How to Lose Belly Fat Fast With Amazing Spiced Ayurvedic Tea!

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5 Responses

  1. Nagasri says:

    Madam ! I have a doubt, You used some leaves in making Ayurvedic Tea..Which leaf you used ? can you name it…Because i want to make it immediately!!!

  2. shifa says:

    hey sound nice ….but how much to consume at a time……is it safe for me? as I used to suffer from mouth ulcers

  3. nik says:

    hey, can you please tell me how many days can we store these ready tea.???
    And how much doing all this is feasible for a working married woman??

  4. someone says:

    and you said dat this tea is to be stored in is it to be consumed completely in one day or todays preparation can b used for the next day?

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