The 11 Worst Hygiene Mistakes Women Make!

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In our day to day life, we all are instructed to follow some rules and measures for proper hygiene. Sanitizers, soaps, hand washes, cleansers, etc. products have witnessed a high sales ratio than ever before! Despite these facts, are we still aware of the basic female hygiene mistakes we keep doing all the time?

  • After tons and tons of healthy products and habits, we frequently make some common female hygiene mistakes which we aren’t even aware of.
  • Especially women, make different hygiene mistakes which can serve harmful when it comes to personal health! Here is all you need to know about female hygiene mistakes you commit and the ways to prevent them!

Female Hygiene Mistakes

Which Are The Most Common Areas Where Women Tend To Make Hygiene Mistakes?

Women have a lot to manage at homes and outside. There are many areas where possible female hygiene mistakes can occur.

  • Bathrooms
  • Makeup
  • Body cleansing and care
  • Kitchen
  • Skin and hair
  • Workout
  • Beauty products etc

Female Hygiene Mistakes

Here are some basic female hygiene mistakes you make and how you can prevent them:

1. You Are Leaving Your Toothbrush Out And Open

We all are aware of the germs and dust particles around us. These germs can stick over your tooth brushes and make your mouth infected. Though we keep the bathroom completely clean and sanitized, there are so many germs which stick on the toothbrush while they are open.

How To Prevent This Hygiene Mistake?

  • You can place the toothbrushes in a closed cabinet. There are different drawers and cabinets in the bathroom and you can place your toothbrush in these cabinets to protect them from dust, germs and any external unhygienic thing.
  • Also, you can clean the toothbrush set frequently with proper sanitizers. Every day when you brush, also remember to wash your toothbrush with a cleaner and keep it safe from the dust.

2. You Don’t Use Floss!

Floss is simply not just for a sparkling splash and freshness. The floss also cleanses the mouth and removes all the dirt and waste from your mouth which prevents your teeth from decaying. Most of us don’t have floss in the bathroom and this can lead to tooth decay!

How To Prevent This Hygiene Mistake?

  • Keep floss in your home. You can go for water flosses if you find it difficult to use the flosses.
  • Use brushes and flossing products to clean your mouth, gaps between your teeth and to fight bad breath.
  • Go for flossing two times a day, in the morning and night to keep your mouth clean.

3. You Pretend That The Shower Clean Themselves!

How many people from us have ever included shower cleaning in their bathroom cleaning routine? We wash the toilet seats, we use sanitizers and hand wash, we also keep the floor sparkling clean but when it comes to shower, we do not use any cleaning process!

Showers are the most widely used tools in the bathroom but refrain from getting cleansed! The shower heads get dirty and develop harmful particles if not cleansed in a certain period. The fungi and dirt surrounding shower head can make your body infected!

How To Prevent This Hygiene Mistake?

  • If you have a great stainless steel or quality shower head, open it and wash it thoroughly with cleansers
  • Also if you have plastic shower head, use Luke arm water and cleansing product to clean it.
  • You can also use the bathroom cleaner to clean the shower head. Clean the curtain with a brush and hot water to make sure it is free from dirt particles and various germs.
  • This also applies on the taps and pipes of your home. Follow the same process for bathroom taps and pipes for clean and safe water.

4. You Sleep With The Makeup On!

Women love makeup! But the love must not cross its boundaries as; sleeping with it can do no good to your skin. Makeup is made up of products and chemicals which are not so good for your skin and makes it rough and damaged if carried for a long period.

You skin is extremely delicate and requires more pampering. This delicate organ cannot bear more chemicals and unnatural products and thus can develop rashes, infections and such skin issues. Any makeup product like mascara, liners, concealers etc can make your skin and eyes damaged!

How To Prevent This Hygiene Mistake?

  • Though you get immensely tired and lazy, do not keep your makeup on while sleeping. A little laziness can make your skin suffer a lot.
  • Once you get home from party, makeup removal is the first thing you must do.
  • Get a natural cleanser like lavender oil, baking soda for skin cleansing.
  • You can also use the gentle and mild makeup removers to remove makeup from your skin and to cleanse the dirt.
  • Moisturize your skin after cleansing it and then get cozy in your bed and have a great sleep!

5. You Exfoliate The Skin Too Much!

Exfoliation is immensely important for your skin. Daily while you step out from your home, the germs, dirt and dirt particles make your skin rough and dirty. Though you bath daily, the dirt and germs get stuck in the deeper layers of your skin and makes it look dark.

Exfoliation helps in cleansing these particles and makes the skin look fresh and germ-free. But, over exfoliation can damage your delicate skin! If you over exfoliate your skin, it would become rough, itchy and sometimes, bloody!

How To Prevent This Hygiene Mistake?

  • The correct way to exfoliate your skin is using the gentle tools and also considering the frequency of exfoliating.
  • Exfoliate your skin once a week and you would get desired results. Once a week, go for exfoliation and your skin would become nourished and smooth as never before.
  • Use Luke warm water to make your skin smooth and remove the germs easily. Use the delicate products to brush off the dirt particles and hard skin. Moisturize your skin after exfoliating to pamper it and avoid itchiness.
  • Every week, exfoliate and go for a loofah session to make your skin cleanse, beautiful and glorious without any ill effects!

6. You Skin Shower After A Heavy And Sweaty Workout Session

We all understand the tiredness and laziness we feel soon after the workout. During workouts, we sweat a lot and the energy levels go down for certain time period. But this laziness can cost you lot when it comes to female hygiene and health!

While you workout, you sweat and the sweat consists of all the toxic substances and dirt which our body releases. This sweat can cause unbearable odor and germs in your body. The sweatiness can make your skin greasy and thus cause acne, pimples and skin issues.

How To Prevent This Hygiene Mistake?

  • Soon after you complete your workout, do not let the tiredness dominate your mind and you go rest! Jump to your bathroom and have a shower
  • Use a shower gel or mild cleansing product for bathing. Also cleanse your hair and body to remove all the sweatiness and dirt from your body Get some fresh and cleaned clothes and then, go for a power nap session. This would make you feel more relaxed and also would help you in having great sleep!

7. You Use Scented And Chemical Based Skin Care Products

We all love the lingering fragrance of our shampoos, lotions, moisturizers, soaps, deodorants etc. but do you know that these scented products can cause harm to your skin? The scented and smelly products consist of some undesirable chemical which can damage your skin.

Also, these products consist of elements like alcohol, aluminum and more which can make your skin simply unhygienic!

How To Prevent This Female Hygiene Mistake?

  • Firstly, try using the natural products as much as you can. Our tradition and history have given us some magical herbs, flowers, plants and products which can transform the skin! From soaps to deodorants, these natural and scented products can give us all the desired results
  • If you like to use the market products, while you go for shopping, firstly read the ingredients and chemical content of the products carefully. Avoid the alcohol and aluminum based products which can make your skin infected
  • Use more natural products on your skin as it is a very delicate and smooth organ of your body which gets infected quickly!

8. You Hang The Towels And Clothes On Hooks

The hooks are the best places to rest clothes. Also, when we do not find proper space for placing the clothes, we hang it over the hooks. After a laundry session too, we hang the clothes on the hooks without knowing that the hooks are the most common ways to spread germs and dust.

Hooks are open and they have a lump of dirt particles on it. This lump and dirt get stuck on your clothes when you hang them from the hooks and all your laundry cleaning process fails!

How To Prevent This Hygiene Mistake?

  • Instead of using a hook, fold your towels and place it in a clean cabinet. If your clothes aren’t yet dry, make them dry on the clean places
  • Use the machines and once they are dry, immediately fold them and place them in clean storage spaces

9. You Use The Herbs And Spices For So Long!

We all keep our kitchen safe and clean to avoid any disease. Washing the vegetables, cleaning the kitchen equipment and washing the utensils daily are some of the measures we take. But, we use all the herbs, spices and such ingredients longer than the period we should. We rarely know the expiry of such powders and use them constantly until they get empty!

How To Prevent This Hygiene Mistake?

  • If you use the home made spices and taste makers consider the ideal period of storing them.
  • While you use turmeric, chili powder and such spices, check their texture and period of storage. Women have this ideology to store such spices for years and years which can act as the worst female hygiene mistake.
  • Also, if you purchase these spices from markets, do not forget to check the expiry dates and use them within the given time period.
  • Have a brave heart to throw your favorite spice or taste maker if you have not used it completely and still have to throw it unused!

10. You Share Your Makeup And Use Expired Makeup Products

Just 20% of girls would deny with the fact that they use the expired makeup products!  Do you even remember when you bought your makeup products? We all are simply addicted to use the same product all the time when we carry makeup

Sharing is amazing but in terms of makeup, it can act as a germ trigger! With sisters and your bff’s, you constantly share your lipsticks, foundations and makeup brushes which are simply not recommended. The germs and dirt from your skin can get the other’s skin infected and vice versa.

How To Prevent This Hygiene Mistake?

  • Though it is a heart breaking task, check your makeup product’s expiry date and do not use it more than a significant period.
  • Also, keep your brushes and other makeup tools clean. Use warm water and cleansers to wash the brushes which would reduce the chances of skin infections up to 90%!
  • Do not share your makeup products with anyone! This can exchange the skin infections and dirt and get you infected with itchiness, rashes, acne and such skin impairments.

11. You Use A Dirty Cotton Pillow!

This is one of the most beneficial and essential beauty tips which can work miracles on your skin and hair! Cotton pillows tend to absorb more dirt, dust and harmful particles.

Washing the pillow is very important as, while you sleep on it, your skin can get in contact with these harmful elements and make it worse

Cotton pillowcases with that dirt can make your skin dry, itchy, pimpled and rough. Also, it would cause split ends, rough hair and such issues.

How To Prevent This Female Hygiene Mistake?

  • Instead of a cotton pillow, go for a silk pillow. This beauty tip has changed the life of many women and works amazingly.
  • Silk pillows do not catch more dirt and dust. Also it keeps your skin super smooth and clean.
  • The best thing about silk pillows is that, it makes your skin remain smooth and silky retaining moisture in your skin. It would not grab the moisture from your skin and hair.
  • If you want to make your skin and hair look flawless, use the amazing silk pillow and refrain from using the cotton pillows.

Hygiene is a collection of different ways to maintain healthiness and to stay away from various diseases. We are surrounded by so many products which are intended to save us from different types of health issues. Maintain cleanliness and do not use the products for a loner time period. Use the products effectively to extract the best from them!

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