Yoga Poses to Help You Feel Lighter!

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In this article, we will discuss several yoga poses to help you feel lighter and happier.

Here’s a little peek at what you will know about yoga poses to help you feel lighter!

  • What is feeling light with yoga?
  • Why yoga makes you feel light?
  • How can you include yoga in your regime and perform for maximum advantages?
  • Yoga poses to help you feel lighter.
  • Results after 15 day sessions of trying these yoga poses.

We all know yoga as an awesome and outstanding workout option to attain flexibility, sculpted body, strength and balance. But there is a lot more to yoga and its healing powers! Yoga is one of the miraculous workout options which would help you feel lighter!

Nobody likes to feel heavy, lethargic and lazy! Feeling energetic and light is simply awesome and yoga is here to make you feel extremely light on your toes!

Yoga Poses to Help You Feel Lighter

What Is Feeling Light With Yoga?

  • Feeling light has different and broad meanings. Light form brain, light from body, feeling happy, feeling energetic, motivated etc is a part of feeling amazing every morning.
  • Yoga helps you achieve this mindfulness and stay relaxed!
  • In today’s busy and stressful life, people forget to take some time off and feel satisfies.
  • We all have a regular schedule of waking up late a little, rushing to the office, grabbing unhealthy food, working hours and hours, returning home late and sleeping!
  • Out of this, we don’t take enough time to pamper and care for our body which can lead to sickness. Yoga helps you feel extremely light and fills you with enthusiasm and healthiness!
  • Yoga would help you feel light headed and light weight too. Yoga also helps in managing stress and laziness and boosts your mood.
  • This feeling light concept revolves around soothing your muscles, feeling your senses, finding positivity in your work, working out to stay healthy and being able to distract all the negativity which comes your way!

Why Yoga Makes You Feel Light?

  • Yoga includes breathing techniques which are proven to have amazing effects on the brain. Breathing techniques in the yoga poses help you attain peace and relaxation.
  • Performing yoga also helps in finding happiness and joy in whatever activity you do. With positivity and enthusiasm, you can find any job easy and simple to perform!
  • Not only while working in the office, performing yoga would keep you satisfied and light mood throughout the day which would also improve your home atmosphere!
  • Yoga poses have this amazing ability to secret the love hormones! With this stimulated love hormone called oxytocin, you would feel positive, energetic and satisfied.
  • Yoga also makes you feel fit and healthy and this sense of feeling healthy would also make you feel less worried and joyful!
  • All the physical issues, headaches, cramps, soreness’s, stomach issues etc are cured while you perform yoga.
  • The health issues and illnesses are the main triggers of bad mood and depression. Yoga helps in healing these issues thus making you feel light and pleased!
  • Thus, not only yoga does heal you physically, but also it helps you attain peace and satisfaction mentally

How Can You Include Yoga In Your Regime And Perform For Maximum Advantages?

  • Maximum benefits can be extracted from the yoga poses to help you feel lighter if you follow all the instructions properly and perform the poses just as directed. Also, use the correct tools and equipment for added advantages.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, purchase a yoga mat and arrange proper time to perform yoga daily.
  • Time is extremely important while you perform yoga. Morning is the best time o perform yoga poses but of you do not get enough time in the morning, go for evening yoga sessions.
  • Your body gets habituated once you start performing yoga poses daily at the same time and this also helps in achieving desired results.
  • Yoga is all about punctuality and correctness and thus, you must consider it while working out daily.
  • Use different poses and variations to bring enthusiasm about workouts. Also try to perform yoga in open spaces like gardens. This helps you to breathe the pure and fresh air and get even better benefits!
  • Also, chant some mantras while you perform yoga. This would help you attain spirituality in your yoga sessions.
  • Practice breathing and its correct techniques to have peaceful impacts on your brain!
  • All together, practicing yoga while keeping in mind these instructions would help you stay lighter and feel amazing when you perform yoga and also throughout the day!

Let’s have a look at some amazing yoga poses to help you feel lighter and happier!

Yoga Poses To Help You Feel Lighter

1. The Boat Pose

  • The boat pose is one of the fundamental poses which can make you feel energetic and light throughout the day!
  • The boat pose includes stretching and benefits all the body parts.
  • It helps in regulating blood supply through the body making you feel immensely active and energetic.
  • The stretches in this pose would boost your digestive system and help in improving metabolism the perfect combination of stretching and triggering digestive system would never fail to make you feel light and easy!

How To Perform The Boat Pose?

  • Sit on your yoga mat with legs stretched straight.
  • Keep both your legs together and let the thumbs touch each other.
  • Now stretch your arms and make a v pose from your abdomen to the legs.
  • Raise your legs above and let your fingers touch the toes.
  • Feel the stretch in your abdomen, arms, spine, hips, thighs and entire body.
  • Breath while you perform this pose and hold on this pose for some time.
  • Release when you feel pain or aching.
  • This pose would boost your digestive system and tone up your body. Get filled with confidence and energy with this pose daily!

2. The Standing Chair Pose

  • You will love it when you get some improved balance and flexibility. This can be achieved with this iconic yoga pose.
  • The standing chair pose is a little tricky and complex variation of regular hair pose which would strengthen your feet, legs, thighs, hips and such yoga poses to help you feel lighter as never before!
  • Also, if you are suffering from leg pain, balance issues and such conditions, try this strengthening pose to feel awesome!

How To Perform The Standing Chair Pose?

  • Stand straight on the floor.
  • Keep your feet together, your hands straight on your sides and your face staring exactly in front.
  • Now, stand on your toes and life your body upwards.
  • While balancing on your toes, bend your hips downwards and raise your hands upwards.
  • Deepen your chest downwards and try balancing on your toes with pressure and stretch on your abdomen, hips, thighs etc.
  • Feel the extensive stretch on your chest and torso. Breath while you hold on this pose.
  • Keep this pose going for few seconds and release.
  • Regularly perform this pose to improve balance, stability, strength and feel extremely light on your feet!

3. The Cat Cow Pose

  • This iconic merge of two beneficial yoga poses to help you feel lighter, strong and flexible as never before! If you want a body which bends as rubber, here is a pose which you need to consider!
  • Cat cow pose works best for headaches and mentally, makes you feel light and easy.
  • Reducing stress and pressure is extremely important to have good health. This pose triggers your headache and regulated blood flow in the brain which leads to a low headache and migraine issues!
  • Also, this pose calms your nervous system and makes you feel relaxed instantly.
  • Your back, spine, extension and flexor muscles get targeted with this pose and would surely make you feel stunning!

How To Perform The Standing Chair Pose?

  • Get into the cat pose. Lie on your knees and hands.
  • Rest your body on the palm and the legs. Bend your knees and keep your posture sharp.
  • Now, stare upwards in the ceiling direction and stretch your neck upwards.
  • Hold this position for few seconds and breathe.
  • Now lose your muscles and face downwards in the floor direction.
  • Sharpen your back and keep it straight.
  • Feel the stretch in various parts of your body and breathe.
  • Switch the pose flexibly and feel beautifully light!

4. The Goddess Pose

  • From all your joints to muscles, this pose triggers your body and would make you feel awesome.
  • Your arms would get immensely strong and your legs would feel the stretch and strength.
  • This is known as the goddess pose as, it will fill you with positivity, strength, happiness and joy.
  • This pose would help in lightening your mood and reduce headaches, stress, painful joints and such issues.

How To Perform The Goddess Pose?

  • Stand straight with your legs wide apart.
  • Keep your legs away from each other and hips tight.
  • Open up your hips and stretch as much as you can.
  • Join your hands and close your eyes to feel the freshness and energy.
  • Your toes must face opposite directions and you must feel the stretch in your thighs and hips.
  • Breathe deeply and repeat it 10-15 times.
  • Once you feel pain, release the position relax.
  • This pose would make you feel fresh and thrilling instantly. Also, it provides immense strength to your legs and entire body!

5. The Pigeon Pose

  • The more you stretch, the more you will feel awesome. Stretching is the key element which makes you feel light and easy.
  • For boosting blood circulation instantly, this pose is the best to consider. Blood circulation makes each and every part of your body alive and with this yoga pose, your body gets flooded with blood!
  • Get flexible lower body and stretchy upper body with this magical yoga poses to help you feel lighter everyday!

How To Perform The Pigeon Pose?

  • Sit on your yoga mat with both legs stretched in front.
  • Now, get your left leg stretched behind you.
  • Fold your right leg and bend it from your knees.
  • Balance your body on the hips and feel the stretch in your hips and thighs.
  • Keep your upper body crisp and tight while you face straight in front.
  • Hold this position and perform deep breathing for few seconds.
  • Release and feel your legs getting worked out!
  • This pose helps in relieving headache issues, migraine problems, pain due to cold and cough etc while making you feel immensely light and pleasant!

6. The Bow Pose

  • The bow pose is the reversed form of the boat pose where you stretch your body while lying on your stomach.
  • This pose triggers your digestive system and helps ease the digestion process.
  • Also, your metabolism gets regulated with this amazing pose which leads to the healthy body.
  • Each and every muscle of your body gets stretched and regulated with this awesome pose and thus, it is one of eh most beneficial poses which you can try to feel light!

How To Perform The Bow Pose?

  • Lie down on your stomach on your yoga mat.
  • Relax and start stretching your legs in the ceiling direction.
  • Bend your knees and raise your toes upwards.
  • Now stretch your hands backwards and with your hands, hold your legs.
  • With this step, you would feel the stretch in your arms, legs, hips, thighs, back, spine, torso and numerous other muscles.
  • Face forward and stretch.
  • Hold your legs and breathe deeply for few seconds.
  • Release once you are done and feel the blood circulating throughout the body!
  • This pose would make you feel immensely light, flexible and energetic! This pose helps in fighting the aging process and looking beautiful will definitely make you feel heavenly and these are also yoga poses to help you feel lighter!

7. The Dancing – Balancing Pose

  • If you love dancing and stretching, this pose is an ultimate combination of these two amazing workout options which would never fail to make you feel awesome!
  • The dancing pose makes you stretch your legs, arms and back which results into amazing figure and flexibility.
  • If you want an awesome balance and immense strength, here is the pose which you need to consider.
  • This beautiful pose is also known as natrajasana in Sanskrit and has many different benefits along with its spiritual energy and positivity!
  • This pose releases oxytocin which makes us feel joyous, happy, satisfied and confident.

How To Perform The Dancing Pose?

  • Stand with your hands by your side and stay relaxed.
  • Raise your left leg backwards while bending your knee inwards.
  • Keep your hips and legs elevated and from your left hand, hold your left elevated leg.
  • Balance while you lift and hold your leg and stand straight on your right leg.
  • Raise your right hand in the air with your fingers making a peacock mudra.
  • Keep your toes pointed and feel the hard stretch on your hips, legs, thighs abdomen, back and all the body parts!
  • Perform up to 5 repetitions for each leg and relax

8. The Cobra Pose

  • The cobra pose is a delighting pose which can fight stress and make you feel immensely energetic. The soreness in muscles, back pain, abdomen and neck pain can be prevented and cured with this pose.
  • Even mental issues like depression, stress, anxiety etc can also be battled. These are the basic issues which this pose can fight and make you feel alive.
  • It helps in calming the senses and makes you feel easy. It also improves blood circulation and purifies the oxygen in your body
  • It is one of the amazing poses which can prevent heart diseases and harmful illnesses. This is the yoga poses to help you feel lighter, active and immensely fit!

How To Perform The Cobra Pose?

  • Lie on the floor on your stomach.
  • Keep your toes pointed and straight.
  • Now, life your torso and upper body upwards.
  • Keep your palms on the floor and keep raising your face upwards.
  • Loot at the ceiling and stretch your face and body.
  • Feel the stretch in your abdomen, arms, shoulders, torso, back and all the other body parts.
  • Breathe while you stretch yourself and keep in this position for few seconds.
  • Release when you feel the stretch and perform 5-10 repetitions.

Results After 15 Day Sessions Of Trying These Yoga Poses

  • The first and obvious benefit you get from various yoga poses is losing weight and feeling lighter.
  • With yoga poses, you can lose the significant amount of weight gradually. This is a healthy weight loss process which can help you shed some inches in a healthy way!
  • While practicing yoga every day, your strength and flexibility would increase. These poses can also help you obtain more strength, endurance and balance.
  • Your day to day activities would get improved while you will feel energetic.
  • Also, the yoga poses would help to boost your performance at work or studies and you will feel more energetic and enthusiastic every morning!
  • Even after a long tiring day, you won’t feel lazy and instead, your stress levels and tiredness would become low!
  • Your mental well-being would increase and you will notice visible difference in your concentration, focus, and memory and brain performance.
  • Basic illness and issues won’t be able to affect you as yoga strengthens the immune system and makes your body fight against infections, bacteria and germs!
  • Sore muscles, painful legs, aching back and such minor regular issues would also fade away while you will feel motivated and pleasant within several sessions of yoga.
  • With increased stamina and strong immune system, your body, digestive system, heart and various organs would work efficiently.
  • With a sculpted figure, reduces stress and pressure, healthy body you would ultimately feel happy and light!

Thus, here are some amazing yoga poses to help you feel lighter and happier. Yoga is not merely a workout which can give you healthy body. It also connects you with spirituality and gifts you a healthy brain. Boost your energy levels and feel alive with these quick yoga poses daily!

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