Know Why You Get Tanned Easily And How To Treat Tanned Skin!

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Have you ever thought of how to treat tanned skin? Do you know some treatment of tanned skin? Let’s see this complete article.

Trisha observed her face minutely in the mirror. It looked tanned, very tanned. Her facial skin tone didn’t match at all with her body skin. She was worried as she was supposed to wear a short dress for an event. It looked clear that her skin tone was uneven.

She consulted a dermatologist who told her that her acidity levels were high.

“It’s not possible.” Trisha disagreed. “I don’t have burping problem. I don’t have even feel acidic at night even if I eat spicy food.”

She refused to accept doctor’s advice and continued with her treatment of tanned skin at the parlour. Her tan disappeared only on the treatment day and would come back within a day. Moreover, she could also notice that her teeth were not as pearly white as before. The tan was increasing day by day. One day, she realized that it was the time to revisit the same dermatologist.

“It is true that UV sunrays are responsible for skin tanning. But internal factors are also equally responsible for tan. When the acidity level increases in your body, your skin becomes sensitive to the sun rays and gets tanned quickly and easily. Even your teeth gets affected with yellow and brownish stains on it.” The doctor explained.

Trisha now accepted her diagnosis. She understood that in order to treat her tanned skin, she would first have to do treatment of tanned skin internally.

So, in this article, we are going to enlighten you with the treatment of tanned skin through internal ways. You have to be careful with what you eat. Mere application of face packs and creams is not sufficient for the treatment of tanned skin. You have to treat it internally.

Treatment Of Tanned Skin

Causes Of Tanned Skin (Due To Acidity)

Let us check what causes the increase in acidity levels and leads to skin tanning. Once you determine the causes of increasing acidity levels, you can take suitable steps to iron it out and maintain your healthy skin and body.

1. Excessive Consumption Of Tea And Coffee

  • We welcome our day with a hot, steaming cup of tea or coffee. It wakes up, refreshes from within and stimulates our mind to kick off the day. Especially during the monsoons and winters when you can’t get out the bed till you see a cup of hot tea next to your bed.
  • Now, what if we say that it is one of the main reasons for acidity? Our morning breakfast or snack is the first meal of our day after nearly 7-8 hours of fasting. We need something healthy or something nutritious to feed our stomach. Black teas and coffees contain harmful substances that cause damage to our organs. It just performs the function of stimulating your brain and nothing.
  • Some people are addicted to tea and coffee. They have it anytime during the day and even before going to sleep. For instance, people working in night shifts or doing desk jobs are prone to excessive tea and coffee consumption. Some families also have a tradition of drinking tea 4 or 5 times a day after regular intervals.
  • The main step towards the reduction of acidity levels is to cut off tea or coffee from your diet.

2. Excessive Consumption Of Gravies, Spicy And Oily Foods

  • It is true that all that tastes good is not good for your health and body system. Heart patients are often advised to reduce the intake of gravies and oily foods. Similarly, people who have acidity problem should also reduce the intake of spicy and oily foods. Such foods and gravies are 100 percent tasty and delicious, but it damages your acidic levels in the body, leading to burps and congestion. Even if you don’t get the burps, your body is suffering from acidity problem indirectly.
  • We eat to live and not live to eat. Hence, we should minimize these foods to maintain our digestive and other systems.

3. Improper Sleep Routines

  • A human being requires 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep in the night. It is advisable to avoid taking long naps in the afternoon. If you really feel tired and dizzy in the evening, then you can have a nap of not more than 15 minutes before 3 pm. Avoid taking naps after 5 pm.
  • A person who sleeps inadequately or sleeps late at night suffers from the lot of issues the next day such as indigestion, mood swings, laziness, drowsiness, dizziness, the sensation of vomiting, and headache. When a person has a chronic habit of sleeping late at night and partying or hanging out instead, then the person suffers from long-term issues. He or she cannot be productive during the day.
  • Hence, sleeping late at night causes acidity and other health problems in a person. Moreover, it is stated by skin experts, that sleeping late at night is one of the primary reasons for hair loss.

4. Constant Exposure To Harmful Rays

  • Harmful UV rays are always blamed for the direct tanning of skin. It is absolutely true. When we are out in the direct sunlight, we feel exhausted, dehydrated, nauseated and also dizzy. Our hunger is completely lost and we just keep drinking lots of water unnecessarily.
  • If natural UV rays are to be blamed, then what about the artificial lights of mobile screens, LEDs and laptops? Are they really safe as guaranteed by the manufacturing companies? You must have noticed that when you watch a movie on your mobile on chat with someone use your handset for a long time, you get a headache. Some people even feel extremely thirsty and vomiting. We straightaway ignore these side effects as we are now chained to these gadgets. However, one cannot ignore the adverse effects of these artificial rays on our acidity levels and overall health.

Let’s have a look at Treatment Of Tanned Skin!

Treatment Of Tanned Skin (Indirectly)

So, we have checked the causes that lead to acidity and skin tanning. Hope you have ticked off the causes that are aligned with you.

We are much aware of the different treatment of tanned skin available in reputed salons and parlours. No offence in availing this treatment of tanned skin. You will also come across a wide variety of home remedies to get rid of stubborn tan. These home remedies work like a miracle. The natural ingredients are not only easily available at home but are also highly effective.

For instance, applying buttermilk on the skin helps you to remove that rigid tan off the skin. Nothing simple and wonderful like that!

However, as we are targeting the problem of acidity and the resulting skin tan in this article, we would like to describe tips to treat acidity problem in the initial stage. We will provide you with the remedies to treat your acidity problem & tips for treatment of tanned skin so that your skin will become less susceptible to tanning.

1. Say No To Tea And Coffee

No. No morning cup of coffee. And no evening cup of coffee. Hey, no cold coffee too. Just get rid of it the first thing every morning.

We have already studied the adverse impacts of tea and coffee on your health and skin. Then, why continue the habit and turn it into a severe issue? Once you quit this habit, half of your health problems will get resolved. It will be difficulty for you to adjust in the beginning with the new ritual. Perhaps, you will feel more sleepy or drowsy during the day. Some may even get a headache. But in due course, everything falls in place.

You can replace your morning tea or coffee ritual with the following substitutes:

  • Green tea
  • Chamomile tea
  • A vegetable clear soup
  • Herbal teas
  • Ginger tea
  • Lemon tea

These teas are healthy substitutes for tea or coffee. It will also help in developing your immune system and resolve digestive problems.

2. Say No To Gravies, Spicy And Oily Foods

Situation 1: You had a bland salad in your afternoon lunch. You feel like eating something scrumptious. You cook fish curry at night.

Situation 2: You are out with your friends for a movie. You share popcorn with two of your friends. Then, have a cup of cold coffee topped with ice-cream. You go and shop at your favourite brand store. You again seem to be hungry. You find a pizza shop next to the store and you grab on a double-cheese chicken pizza.

Situation 3: You are out for a business meeting at 1 pm. Your boss calls you and tells you to visit client’s place for a quick follow-up. You have only 20 minutes to reach another client’s place and all you can see is a hot dog vendor selling tasty-looking, crispy, mouthwatering hot dogs. The next moment you are seen munching on a hot dog while driving.

Well, in these above situations, you were having food cravings and less time. But you were having a choice which you ignored completely?

In the first situation, as you had a boring day, and you wanted something interesting to eat, you could have prepared a vegetable rice with spices. You have to use spices in a moderate quantity without making it too spicy. Or you could have had baked fish instead.

In the second situation, you could have said no to your friends when they asked you for a cold coffee or for a pizza. You could have ordered for a fresh fruit juice instead and feasted on a veg brown bread sandwich. You could have told them about your acidity problem and they might have understood it well.

In the third situation, you could have been smart enough to carry your healthy snacks wherever you are. In this busy world, we don’t get time to wait for the right and nutritious food. Hence, it is advisable to carry snacks such as fruits, soya milk, veg sandwich, nuts, peanuts, home-cooked snacks and so on. Never skip a meal, but one should also avoid bad eating habits.

We have provided a Sample Diet Plan for you to resolve your acidity issue:

  • When you wake up – drink an herbal or green or ginger tea.
  • After 15-20 minutes – Eat a bowl of oats with milk, add few chopped almonds into it. Soak almonds a night before. You can even have black raisins over it.
  • Before leaving for office or after reaching office at nearly 10 am – Have a fruit like apple or banana. Seasonal fruits always preferred.
  • During lunch – Avoid gravies and spicy foods. Eat something that is cooked in less oil. Prefer home-cooked meals only.
  • In the evening – Have tender coconut water or a fresh fruit juice. If you feel like eating something crunchy, then eat nuts. You can have tasty diet crackers. If you are at home, drink a soup. Drink buttermilk during summers.
  • During dinner – Nothing spicy or oily. Cook at home. Never have a heavy meal at night.
  • Before going to sleep – Drink a glass of cold, plain milk or soymilk.

3. Some Tips For Healthy Eating

  • Go for herbal teas.
  • Have tender coconut water regularly. Daily is also fine.
  • Drink fresh fruit juices. Eat seasonal fruit every day. Don’t miss a day.
  • Eat raw vegetables and salads such as cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, etc.

4. Sleep Adequately

It is always advisable to sleep at 10 pm. Follow a systematic sleep routine if you have a problem getting asleep. Some of the important tips are as follows:

  • Do not drink coffee before going to sleep.
  • Switch off the LED lights and mobile screens. Keep them away before going to sleep.
  • Relax your mind and free it from worries and tensions.
  • Do not read anything that brings tension to your mind.
  • Lastly, do not go to night clubs or late night parties as it will hamper your complete sleep schedule.

5. Stay Away From Harmful Rays

As we have already mentioned, harmful UV rays cause skin tanning. Always cover your head and skin with a scarf or a hat to protect it from sun rays.

Similarly, always use a sunscreen lotion while going out in the sun. Even during rainy season, do not forget to use it.

We are constantly exposed to mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets. It is true that we do not need these gadgets continuously. We are just trying to convert it into a desperate need. You do not have to chat for hours, watch movies whenever you get time or surf on internet for trivial things. Instead of it, connect with the outside world.

  • Talk with people. Chat with your own family members and know their lives.
  • Read an interesting book and visualize how it would appear as a movie.
  • When you are in train or a bus or on a plane, then talk with other passengers instead of sitting glued to the mobile.
  • Do yoga and relaxation.
  • Once in a month, go for a one-day-without-screen mission. If you achieve it, you would be able to maintain self-control.

Thus, all these tips will help you in reducing your acidity problem that is an indirect cause for skin tanning. If you incorporate these tips for treatment of tanned skin in your daily routine, then it help you in maintaining healthy skin and body systems.

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