19 Amazing Benefits of Playing Basketball to Motivate You to Play The Sport!

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Basketball is one among the highly popular sports in the world. In a world full of football and cricket fans, basketball has always stayed in the contest. All of us know how basketball is played, don’t we? But, do you know the benefits of playing basketball?

  • There are 2 teams dribbling ball in succession.
  • Since there are five players in both teams each, the game is interesting to play.
  • Each player tries to score a point by putting the ball into the other team’s basket.

Apart from the fact that the game is real fun to play, there are other amazing benefits of playing basketball as well. Yes, the game has got great benefits to our health and is also capable of curing few diseases. I’ll list down benefits of playing basketball for you. Read on!

19 Amazing Benefits of Playing Basketball

Benefits of playing basketball

1. Ensures Great Physical Health to Kids

Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it? It is always better to maintain health than cure a bad disease. So, how to ensure that? Those who have played basketball since their childhood have maintained great physical health. Kids are beautiful creations of almighty, and they are always active, running around and jumping. Basketball can ensure these movements while the kids play the game.


  • The movements in the game include a lot of running and jumping, there is the straining of calves and other muscles.
  • These movements are best for physical strength of the kids.
  • Regular playing of basketball in regular intervals will maintain the health of the heart. So good sport Ensures good heart.
  • Kids always love to eat more. Food is completely oxidized during the game.
  • As a parent, you could make sure your child’s game.

2. Lot of Socialization Happens

As mentioned earlier, basketball requires ten kids to play. Each team had got five players. Since they play as a team, they are required to converse with each other. When this happens, kids get to know each other better. While they are making strategies on how to defeat the opponents, they bond well. The game inadvertently teaches kids how to socialize with other people.

3. Enhances Team Management Skills

When kids understand the character of other players in the team, they develop skills that make them play better with their teammates. They will have more teams to compete with, and they will get more friends. This is when kids develop team management skills.

4. Great for Mental Health Too!

The basketball games and the exercises that happen during the game are also good for mental health. If kids start playing at an early age, they will see how it makes them supportive. When kids get supportive about one another during the game, their mental health gets strong. During the play, the kids get to face spectators, the opponent team and the game pressures. This is when the positivity surges into their minds. Courage, positivity, team spirit, and the drive to win makes kids strong mentally.

How You Could Cater to Your Kid With This?

Many a time, kids may even panic, and the mental health may hit a low curve. This is when they need support from other means. You, as a parent must give them some advices or tips that they can use in the game. Stand along with their coach and cheer them during the game. This will make them feel confident about the game. The attack and defense movements during the game may appear simple to audience but requires great confidence and skills. Support them at moments like these!

5. Basketball is Great Entertainment

If you are already a basketball player, I needn’t even mention you this. You already know the benefits of playing basketball and how much fun the game is. This is for those who don’t know basketball much. I’m sure there are people who haven’t got the joy of playing it. Try the game with a friend and you will know what I am talking about. There will be moments of smiles and laughter.

Alone Too!

I have seen people who have lost themselves in the world of basketball. They can go hours together playing the game all alone in the basketball court. They dribble around, try shooting from the center, try different techniques of shooting the ball and what not! Even you can spend quality time playing the game even when alone!

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6. Enhances Endurance, Refreshes and Nourishes Your Body

The fast tempo, while you are in the game, is one among the interesting parts of the game. Since this is a dynamic sport, each movement will help the body turn agile. Frequently playing the basketball will enhance the endurance level of the body and maintains it that way. There is a lot of sweating happening during the game and this will tend to refresh your body. Since you play out in the sun, there is a lot of nourishment happening to your skin too!

7. The Immunity System is Taken Care Of!

We have always been told about the importance of a good immunity system. A perfectly functioning immune system is better than any strong medicine. In order to obtain that, you can go for playing basketball. Viruses and bacteria won’t dare enter your body if you have a good working immunity system. Constantly playing the basketball, along with good diet comprising vegetables and fruits will do you the trick!

8. Develops Coordination and Balance In The Body

If you are playing basketball, you need to have good coordination between your eyes, hands and feet. In these terms, the game is something like volleyball, only more attractive! You may find it taxing during the beginning but as you go on with the game, your body gets adapted to the requirements of the game.

  • You will develop great balance of the body.
  • Regular playing of basketball will ensure good core strength to your body.
  • Coordination between your body parts get better.

9. It’s Great for Motoric Skills Too!

As I mentioned in the first point, there is a lot of running and jumping happening. This will enhance motoric skills of your body. Have you observed football wherein the players are constantly running around the ground. Basketball, too, includes same body movements plus the hands. Since the game forces every body part to move, the motoric skills take a hike!

10. Strengthens The Body Muscles

Every minute of the game, the whole of your body and the muscles inside are set in motion. As soon as the whistle is blown, players get going. If one guy is dribbling the ball, others are covering him while the opponents try to block and snatch the ball. Every player, at every moment, is not staying idle. This sort of game will only train the muscles hard inside and strengthen them.

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11. You Can Grow Tall

Have you seen how most of the basketball players are incredibly high? Well, that is what the game does to your body. Who doesn’t want to grow tall? This game includes a lot of jumping and you could your daughter or sun to grow tall with the game. Regularly playing basketball stretches the hamstrings, calves and other leg muscles and bones. Even spines are stretched. This way, there are high chances tall stature is obtained.

12. Benefits of Playing Basketball To Put Off Weight

Any sport for that matter is greatly helpful in cutting down body weight. However, benefits of playing basketball can be more effective. The game ensures that a lot of your body calories is burnt out. The game can help you get that ideal body you have always dreamt of. Regardless of how much you eat in a day, playing basketball will provide you the necessary exercises that will break down food and use the whole energy in the play. You’ll be astounded if I said you could lose up to 750 calories in a day if you played the game just for one hour.

13. The Functioning of The Brain is Enhanced

What is the brain for if it is not used to its maximum? Concentration is a good exercise to the brain. Well, you have good news. You can achieve great concentration power by indulging in basketball exercises. Since your feet, eyes and hands must all focus on the ball and the running track simultaneously, the brain gets great exercise. Syncing these three functions is a training task in the beginning. However, the pressure can stimulate your brain to stretch and function high.

14. It Can Stabilize Your Hormone Levels

If you are a woman, you will certainly be aware of the hormonal fluctuations that cause the huge change in the moods. However, this point can make you delighted. Your stomach muscles get more toned in this game than what you would achieve playing football. You need not be concerned more about your hormonal fluctuations since the game ensures they are kept stable.

15. Prevents Osteoporosis and Obesity

The very fact makes hearts jump. Nobody wants to get obese. With this sport, you can ensure you don’t. You need not even worry about Osteoporosis either. Each movement during the game only makes the body burn fat, making the body stronger both from the inside as well as the outside. All you need to do is dribble the basketball, run around and shoot. They are enough to get rid of these annoying health disorders.

There are some home remedies for Osteoarthritis which will provide relief from the severe pain.

16. Benefits of Playing Basketball – Cardiovascular Health

A lot people are suffering from Cardiovascular disorders these days. Do you see how doctors advise cardio exercises to those suffering from the Disorder? Do you think you can get such exercises only in the gym? Nope! You can get it in the basketball court too! Jumping, dribbling, passing the ball, throwing are all forms of cardio exercises and have been effective for Cardiovascular workouts. Such movements accelerate the rate of blood flow in the body and supplies blood quickly. Hence, the exhaustion you experience after playing the game is actually a good sign!

17. Can Also Reduce The Risks of Heart Diseases

If you have to regularly play basketball, you need extra power compared to other sports. You will certainly need good food to burn for energy too. Since there is no fat spared in your body, there will be no space for cholesterol either. If you have low fat and cholesterol, you are only saving your heart from heart disorders. Heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death these days. If you indulge in the game early in your age, you can spare yourselves!

18. Improves Dexterity

Most of us will not realize how rigid we would have turned. Having a rigid body is very annoying, and can hamper the body activities. Playing basketball regularly can be a good dexterity exercise. Our body will get flexible and stay healthy. Hence, involve in the game whenever you can. And you will not look like a log of wood!

19. Enhances Awareness of Body and Space

Basketball is one game which needs spatial awareness. You must know where your body is positioned in order to take that perfect shoot or use certain defense technique. If you are fully aware of your body in the space, you will know where you must exactly be when your team player or opponent takes a shoot or passes the basketball. These sort of benefits of playing basketball is proven to be real good for the brains!

Few Tips You Need To Follow While Playing The Game!

You must always warm up your body and stretch your muscles and joints before you step into the basketball court. You need to make sure that you stretch yourselves and cool down even after the game.

We all know how physically demanding the basketball game is. It is vital that you have loads of fluids by your side so that you consume them whenever your body feels dehydrated.

Due to the physical requirements, you need to make sure you are strong and flexible even when you are not playing the game.


With all these benefits of playing basketball, isn’t it the perfect time for you to grab a ball and start playing? You can also motivate your kids to play the game. You could play alone or you could play in teams, either ways you’re getting a good workout. If you make this wonderful game a part of the fitness routine you follow, you can ensure mental and physical fitness for a long term!

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