How to Keep Underarms Soft and Smooth Using Home Remedies?

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If you are among those ladies who own many sleeveless outfits in their wardrobe but still do not wear them because of your underarms, you are welcome to join the team sister. We often overlook this part of our body but it is one of the most crucial and important parts of our body and why not? We all dream of having flawless and smooth underarms and with a little care it is very easy to attain such soft underarms.

Now you would want to know how to keep underarms soft and smooth? isn’t it? Here we bring you different ways to attain spotless, smooth and softer looking underarms so that you can easily move your hands in the air and take out all those sleeveless outfits from your closet.

How to keep underarms soft and smooth

How To Keep Underarms Soft and Smooth?

1. How to Keep Underarms Soft and Smooth By Keeping Hydrated

One of the key rules is to keep your underarms well hydrated. In case you shave your underarms, always prepare your skin before the process by using oil or good moisturising cream to plump up the skin for lesser irritation. Also for healthy underarms, apply coconut oil every night before you go to sleep. Leave it overnight. This habit is great to achieve softer and spotless underarms because coconut oil has a tendency of penetrating deep into the skin.

2. Avoid Shaving Or Be Sensitive

Although shaving seems to be one of the most easiest and painless methods to remove underarm hair but it is not recommended on regular basis. The reason why shaving is not as effective is because shaving removes hair from the top surface of the skin which results in quick hair growth in some days. It is much safer and better to use epilation or waxing for the long term result.

However, if you are still among those who use shaving as one of the frequent methods to clear the underarm hair, you surely do not need special shaving cream. Simply avoid hard soaps containing alcohol, deodorants or ingredients that can end up drying your skin and irritate it even more. Select mild product containing good moisturisers. Always use your own razor to avoid spreading the bacteria and use a sharp or new razor. The best way to keep your underarms soft and supple is to shave less because it will give the skin underneath more time to retain moisture.

3. Exfoliate It Well

No matter if you are shaving or waxing, exfoliating your underarms is very important and hold equal significance as any other part of the body. It helps in removing the dead skin cells and allows your skin to breathe gently. Use a soft scrub and gently massage it in a circular motion to scrape off the unwanted dead cells. Before shaving or waxing your underarm hair, scrubbing helps in lifting the hair from the surface to ensure smoother shave and less painful waxing session. Since this method removes the layers of our skin, it is also important to allow your skin to rejuvenate in between. To avoid the damage and skin irritation exfoliation is recommended not more than once or twice in a week.

4. Get Blemish Free Underarms

There are many reasons behind the dark underarms, but to avoid getting you underarms trapped in shadows, you can apply potato slice to reduce those dark blemishes. Potatoes act as natural bleaching products and help in lightning of underarms within few weeks. You can also rub honey and lemon before going to bath for smooth and soft feeling and at the same time it helps in lighting the skin. If the condition of your underarms is more severe, consult your dermatologist for more medicated options.

5. How to Keep Underarms Soft and Smooth WithOil Massages

The underarm skin is no different from rest of your body. It requires the same type of nourishment and rules for moisturising apply here as well. The best way to keep your underarms hydrated is by promoting elasticity of the skin and by simply massaging the area with almond oil or coconut oil. Make it a routine to massage your underarm skin once a week to get rid of rough and firmness. Oiling your body helps in keeping it soft and supple.

6. Avoid Using Perfumes After Any Hair Removal Methods

A word of caution, do not use deodorants or shaving cream directly on the skin after waxing or shaving. These products contain alcohol and may end up stinging ( depending on the sensitivity of the skin). Therefore, avoid using these products directly onto skin. Instead, spread it on your clothes and apply from the distance.

7. Apply Moisturising Deodorants

If you already apply moisturising products for your hands, face, arms and feet why to skip your underarms? As per the biological effect, sweat under your arms naturally moisturise the area , it cans till get dry after using antiperspirants or shaving etc. Hence, use moisturising deodorants to get softer and smoother underarm skin. Moisturising deodorants contain moisturising agents like dimethicone and a small amount of olive oil, a natural moisturiser. Since these deodorants contain fragrance and similar chemical that are present in antiperspirants. In case your skin reacts to such moisturiser, you can also use the similar moisturiser that you use for the rest of your body.

8. Waxing Tips

Waxing is not always the first choice for the girls because of the pain it comes with but think about the flash of sting accounts waxing for being one of the effective and less damaging hair removal and a ticket to stay hair free for a month or so. Now if you do not know how to keep underarms soft and smooth with waxing, these following tips can be really helpful to get easier and softer underarms.

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Hair Length –

Remember that wax will not stick to extremely short hair and can also lead t haphazard method of hair removal. Having said that, pulling long hair can also lead to extreme pain. To experience a smooth hair removing process, trim your hair a little before waxing to avoid pain.

Scrubbing –

As stated earlier exfoliating helps in cleaning your underarms and also loosen the hair which makes it easier to wax. The process of waxing post scrubbing is less painful as compared

Dry Your Arms –

Before waxing, wash your underarm skin and also dry theare because otherwise wax will not stick to your underarms. You can also apply a little powder to dry the area completely.

Try a Painkiller –

If you cannot take the pain or sting of the waxing, take a mild painkiller almost 10-15 minutes before the process. This will prevent you from the feeling of the pain.

Right Procedure –

When you go for waxing, stretch your arm fully to avoid any hair to get lost in the multiple skin folds. Put the wax strip and apply hot wax in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Rub the strip to make a strong grip and immediately pull off the strip in the opposite direction. You can do a small area at a time.

After Care –

Clean the are with cold water to lessen the pain. Apply aloe vera or cooling moisturiser. Wear cotton loose clothes to avoid irritation and ingrown hair. Do not apply any deodorant, antiperspirants or perfumes for next few days.

9. Shaving Tips

Even though we do not recommend frequently shaving your underarms, many girls still find shaving as one of the easiest hair removing method on daily basis. Here are few basic shaving tips by which we will know how to keep underarms soft and smooth.

  • Exfoiatel: It is one of the important preparation before shaving. This step helps in removing the dead skin so that they don’t get stuck in the razor.
  • Use Fresh Razor: Always remember to dispose of your razor immediately after three shaves.
  • Shave Both Ways: Some girls only shave upwards, but if you have sensitive skin, experts recommend shaving downward and then upward. This gives you very fine and clean underarms.
  • Go easy With Blades: To prevent cuts and nicks, make sure you use sharp blade carefully and gently.
  • Moisturise Well: After shaving, apply a good moisturizer and hydrate your underarms.

10. Go Laser

If you want to avoid these everyday tasks of shaving or once a month appointment to the salon for painful waxing session and if you are open to shell out little extra bucks for a one-time investment, Laser is the answer. These days many girls are opting for laser therapy for the permanent removal of hair which helps in keeping their underarms smooth and softer without worrying about growing hair.

Few Home Remedies For Smoother and Fairer Underarms

If your underarms feel coarse and rough, you can apply orange and yogurt mask for the smooth skin. To make this peel off mask, mix two spoons of orange peel powder with a bowl of yogurt. Apply the mixture on underarms and allow it to dry for a while. Wash off with cold water and also apply some moisturiser to hydrate. This is an amazing home made a solution on how to keep underarms soft and smooth right before you plan to go for any type of wedding functions. So, if anyone asks for how to keep underarms soft and smooth? Here is the list of more homemade scrub and moisturising mask that you may try at home.

1. Lemon and Sugar Scrub

Take 2 large teaspoon of sugar and cut one lemon and squeeze on to it. Mix the solution and apply it under your arms and dry it for almost 10 minutes. Post drying, scrub the underarms for one minute with warm water. Doing so will exfoliate and lighten the underarms and kill the bacteria trapped in the skin folds.

2. Potato

Simply cut the potato slices and soak it in a bowl of water for about 2-3 minutes. Remove the slice from the water and rub it on the underarms. The natural bleaching properties of potato will help in restoring the underarm skin fairness.

3. Aloe Vera Massage

Take Aloe Vera gel or Aloe Vera plant and massage it in a circular motion for nearly 4-5 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water. The gel helps in hydrating the underarms and remove the dark patches.

4. How to Keep Underarms Soft and Smooth Using Coconut Oil

As we all know Coconut oil has some exceptional properties. Before going for the bath, apply the oil and massage it gently on your underarms skin for 10 minutes. The helps in promotion smoothness and improve the skin elasticity.

5. Milk and Gram Flour

Add a small amount of gram flour in the bowl and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Allow the mixture to turn into a thick paste and apply on the underarms. Leave the mixture to dry and wash it off with cold water. This exfoliating method not only removes the dead cells but also make your underarms softer and smoother.

Points To Remember

  • Avoid wearing very tight clothes; such clothes cause friction and sweating.
  • Don’t use deodorants and perfumes directly on your underarms skin.
  • Do not use harsh soaps that may end up stripping the moisture from the skin. Clean your underarm skin with mild soap which can hold nourishing oils.
  • The hair on your underarms grows quickly than the hair on your legs, due to which you will need to shave this area nearly few times a week to manage the softness.
  • Always remember to avoid shaving right before you go for swimming. There is chlorine present in the pool and salt in the ocean which may react on your underarm skin.
  • Rinse your underarms under the cold water to help close the pores in your underarms and help minimise the skin irritation.

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So if you have been thinking about how to keep underarms soft and smooth, the answer is very simply. Follow the simple steps as mentioned above and get out of the shy zone and be confident. Including these tips in your daily routine will not only get your fairer and clean underarms but you will feel more soft and smooth. Don’t be lazy and do not neglect this area because by exfoliating and keeping your underarms clean, you will also avoid embarrassing smell of sweaty underarms.

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