Tips and Techniques for Waxing With Ease!

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Hair removal is done by every woman. With the advancements in the beauty industry, many hair removal techniques have been introduced and enhanced such as hair removal creams, gels, waxing, shaving, epilator, laser and electrolysis treatments. Waxing and shaving are commonly used by women all over the world since they are easy and cost-effective. We will discuss here some waxing tips and techniques.

Waxing Tips

Most of the women have to undergo the painful process of waxing hair. Waxing is one of the best hair removal methods. This is because:

  • It does not involve applications of chemicals like those contained in hair removal gels and creams.
  • Shaving your skin might result in thick, coarse hair in the same area. Moreover, shaving makes your skin rough.
  • Everyone cannot afford to go for expensive treatments such as the laser.
  • Waxing ensures removal of hair front the roots so that it gives you a smooth, finishing look.
  • When waxing is done over years, it reduces hair growth in certain areas.
  • It is cost-effective as most of the parlors offer these waxing treatments.
  • If you are interested in grooming yourself, you can even do waxing at home.

Before we move further with the waxing tips and tricks, let us quickly go through how one can wax their hands and legs at home itself.

Ingredients To Prepare A Home-Made Wax

For preparing a home-made wax, you will need the following:

  • 3 cups of sugar
  • ½ cup of lemon juice
  • ½ cup of water
  • Talcum powder
  • Thick cotton strips, almost six inches long and three inches in width
  • In case you are buying a ready-made wax, then you will need a wax of your choice, a wax heating machine and waxing strips.

Procedure To Prepare A Home-Made Wax

Mix sugar, water and the lemon juice in a vessel on a low flame. Ensure that the mixture does not contain lumps. For this, you can keep stirring the mixture often. You have to heat this mixture and stir it till the sugar gets completely dissolved in the water and the color changes to dark brown. It resembles honey. You can maintain the consistency by adding water or sugar, as the case may be. Ensure that there are no granules in the sugar. You can even take powdered sugar for this reason. Cool it down and use for waxing your body. If it becomes thick, you can add water and reheat the mixture.

Waxing Tips And Tricks

These waxing tips and techniques should be adopted when you are in a parlour for a waxing treatment or you are waxing by yourself. Most of the women consider it as a recurring, boring procedure. But you have to keep in mind few hygiene and other factors.

The Place

  • Your parlour room or your room should be cool. If you are perspiring continuously, then it will hinder the process of waxing. The wax does not stick on the surface properly.
  • Hence, always tell the beautician to switch on the cooler or the AC while waxing.
  • If you are getting your hands and legs waxed at a parlour or salon, check the reliability of their services beforehand. Prefer reputed salons by asking your friends or relatives.
  • If you are trying a new salon, then just get your hands waxed for the first time. Do not risk your underarms or entire body at that time.

Skin Must Be Dry

  • Wax does not stick on the skin’s surface when it is creamy or moisturized.
  • Avoid applying any body lotion or your usual day cream on the areas to be waxed.
  • In case you have applied any cream the previous night by mistake, wash your hands properly with a soap and pat dry.

Using Talcum Powder

  • Beauticians use talcum powders for dusting purpose before waxing.
  • The main purpose of this powder is to ensure a better grip of the wax on the skin.
  • It is necessary to check whether you are sensitive to the powders used by her or not. If you are allergic to certain powders, then carry your own anti-bacterial, anti-fungal powder.
  • Also, your beautician or you should not be dusting too much powder as the wax won’t remove the hair.

While Waxing Tips

  • Always apply wax in the direction of hair growth and not in the opposite. However, when you pull the strip, you have to do in the opposite direction. You should stretch your skin with your other hand, and then pull the strip or cloth closely to your skin so that it does not hurt.
  • Do not forget the hairs on your fingers and toes as it looks quite embarrassing. Cleanly waxed, manicured and pedicured hands and feet look classy.
  • Keep an eye on the beautician when she is waxing. If she is leaving few hairs, tell her to do it properly. DO not wax the same area after a couple of time. If some hairs are left out, then tell her to remove it by threading.
  • After all hair are waxed, check your hands and legs properly if something is left out.

Waxing Tips For Sensitive Skin

  • It is common to experience redness or soreness of the skin after a waxing session.
  • But if you have developed a nasty rash or sore pimples, then you should check what is going wrong. Perhaps, you have to go for another hair removal method.
  • Always get your skin waxed from an experienced beautician. You should not have a newbie experimenting with your skin.

After Waxing Tips

  • Immediately after you have waxed the skin, you should splash cold water on the surface.
  • You may apply astringent lotion on the skin with the help of a cotton ball so that your skin feels cool and soothing.
  • You may also apply calamine lotion.

When to Bleach?

  • Some women also like their body parts to be bleached. But when to bleach is a significant question.
  • You should never bleach your skin before the waxing session or immediately after waxing session.
  • You can safely bleach it a few days before or after the skin is waxed.
  • When you wax, the skin becomes extra sensitive and bleach has harmful effect. You may develop dark patches which need to be treated only by a good dermatologist.

When to Exfoliate?

  • The same rule applies to exfoliation.
  • You should not exfoliate the skin two days just before and immediately after the waxing.
  • Exfoliation before or after the waxing session may cause your skin to become red or sore.

What to Wax?

  • Yes, there are different types of waxing such as hand wax, leg wax, full body wax, bikini wax, Brazilian wax, underarm wax, face wax, etc.
  • Be cautious when you go for facial wax as it may loosen your skin. You can use tweezers or thread for removal of facial hair.
  • While waxing underarms, if the skin surface darkens, then exfoliate it regularly using lemon peels or natural scrubs.
  • Bikini wax should be done only at an expert. Never try bikini or Brazilian wax at home. Be sure whether you can tolerate the pain during a Brazilian or bikini wax procedure. You may use ice cubes after the session to numb the pain.

Types of Favoured Wax

Apart from hot and cold wax, there are different types of wax and each offers benefits to your skin. It is always better to go for these waxes instead of the usual one. Let us check each one of them in brief.

1. Chocolate Wax

You love chocolates, and hence, the wax industry has brought for you – the chocolate wax. It has the rich, mesmerizing aroma of chocolate and consists of essential ingredients such as almond oil, glycerine and cocoa. It helps in complete removal of hair and retards it effectively. It fights against stubborn sun tan and promotes healthy and smooth skin. And you are definitely going to feel relaxed and enriching after a chocolate wax session at the parlour!

2. Arica Leaves Wax

This type of flavoured wax is best for promoting healthy skin. It goes deep into the hair roots and removes it gently, without making your skin red or sore. It makes your skin soft and supple like ever.

3. Aloe Vera Wax

We all know the benefits of Aloe Vera for our skin and hair. Aloe Vera is a fighter for all skin problems like acne, blemishes, spots, etc. Similarly, aloe Vera wax is best suited for women with sensitive skin. It has anti-bacterial properties and has a soothing effect on the skin.

4. Strawberry Wax

This flavoured wax is for all those ladies who love strawberries, strawberry crushes, and strawberry milk shakes. Why not have the same aromatic effect on your skin, then? You will forget the pain and worries in a strawberry wax session at the salon! Fortified with Vitamin C content, this wax lighten the skin and works best on oil skinned ladies. This is best in summers. Women with sensitive as well as sticky skin can go for this wax.

5. Orange Wax

– Oily skinned ladies have another favourite flavoured wax – the orange wax. It lightens the skin by removing blemishes and dark spots. It moisturizes, tones, and exfoliates the skin, making your skin healthy and supple.

Few More Waxing Tips

  • Do not book waxing appointment during your menstrual cycle. Remember that during the menstrual days, your skin becomes more sensitive and you cannot bear too much pain. Hence, avoid it
  • Always eat something before waxing. Eat something light such as a sandwich or a fruit.
  • After waxing, do not immediately go for a hot water bath. Do not splash hot water on it. Also, do not apply moisturizers, creams or soaps on the waxed surface. Let it take time to reduce the irritation and redness.
  • Before going for a bikini wax, confirm with your beautician how she is going to do it. She must be wearing hand gloves and use clean napkins for the same. Gain some reference before waltzing in the parlour.
  • If it is your first time for a bikini wax session, keep it simple. Go for a regular bikini wax so that your get an idea how much pain can you endure.
  • In case you have extreme sensitive skin or allergies, then do not wax. Go for some other kind of hair removal treatment.
  • In case you develop ingrown hair, do not prick or pull it out. It will become worse. While having a daily bath, splash warm water on it, scrub lightly and moisturize it with a natural cream. This is the only and best treatment for ingrown hair.
  • Understand the purpose of waxing. To be clean and hygienic and as per safety standards. Hence, whether you wax or use hair removal cream, you should do it in a hygienic and safe manner.
  • Before going for any wax, particularly bikini wax, have a clean bath.
  • Check whether the beautician is using clean stripes and napkins for the treatment. If you do not feel comfortable with the parlour hosiery, then carry napkins or towels from home itself.
  • You hair should be at least half inch grown for getting waxed properly. If hair are too long, then it becomes painful for you.

Thus, waxing is an important ritual in the life of a woman. A woman can select flavored wax as per personal likes. However, she has to consider all the above-mentioned waxing tips and tricks before, during and after a waxing session.

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