce step techniques. As time passes, you will gain your proficiency and the number of jumps could be increased in the same cycle. As time passes, you could include the technique of high speed, which is basically the same like the technique of alternate foot step, only that your knees will be raised to your hip level!

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Next, we will see the amazing benefits of skipping.

Benefits of Skipping The Rope!

1. Skipping is a Great Burner of Calories

The British Rope Skipping Association has stated that just by skipping the rope for a short ten minutes is equivalent to the consequences a run of 45 minutes would make on the body. We all want to burn calories but have no enough time, do we? That is how our hectic life is like. However, skipping could be your shortcut!

  • Skipping for one hour can potentially burn nearly 1300 calories from your body.
  • Two ten minutes sessions of jumping the rope can help you burn close to 200 calories.

Basically, you are losing a thousand calories in a span of one week. Isn’t that great benefits of skipping?

2. It is a Workout for The Whole Body!

Yes, jumping the rope is a workout for the whole of your body. While you are jumping up and down in the air, your entire body is performing to go up and return to the floor. The abdominal region is what keeping your body to stay in a balanced state, and is also offering stability. Your legs are used to push you higher. Your hands and shoulders are indulged in turning the rope.

Given all these movements happening in your body, it is no wonder that jumping the rope is able to tone your body and aid in maintaining desirable shape!

3. Tones Your Body Muscles!

Admit it, you do want a muscular look, don’t you? Have you seen the movie ‘Bhaag Milka Bhaag’ wherein Farhan Akhtar is found skipping the rope. That shot, that muscular look is one scene unforgettable. That is what skipping can do!

Skipping basically is an exercise to body weight, and greatly helps to tone your body muscles. Skipping the rope on a frequent basis may help you tone the muscles in the thigh region, calf muscles and shin muscles. Besides, you can also develop the muscles! Skipping is good for your arms and abs, too! And did you know it can aid in improvising the hip flexor muscles? Well, know you do!

4. Its a Blessing for The Training Sessions of Athletes!

Jumping the rope is considered to be one among the best exercises to train endurance and conditioning to the runners or any form of athletes. It aids in increasing the footwork skills, Enhances coordination, and balance, and can also advance agility. Jumping the rope can add onto your fitness levels, simultaneously training too!

5. Benefits of Skipping v/s Running

Since time immemorial, running is considered to be an amazing body exercise, no doubts on that! However, recent studies reveal interesting facts!

  • Studies say that you will be required to put lesser pressure in jumping than running.
  • It is also not much shocking to the joints in your body as compared to the traditional running! Skipping is an exercise of low impact and is good like a warm-up session too!
  • Skipping is said to be much better when compared to running!

6. Aids in Enhancing Density of The Bones

Skipping also helps in increasing getting good density in the bones. When you are jogging or running, you are putting on too much stress on your bones. Studies have stated that jumping is a better option for hiking the bone density. Though you have been a lazy goose going around your entire life, if you have nothing to keep your important body active, you must take up jumping the rope like a frequent exercise since it can aid you in recovering the bone strength that is already lost!

7. You Can Really Bid a Bye to Osteoporosis or Osteopenia

If a person gets affected by Osteoporosis, he or she will develop fragile bones which generally turn brittle. Isn’t that dangerous? As I’ve said already, jumping the rope is a great exercise for the density of your bones. This is the reason many doctors suggest Skipping as one of the highly effective methods to avoid and fight this disease. Skipping the rope can aid you in recuperating from this disorder as it will restore the strength of your bones, and also develop your body muscles. Jump frequently to prevent from becoming a victim to this disease!

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8. Aids in Increasing The Height

This is probably the only advantage that most of the people know. Skipping is one thing people readily suggest for short heights.

Skipping can aid in increasing your height, depending upon various factors such as your lifestyle, age, diet, hereditary aspects and so on. You may not hike up to six feet tall I’m a single day. But jumping the rope constantly will help you grow few inches! This happens because while you are into skipping, your back muscles and spines are put to work. Pre-teens and teens can go for this exercise since it is an effective way of growing taller.

9. Benefits of Skipping For Your Overall Health!

Skipping is just great for your body’s health since jumping the rope will take your lymph system for a ride! In our body, we have lymphatic system which works on driving away dangerous wastes and toxins from our body. With the upward and downward motion we get from Skipping, our lymph system gets a positive motion. Besides, Skipping also sees to it that our hearts stay healthy, and also monitors the blood pressure in order to make us fitter.

10. You Can Do it Anywhere!

Anybody can jump the rope anywhere they want and whenever they want. You needn’t be an expert to skip efficiently. Anybody of any age can involve in the exercise without any hesitation. You just have to have a nice rope which does not get tangled up. Moreover, you need not look for a wide open area for this exercise. You just have to look for a corner in the house which is enough tall for you to skip!

11. No Much Equipments!

You need not have large set of equipments for this exercise like you have for your gym workouts. The equipment used is very minimal. This exercise needs nothing more than a tight Skipping rope. Think of various advantages that tiny little equipment has got for your body. The Skipping rope is portable and handy, and can easily be carried even while you are traveling. You can just stack it in your backpack and skip on a regular basis, regardless of your location!

12. It is The Most Inexpensive Way to Health!

A proper jumping rope will not cost you more than what you’d pay for a pizza. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to crack your head over looking for expensive brands in order to get highest quality ropes. Even the most inexpensive ropes will provide you the same benefits of skipping anyway. You just have to ensure that the rope you select doesn’t get tangled up easily.


Skipping the rope is a good Cardiovascular workout. Benefits of Skipping offering you proper health, it aids in giving you a proper shape as well. Now that you have learned about various techniques and benefits of skipping has got to offer, I am sure you just want to go out there and get a Skipping rope for yourselves! What is it you’re waiting for? Put on your sports shoes and start hopping!

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