Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40!

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Weight gain is a serious concern for most of the women when they cross 40. Till 40, a woman becomes matured with the life lessons and experiences. She undergoes emotional issues, medical concerns, family concerns, office deadlines, career ups and downs and much more. Hence,  we are here with some weight loss tips for women over 40.

At 40, a woman needs to take extra care of her health, particularly weight. It is obvious to be worried about signs of aging such as grey hair, wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, etc. She need to be acceptable to all the effects of aging and consider it as a gift of nature.

With aging, a woman’s metabolic activity rate declines. Her stamina reduces and she faces large degree of difficulty while taking care of herself and family. If she is a working woman, she also needs to consider her office priorities.

As we age, weight loss becomes a daunting task. During 20s, it is relatively easy to lose weight by adopting a fitness and diet regime. But shredding unwanted pounds in 40s is challenging.

Hence, we have brought for you some of the effective weight loss tips for women over 40. You need to be consistent, confident and determined while implementing these weight loss tips.

Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40

See these weight loss tips for women over 40.

Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40

1. Go For Health Check-Ups

If you have experienced considerable weight gain during certain period, then it is not a trivial matter. If you have other concerns such as hair loss, lack in appetite, lack of sleep, then do take it seriously. Go for regular health check-ups. It is important to check your thyroid levels as it leads to considerable weight gain.

2. Cut Down Sugar Intake

Over-consumption of sugar is a major reason for obesity. According to healthcare experts, a person should eat only six teaspoons of sugar in a day. If your diet consist of lot of teas, coffees, sweets, chocolates, pastries, cakes, then please monitor it and cut down it immediately.

The digestive organs in our body find it difficult to absorb large quantities of sugar that we eat. As a result, it gets converted into fat deposits in areas such as belly, thighs, and hips. It makes you look puffy and bloated. Avoid sugar intake as much as possible. You may even note down how much sugar you are eating to monitor and reduce it.

3. Monitoring Your Meals

Avoid consuming large portions of meals.  For instance, if your plate comprises of salads, starters, gravies, dry vegetables, chapatis, rice, sweet, beverage, and then it will make your stuffed. Your digestive system will be overloaded with these foods. Hence, take small portions of meals and make a habit of recording it.

4. Drink Lots Of Water

When you drink lots of water, you will feel less bloated and puffy. You should drink at least six to weight glasses of water in a day, depending upon the season and your physical activity. In addition to increased water intake, you need to reduce your salt intake. Over-consumption of salt will increase water retention in our body. You need to cut down salty and processed foods such as salty chips, canned products, bakery items, spices, etc.

5. Prepare Your Diet Regime

If you prepare and stick to a diet regime, then it will be time-saving and beneficial for your health. Your diet schedule must comprise of all healthy and nutritious foods such as salads, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, fruits, coconut water, sprouts, pulses, cereals, whole grains, etc. If you are tempted to eat your favourite food, then eat it but in smaller portions. You need to check whether your diet regime provides you with sufficient nourishment, vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, etc. Cut off comfort foods from your diet schedule.

6. Enjoy Eating Your Food

We enjoy eating our favourite food items. Why not apply mindfulness while eating lunch and dinner? You should check whether you are eating because you are hungry, or you are stressed out or emotionally unstable. You must chew food properly and eat it with gratitude.

7. Increase Protein and Calcium Intake

Most of the women in their 40s experience bone related concerns. They have considerable pain in their joints and muscles. Hence, they must consume diet consisting of proteins and calcium. Include lean meat, eggs, fish, milk, soybean and related products in your diet. Additionally, you need to exercise in order to absorb these nutrients in your body. Exercise will make you lean and strong. Even if you find 30-40 minutes for an exercise regime in day, it will give you fruitful results. Moreover, relaxation exercises such as yoga and meditation will also help.

8. Cut Off Comfort Foods

When we get tensed or when we are busy and tired, we tend to consume comfort foods unknowingly. For example, if a woman is alone at home and does not have to cook for family, then she will order a pizza to relax herself instead of cooking herself. Similarly, if she is busy in work, she will go for a sandwich or noodles. Instead of opting for comfort foods, go for rich and nutritious foods such as fruits, juices, vegetables, brown bread, oats, nuts and seeds, etc. to energize yourself. Do not shop for processed foods.

9. Get Sufficient Sleep

Sleep is essential for health and beauty. When you sleep adequately, the HGH hormone is secreted properly. These hormones are released only during the initial stage of sound sleep. If you sleep less or have undisturbed sleep, then HGH is secreted in lesser quantities. As a result of less secretion of HGH, your body weight shows adverse impact. Hence, get a sound and relaxed sleep every night. You can pray, meditate or listen to calm music before going to sleep. Adopt a pre-sleep regime. It is advisable not to work on your bed as it hampers your sleep.

10. Adopt a Fitness Regime

If you do not have a fitness regime, then adopt it immediately. The slow rate of metabolism is one of the reasons for weight gain. For ensuring proper metabolic activity, it is necessary to be flexible with the fitness regime. You can experiment with different types of exercises such as aerobics, Zumba, dance class, weight-training, cardio exercises, swimming, running, cycling, Pilates, etc. By changing fitness regime on a regular basis, you can burn extra calories quickly.

11. Be Active Always

Women over 40 experience flab and unnecessary pounds in areas such as belly and thighs. Turning 40 does not mean you are getting aged and need to rest more. Your body need activity through various forms. For instance, go for a daily morning walk, or walk to the grocery market or the parking lot, or use staircase instead of the elevator. It may take extra effort for you to be active but it will render effective results in the long-term scenario.

12. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent beverage for reducing the extra flab on your body. Fortified with fat-burning properties, it is also comprised of antioxidants. It boosts metabolic activity and reduces flab from the trouble zones. Hence, make a habit and get the benefits of drinking green tea and skip the regular tea. Even teas such as ginger tea, lemon tea, chamomile tea are beneficial for your health.

Thus, though weight gain issues are challenging for women above 40, they can definitely change their lifestyle and reduce weight effectively with these weight loss tips for women over 40. These lifestyle decisions are beneficial for them to get a lean, strong and healthy body.

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