10 Do’s & Don’ts for Underarm Hair Removal…

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We all dread the day we have to get the underarm cleaned. Isn’t it? It’s every girl’s nightmare thing in terms of personal grooming. “Hello Pain,” says the super sensitive underarms. Bumpiness, dark skin, are some of the biggest enemies when it comes to removing the underarm hair. Hence, we bring here underarm hair removal guide.

But since we all love our dresses and sleeveless tops, we need to shower little importance to this area and need the basic underarm hygiene. Girls use different methods from waxing to shaving to the laser to remove underarm hair. Therefore we share with you some important dos & don’ts through this underarm hair removal guide. These underarm hair removal guide will make your hair removing experience little less painful and easier and will give you much smoother armpits.

Do you want to know how to keep underarms soft and smooth? Here we bring you different ways…

10 Do’s and Don’ts – The Underarm Hair Removal Guide

Underarm hair removal guide

Let’s learn the 10 do’s and don’ts in this underarm hair removal guide.

1. Don’t Wear Tight Clothes

Wearing body hugging clothes can lead to excessive heat leading to sweat production. This can result in the feeling of sickness and irritation. Therefore, to avoid the feeling of irritation and excessive sweat, wear loose clothes on your daily basis especially after the shave and waxing because your underarm skin is sensitive and can give you irritation. Stay away from antiperspirants and deodorants for a couple of days after shaving and wax.

2. Do Clean Your Armpits in Advance

Before you chose to wax or shave it is very important that you prepare your underarms. Wash them with mild soap and lukewarm water. Armpits produce more sweat than other parts of your body and if you use deodorant on regular basis, there could be residue left from the deodorants. The frequent sweat and residues can hamper the overall effectiveness of the shave and waxing. To be on the safer side, take bath and keep your underarms clean for smooth shaving and waxing.

3. Don’t Forget The Regular Exfoliation

Many times you will notice that after shaving or waxing, you get small bumps on your underarm skins. These bumps are created due to lack of exfoliation. Exfoliating your skin helps in getting rid of impurities and dirt. Frequent exfoliation also loosens the hair follicles which helps in easy hair removal. This further helps in reducing the severe pain during the waxing. You can prepare a simple DIY scrub at home by mixing honey, sugar and lemon juice to hydrate, lighten and exfoliate the skin area all at once. You can also make a habit of exfoliating your underarm skin every night with the help of scrub or smooth brush before going to bed. You will get the desired results and see the lesser bumps on your underarm skin.

4. Do Take Painkiller If You Want

Waxing can sting and by now all the girls have gone through this painful yet necessary evil. The underarm skin really hurt like hell especially if you have sensitive underarm skin. To avoid this painful experience for the girls with sensitive skin, you can take a painkiller thirty minutes before going for the wax. Opt for mild painkillers which are easily available over the counter like Crocin and Ibuprofen.

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5. Do Consider the Dryness

Always remember that wax does not stick to sweaty armpits. Therefore, always wash your armpits and dry the area. Dab some talcum powder to your underarms to absorb the moisture, sweat or water. You may have noticed parlour assistants dabbing powder before applying the wax. It is done so that the wax stick to the dry underarms and can be easily removed. The process of shaving is completely opposite than waxing. Never shave dry underarms because this can cause irritations due to friction. The best time to shave your underarms is to first take a shower and shave before coming out because your underarms are well hydrated with the water and steam. If you want, you can also use shaving gel for additional lubrication.

6. Don’t Get Confused With The Directions

In the case of shaving, doing it in the opposite direction of your hair growth helps in giving you a closer shave but in case you have a sensitive skin then you should avoid the practice of opposite direction to prevent the irritation. Shave in the same direction of your hair growth. In the case of waxing, when you apply the thin layer of wax on your underarms, you need to pull the strip to the opposite direction of your hair growth because then only you will get rid of all your underarm hair. For the hair removal creams, follow the instructions shared in the box. The hair removal creams are not painful but can cause irritation and allergy if not used carefully. Avoid leaving the hair removal cream on the skin for a long time.

7. Do Rinse Shaving Blade On Each Stroke

Remember that a clean razor blade cuts your hair more effectively than a blade with accumulated residue like gunk, hair and dead skin. The residue blocks the path of the razor and contains bacteria and no-one wants to be touched by bacteria again and again. Run your blade under the water after two or three strokes for better and effective shave.

8. Don’t Lift Your Underarm Halfway Only

While shaving or waxing, if you leave your arms halfway, you will end up hurting yourself with cuts or incomplete waxing. You need to completely stretch your arm fully because when you stretch, your skin folds open and leave your arms open and no hair is missed during the process of shaving and waxing. Raise your arm above the head level to provide the flat surface for smooth hair removing process.

9. Do The Aftercare

Once you are done with the underarm hair removal process of shaving, waxing or hair removal creams, apply ice to your underarms immediately. This will act as a moisturizer and will reduce the redness. You can also apply aloe vera gel to your underarms skin to bring soothing effect. Apply a light moisturizer or aloe vera gel after every shave. To prevent the annoying bumps and ingrown hair, exfoliate your underarm area after a day. For almost two to three days wear loose clothes to avoid irritation and chafing of the skin.

10. Don’t Repeat The Process on The Same Area

While waxing, instead of doing a large portion, again and again, do small patches at one time. Waxing a single patch, again and again, will lead to irritation and redness on your underarm area. This can also end up brushing your skin and your underarms may end up bleeding. Similarly for the shaving as well, shave your underarms in small and short strokes to prevent bruising and irritating the sensitive portion of your underarms.

Few Tips for Flawless Underarms

  • If possible avoid shaving your underarms and avoid using hair removal creams because they tend to make your armpits rough and darker.
  • Use mild soaps or body wash to clean your underarm skin. A harsh soap can strip away the moisture from the skin.
  • Do not spray deodorants directly on your skin because it can cause darkness and rashes and sometimes can lead to irritation as well.
  • For extra hydration and elasticity of your skin, massage your underarm skin with almond oil or coconut oil. Doing this will help your skin be soft and firm.


One more month and we will say goodbye to the winter and will get ready to welcome spring. The first thing girls like to do is to see what all dresses and tops they will be wearing during the spring and the following summer time. In order to prepare themselves, they would need to clean their underarms. Hopefully, this underarm hair removal guide of dos & don’ts will give ample information for easy and safe underarm hair removal process.

If you have any more suggestions on underarm hair removal guide, feel free to share in the comment box for everyone.

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