All You Need To Know About Water Yoga – The Trending Aqua Yoga Variation!

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Just a few days back while I was swimming in a soothing water pool, I experienced my body floating and moving with the rhythm. This movement led me to perform a simple stretching yoga pose which seemed so easy and comfortable in the water rather on land! This made me so curious and I searched for yoga poses performed in water which is also one of the trending workout options and has nowadays attained fame as Aqua/water yoga!

What I searched and found is beautifully surprising! The term aqua yoga simply blew my mind and I am surely addicted to it now! Here’s a share of what I learned and what you should know about it!

  • What is aqua yoga?
  • What are the benefits of Aqua yoga?
  • Why is aqua yoga an inner peace enhancer?
  • Who can perform aqua yoga?
  • How to practice water yoga?
  • Does it help to reduce weight and burn fat?
  • What are the best water yoga poses?
  • The feeling before, during and after trying aqua yoga!

Water Yoga Benefits

What Is Aqua Yoga?

  • In simple terms, aqua yoga is practice to perform the normal yoga poses in the bouncing, soothing and flourishing waters of the pool! It is one of the pleasing ways to perform yoga and make your body super stretchy!
  • Aqua yoga is an amazing set of yoga poses which you can perform in water and build, strength and flexibility! It may seem very tough to balance your body in water but while performing yoga sessions, your joints would support your workout with a bouncy effect and you can easily perform the yoga poses!
  • There are various yoga poses, breathing techniques, and sun salutations etc which are performed in water to extract some magical benefits!

Thus, water yoga is one of the trending and refreshing ways to perform yoga and stay healthy!

What Are The Benefits Of Aqua Yoga?

  • The feeling of being light and low weight is actually a dream of every girl which you can feel in the water while doing aqua yoga. Apart from this, aqua yoga has some amazing benefits which would make you perform it now!
  • Aqua yoga is actually a set of low-intensity workouts which would sooth and calm your muscles.
  • If you are looking forward to performing the weight loss training, strength training, weight lifting etc, you can try aqua yoga as a supporting process!
  • Aqua/water yoga helps in loosening your stiff muscles and fills your body with extreme flexibility!
  • You can enhance your strength and feel ready for your hardcore workout with this soothing exercise!
  • If you have balancing issues or want to improve your balance, go for this amazing option as, the balancing act in water improves your balance!
  • Also, if you are a dancer, this option would help you keep your toes pointed and maintain alignments during dance!
  • People suffering from joint pain can perform this awesome yoga variation which can simply reduce joint pain and also this relieves arthritis pain! (I know this as my mother is suffering from arthritis, and she has a great time after some water yoga poses!
  • Your body weights extremely low in the water as well you can move and stretch easily in the water and thus, your muscles can sooth. This allows you to perform the yoga easily!

Why Is Aqua Yoga An Inner Peace Enhancer?

  • This is another level of benefits which you can grab from this trending workout option! It does not make you healthy physically but also it helps in strengthening your mind!
  • People with different issues like extreme stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia etc have achieved pace and stability through this exceptionally awesome yoga variation!
  • Connect yourself from spirituality and the water element with these poses. This amazing practice would help you to improve your eyes, skin, ears, nose and tongue which are the basic senses!
  • If you know about the element, the water element is the one which promotes calming, soothing and healing sensation. This water element also is associated to the chakras in our body which regulates emotions!
  • This powerful element can regulate your senses and emotions and thus, it would help you to calm, relax and feel extremely relaxed! This is the reason why aqua yoga helps in relieving depression, stress and such conditions!
  • Whenever you feel low or depressed, try jumping in a swimming pool and perform some aqua yoga poses to feel super relaxed!

Who Can Perform Aqua Yoga?

  • Generally, everyone who is healthy enough with no chronic disease and issues can perform this cool workout.
  • People with arthritis can too perform aqua yoga and attain all the benefits exclusively!
  • People who suffer from mental stress and anxiety must go for at least a trial session which would help them focus and relax from their concerning issues!
  • There are some amazing yoga sessions and special poses for pregnant women. It is found that water yoga is one of the relaxing methods through which, pregnant women can focus and enjoy the experience of pregnancy without much difficulties
  • Also, water is considered as a soothing element which can benefit in reducing cramps and emotional issues during pregnancy! (Say bye bye to mood swings!)
  • Students and working people can also try these sessions to improve memory and concentration power. Performing this would help in fighting distractions and losing temper too!
  • Anyone who loves to stay calm and practice mindfulness must go through this awesome yoga session for once and experience the utter joy of this divine yoga variation!

How To Practice Aqua Yoga?

  • Practicing aqua yoga means trying out the yoga sessions and gets prepared for this session. There are few steps which you need to follow while you have decided to perform aqua yoga!
  • The first step you take before performing aqua yoga or starting its seasonal session, you need to talk to your doctor. Especially if you have any chronic disease, allergies and cold.
  • Find out the water yoga classes nearby you. There are so many locations where this amazing practice has started!
  • Start with the balancing basic yoga pose as you may be a master in all the tough yoga poses but for aqua yoga, you are still a beginner!
  • Gear up while you can balance and support your body effectively. This would help in stepping to the new level of tough and complex poses!

What Are The Best Aqua/ Water Yoga Poses?

After learning different aqua yoga poses and their benefits, here are some special and awesome yoga poses which would make you feel like a queen/king in the water!

1. The Stretchy North Star Pose

  • This is a fascinating and cool pose which would help you in many ways. From the upper to the lower body, this pose heals every area!
  • The North Star pose is extremely helpful if you want to get extremely flexible. This dreamy pose would make you stretch your legs, arms, abdomen and spine while making your body super flexible!
  • If you are suffering from joint pain or back pain, this is the pose which you can try!
  • Become weight less in the flashing waters of your pool with this awesome aqua yoga pose!

How To Perform The North Star Pose?

  • For once, stretch your body upwards in the ceiling direction (in this case the direct sky direction) and you will feel awesome!
  • For performing this pose, stand straight with both your feet wide apart. Keep the feet wider and stretchy as much as you can.
  • Stretch your arms overhead and join your hand. Breathe and while you stretch and relax.
  • Feel the stretch in your arms, chest, spine, hips thighs, joints and various body parts!

Note: Balance yourself else this pose can result into a thigh split which you may have never done before!

2. The Sugarcane Pose

  • This slight and watery variation of the half moon pose is such a wonder!
  • This is the pose in which you can feel the actual floating experience and calmness of water during performing aqua yoga!
  • This pose helps in improving your balance and also keeps your spine strong. This pose can exceptionally benefit those who love dancing, perform stretching, aerial acts and such things in which flexibility is required!

How To Perform The Sugarcane Pose?

  • Stand straight in a water pool and hold the edge of your swimming pool with one hand.
  • While your one foot is on the floor, lift the other one parallel to the water surface, floating and moving in rhythm with the water.
  • Rest on your one foot while bend the other one towards your back and hold it with another hand.
  • Loot at the ceiling direction and breathe. Get back to the previous pose and relax. Perform this pose for few minutes until you can balance yourself and enjoy the amazing swings and waves of the water touching your body!

Note: enjoy the flaws of water and the waves which would make you hold tight and enjoy your light body getting flexible!

3. Padanguthasana

  • Big toe pose or padanguthasana is one of the interesting and relaxing pose which would make you stretch and stretch some more! Just like the name of the asana, the pose in itself is quite easy!
  • Have you lifted your one leg in the right angle with your another leg? Well if not, this pose can get a little tricky for you to perform!
  • Your hips, thighs, and lower body get exceptionally toned with this super cool yoga pose!
  • Also you can attain a crisp and tight posture from this asana with reduced back pain effects!
  • Perform this cool and interesting pose to loosen yourself in the water element and feel awesome!

How To Perform The Padanguthasana?

  • As I already mentioned, if you already are a yoga expert or perform stretching, this pose is very easy but if you are the first time stretcher, watch your balance!
  • Stand on the edge of your swimming pool and hold it with one hand.
  • Stand on one foot while raise the other in the water.
  • Make a 90-degree angle from both your legs while standing and also make you’re your legs are perfectly stretched and pointed.
  • Keep in this position for few seconds and release. While you perform this pose, breathe and experience the flow of water!

4. Urdhava Mukha Savasana

  • I simply love this amazing pose in which, you would literally perform floating and experience the joy of water balancing.
  • The urdhava much savasana is a pose in which you need to use your core and arm strength to balance your self.
  • This pose helps in tightening the core and spine. Also, it helps your body to stretch a bit more.
  • While you perform this pose, your core, abdomen, spine, arms and various muscles get stretched and thus it fills you with a lot of energy and flexibility!

How to perform the urdhava much savasana?

  • You have to use some prop like rings or noodles for this pose.
  • Hold the noodles or ring with your both hands and stand straight keeping your back sharp.
  • Slowly, push the ring away from your core and start getting on your foot.
  • Keep straight while you stretch your arms completely and hold the ring. This way your foot would touch the ground and you would only be standing on your foot which are raised and stretched.
  • Keep straight and hold on this position. Breathe while you perform this workout and feel light!

5. Navasana

  • This is the pose which anyone would enjoy doing a lot! This is a thrilling and exciting pose which would challenge your balancing skills and make you swing!
  • Navasana is also known as the boat pose which you need to perform with your legs and core muscles.
  • This pose is extremely important if you want to strengthen your core muscles, hips, thighs and entire body.
  • This would not only help in relaxing and strengthening your body but would also help in tightening and slimming your belly! Well, we now love this pose!

How To Perform Navasana?

  • For this pose too, you would need 2 rings or noodles which you can use for balancing
  • Get two noodles in your hand side by side and hold them
  • Slightly press the noodles downwards and keep your core extremely straight
  • When the noodles get dipped in the water, raise your legs in the upwards direction. Make a v pose slowly with your legs and core muscles and keep tight!
  • Hold on this position until you can and then release. While you will perform this pose, your arms, legs and body would swing a little giving you utter joy!
  • Leave all your worries and tensions behind with this amazing aqua yoga pose!

6. The Standing Cobra Pose

  • Stretching your spine and core muscles while staring upwards is such a joy! You can stretch and enjoy the sun light with this pose in a beautiful bright sunny day!
  • This pose would help reduce upper back pain and will also help you balance easily. Bending and stretching your body in water brings more flexibility.
  • If you are determined to tone your hips, thighs, abdomen and such areas, go for this yoga pose and feel amazing!

How To Perform The Standing Cobra Pose?

  • Stand straight on the edge of the pool and hold the edge. Stand around 2 feet away from the edge and hold on
  • Now, slowly start stretching yourself in the backwards direction while keeping your body weight on your toes
  • Stretch the belly button towards the edge of the pool and prepare an arch from your back
  • Stretch and feel the flexibility on your back, spine and various muscles! Breathe and relax while you retrieve from the pose!

7. Floating Savasana

  • Floating savasana is not much different from the normal savasana we perform daily. This is an intense soothing and relaxing pose which would work miracles on boosting your mood.
  • If you are in a vacation mood and don’t get enough time to move out, banish the frustration out with this amazing yoga pose (it surely helps!).
  • While you float in the deep and calming waters, your body would relax and your mind would feel peaceful and calmed!
  • Not only for peacefulness and relaxation, you can perform this pose to hell your body get calmed and lose some weight!

How To Perform Floating Savasana?

  • Floating savasana is simply performed as the regular savasana. If you know floating in the swimming pool, this is probably the best and amazing yoga pose which you would love!
  • Stretch your legs, spread your arms, breathe and relax while you perform floating.
  • This is a very calming pose not only for your body but also for your mind! Thus, go floating and experience its amazing benefits!

The Feeling Before, During And After Trying Water Yoga!

  • Water yoga may be a very new and quite amazing concept for most of the people but its experience is simply awesome!
  • Before this amazing experience, you would feel a literal enthusiasm and excitement to perform it!
  • After knowing its cool benefits and calming sensation, anyone would feel so! While trying this revolutionary yoga variation, you would enjoy a variety of feelings!
  • A feeling of joy, a feeling of lightness, the feel of spiritual connectivity, the joy of feeling healthy, delightful and certain combinations would make you feel satisfied!
  • After trying this amazing way to relax and calm the body, you would definitely feel addicted to it! Not only trying such different yoga variation but letting yourself go with the flaws would make you fall in love with it!
  • Along with this yoga variation, I learned to try something different, new and step out of the common daily routine to experience something new!
  • We never know out of our knowledge there may be something thrilling waiting for us!

This was all I had to share about water yoga and its benefits. I suggest you to go for a try out session once. Go on and explore such unique things to add some super exciting experiences in the diary of your life!

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