Best Motivators To Start Diet and Exercise!

Best Motivators To Start Diet and Exercise

Every New Year, we make a resolution to eat healthy, exercise and be healthy. Hence, we bring here best motivation for diet & exercise. The 31st night is spent in binging on our favourite dishes, cuisine and drinks. We resolve that since 31st is the last day of the year, let us enjoy every comfort … Read more

These homemade face masks can make your skin glow!

Home-Made Packs For Healthy Hair

Yes, we have ready-to-apply face packs in market stores. You can save considerable time by applying those face packs. However, if you want to treat your skin with care and nature’s magic, then we have brought some of the essential best homemade face masks for glowing skin for you. These best homemade face masks for … Read more

14 Best Tips to Maintain Healthy Scalp And Hair!

Best Tips to Maintain Healthy Scalp And Hair

We all want healthy scalp & our hair to be shiny, lustrous and full of volume. However, we notice that our hair suffers from various problems such as follows. Hair fall Stubborn dandruff Discoloration of hair Dull and lifeless hair Sticky, oily hair In order to have healthy scalp dandruff-free hair, we have to take … Read more

Advantages of Eating Food Slowly!

Advantages of Eating Food Slowly!

How many times have you gobbled your breakfast to reach office or school or college at time? And we assure ourselves “At least, I had something in the morning” even though it was eaten hurriedly by you without noticing taste, smell and texture of the food. Eating a bowl of cereals or drinking a glass … Read more

How to Take Care of Hair, Eyes and Feet During Summer?

How to Take Care of Hair, Eyes and Feet During Summer?

The month of April marks the beginning of the season of mangoes, harsh heat and cool ice cubes. Well, we are talking about summer, particularly about the beauty challenges faced by women during this season. We will discuss here how to take care of hair, eyes and feet during summer. In summer, it is likely … Read more

Benefits Of Watermelon For Skin and Health During Summer!

Benefits Of Watermelon For Skin and Health

Watermelon is like a life saver in the scorching heat of summers. Watermelon juice not only quenches your thirst in the first sip itself but also soothes your mind and body. No other soft drink or soda flavour can beat watermelon juice! Also, there are some great benefits of watermelon for skin and health. Mother Nature … Read more

Reasons Why You Should Avoid Eating Sugar!

Why is Sugar Bad For You

A bite of a juicy rasagulla, or a piece of chocolate after lunch or dinner makes you feel complete and your stomach full. But if you feel that having such comfort foods make you happy and satisfied, then you are completely wrong. You may even be suffering from sugar blues when your body keeps demanding … Read more

How To Dress Effectively As Per Your Body Shape?

How To Dress Effectively As Per Your Body Shape

Do you know how to dress for your body type? Have you teased someone at their back with respect to their body shape like calling him or her as a pencil-figured or a pumpkin? It sounds pretty amusing, yeah! During our childhood days, we have often made fun of our friends and acquaintances on the basis … Read more

Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40!

Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40

Weight gain is a serious concern for most of the women when they cross 40. Till 40, a woman becomes matured with the life lessons and experiences. She undergoes emotional issues, medical concerns, family concerns, office deadlines, career ups and downs and much more. Hence,  we are here with some weight loss tips for women … Read more

How To Treat Insomnia?

How To Treat Insomnia

How To Treat Insomnia? is the biggest question facing people worldwide? Let’s go through this article and be aware of the facts related to this sleeping disorder. It was 3 am. Lisa was still wide awake. She couldn’t get sleep even though she was tired with the constant busyness, meetings, deadlines, household chores during the … Read more

Effective Tips on How To Treat Depression!

How To Treat Depression?

In simple words Depression is a state of mind that makes you feel demotivated, depressed and lack of any objective and energy in life. But do you know how to treat depression? Depression is like a sheet of black feelings that cover your mind and leave you with no energy and positivity for the rest … Read more

Home Remedies For Alopecia : How to Treat Hair Disorder?

Home Remedies For Alopecia

Hold on. Alopecia has nothing to do with aloe vera. Also, it is not a natural herb useful for beautifying your skin or hair. On the contrary, Alopecia is a hair disorder in which hair loss occurs in the form of patches. We will see here the causes and home remedies for alopecia. As it sounds, … Read more

8 Tips to Train Your Brain Like a Super Computer!

Tips to Train Your Brain Like a Super Computer

We have talked about training your body at a fitness club or at home. We are sure you must have implemented some of our fitness tips. But have you ever tried to train your brain? Did something called as Brain Gym? We love our heart as it connected to a beautiful feeling called love. We … Read more

8 Natural And Unique Ways To Be Fit And Healthy!

Natural And Unique Ways To Be Fit And Healthy

George was fed up of his monotonous routine. Indeed, he spent time for exercising daily in a posh, well-equipped gym. He ate healthy food bought from branded stores. Yet he wanted something different in his life. He wanted to live more naturally and be fit and healthy at the same time. Hence, we bring how … Read more

How To Do Clustering Of Your Clothes And Create An Amazing Wardrobe?

How To Do Clustering Of Your Clothes

Rita and Jane were discussing and chitchatting about their shopping habits. While Rita picked up clothes carefully and properly as per need, Jane was a spendthrift. Jane had the habit of swiping her debit and credit cards almost for all purchases. She never missed a sale, a stock clearance sale, or any discount offers at … Read more

Tips For Effective Communication!

Tips For Effective Communication

Communication is the process of expressing your opinions, feelings, opinions, and thoughts.  Good communication skills help in determining you as a person. If you are an excellent communicator, you can express your thoughts in a better fashion and maintain healthy, long-term relationships. Hence we bring here some tips for effective communication. Do you think that … Read more

How To Maintain Oral Hygiene?

How To Maintain Oral Hygiene?

For a well-groomed woman, oral hygiene is as crucial as a flawless skin and thick, long hair. One cannot ignore it. Imagine talking to a person who has stained teeth and a bad mouth smell. You won’t be able to stand longer than five seconds in front of such a person. Similarly, a person would … Read more

Tips and Techniques for Waxing With Ease!

Tips and Techniques for Waxing

Hair removal is done by every woman. With the advancements in the beauty industry, many hair removal techniques have been introduced and enhanced such as hair removal creams, gels, waxing, shaving, epilator, laser and electrolysis treatments. Waxing and shaving are commonly used by women all over the world since they are easy and cost-effective. We … Read more

Best Exercise Regimes That Won’t Make You Bore!

Best Exercise Regimes

Change is inevitable in life. In order to achieve success in life, you need to do some interesting exercises & incorporate change in your life. Change can be in any form then. You need to change you jobs when the time occurs. You need to change your residence to live in a better world. You … Read more

Know Why You Get Tanned Easily And How To Treat Tanned Skin!

How To Treat Tanned Skin

Have you ever thought of how to treat tanned skin? Do you know some treatment of tanned skin? Let’s see this complete article. Trisha observed her face minutely in the mirror. It looked tanned, very tanned. Her facial skin tone didn’t match at all with her body skin. She was worried as she was supposed … Read more