Skin Care During Weight Loss To Keep Your Skin Healthy!

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We all know that maintaining good health of our body is one of the most important things we must take care of in our life. And these days, overweight is one of the major concerns among a lot of people. I personally have been through the problem at one point of time in my life. So I know how much skin care during weight loss bothers. Besides, each one of us wishes to have a thin lean body, right? I have seen people go lengths and breadths to cut off their fat and lose weight.

However, losing weight can be a little tricky. You must do the right thing in a moderate, healthy manner. There is absolutely no such thing as going on a crash diet and expecting for good results. Because it is not just losing the weight that matters while you are in the process. So, what else is it that you need to take care of while you plan to put off some weight?

Skin care during weight loss

Your Skin Gets Affected Too!

I must tell you, going on a crash diet is unhealthy for your body, and more so for your skin. Don’t believe me? For a lot of people, even the regular weight loss diet can cause skin problems. Crash diets can cause more harm. As it is, skin care during weight loss go hand in hand since they are interlinked.

Have you found a proper workout and an eating plan which syncs with your lifestyle, simultaneously helping you put off weight? Think twice because those extra pound you have been carrying around are going to melt away. This means that the same surface area of your skin is going to cover your smaller, weight lost body. This means your skin is going to lag behind or look sagged. There might be folds formed on your arms and belly, sometimes even your face might look a tad bit slack. Is that what you want?

Here we will tell you here how you can use honey and cinnamon for weight loss.

Skin Care During Weight Loss

Though there is not any chance that you can totally avoid loose skin if you are cutting off too much fat or losing huge amounts of weight. However, there are ways you can follow for skin care during weight loss. If you follow the healthy lifestyle which is coupled with particular strategies to enhance your collagen (collagen is a structural protein that is responsible for the elasticity and plumpness of your skin), you can possibly bring about a difference. Here, I will share some ways you can follow that can help you take good care of your skin while you are losing weight!

1. You Must Lose Weight Gradually

One important thing you must remember when you are on a sprint to lose weight, is that if you are going at it too fast, you will cause serious troubles to your skin. This is because, if you are losing weight too quick, your skin will not get enough time to fit into your newer self. A lot of experts recommend that one must aim at losing about 1 to five pounds in a week, based on their starting point. If you are eyeing to lose weight rapidly through cleanses and fad diets, you will only be compromising the contours on your face, cause troubles to your skin and have an adverse effect on your whole mission of successfully putting the weight off!

2. Work on Your Muscles

Yes, this is one of the most effective ways through which you could take good care of your skin while you are also losing weight. You need to replace all the fat which once filled up your skin with strong lean muscles. You can achieve this if you properly focus on your fitness routine of strength training. If you want to avoid sagging skin or loose skin, you must make your muscles replace the fat which is getting lost during your weight loss regime. If your underlying muscle gets tight and tones, it would really make your skin get a firm foundation to lay upon. Working on the strength of your muscles when you are aiming your flab will not only keep your skin tight but will also boost up the burning of your calories, even after you have left your gym for a while. This would certainly help your weight loss goals as well.

How To Do It?

Based on your preferences, you could use machines, dumbbells, or body weight. However, you need to target at finishing four days of resistance exercises every week. Include two to three days of highly intense interval training, tiny bursts of close to maximum effort since they will help you with your metabolic rates and add some more lean muscle mass. If you want best results while skin care during weight loss, you could couple this routine along with ample amounts of protein. You could consume some at every snack or a meal, and you will only grow tighter, stronger, and firmer, both from the inside as well as the outside.

1. Follow Good Ways of Sun Protection

Are you exercising outdoors? Then you must take proper steps to decrease your exposure to the sun. This is because the UV rays from the sun have abilities to harm your collagen. Since I have already told you what collagen is responsible for, you know how it can affect you. Hence, be thoughtful when you are planning your run or walk. You could do them either early in the morning or later in the evening. These are the times when the sun will be less scorching. You could also put on some sun screen lotion. However, make sure the label upon it says broad spectrum since it means that the lotion can protect you against UVA and UVB radiations as they can both cause considerable harm to your skin. You must also go with clothing that protects you from the sun. There are plenty of UPF clothing which can give you SPF close to 50, and all this if you just put on a shirt.

Go for this regular skin care regimen so you can achieve impeccable and flawless skin.

2. Consume a Lot of Produce

Stack up your plate with a lot of vegetables and fruits. They contain loads of nutrients that are important for skin care during weight loss. You must specifically load a lot of vitamin A or also lycopene. A recent study review says that this particular antioxidant can null the damage caused by UV rays. This one is likely to be found in red peppers, tomatoes and other veggies that are rosy hued. Simultaneously, you must also consider consuming citrus fruits and leafy greens since they boast of too much vitamin C that can help you in building collagen.

3. You Could Also Administer Serums and Retinoid

I might have to tell you at this point in time that there is no magical potion which can help you tighten your skin. However, topical products could definitely enhance the growth of the collagen and also enhance your appearance if you choose to use them consistently every day.  You could contact your dermatologist who would prescribe you the right creams that contain retinoid or also gels. You could also go to your nearest pharmaceuticals and ask for serums that contain epidermal growth factor. Because this is the factor that stimulates those fibroblasts deep in your skin to hike the production of collagen.

4. Do Not Even Think of Smoking

Throw away your cigarettes and stay a mile away from any smoke clouds. If you smoke, you are only making your skin get less resilient. Researches have confirmed that even passive smoking can raise the inflammatory protein levels in the skin which will decrease the levels of collagen. It would also result in wrinkles and thin skin. Besides, smoking is injurious to health!

5. Ample Drinks For Skin Care During Weight Loss

It is obvious that your skin requires moisture to remain elastic and supple. Hence gulp down loads and loads of water each day. Experts assert that you must drink at least eight glasses of water in a day. However, make sure you don’t overdo it. This is because excessive amounts of water can dissolve vital salts and electrolytes present in your body. You can also make use of a good cream or a lotion which will help you in keeping your skin properly moisturized. Many diets are low in fat and hence, your body would not be getting enough moisture. Remember, lack of moisture can cause your skin look dull. Hence, drink plenty of fluids!

6. Sweat It All Out!

Diets can make you appear thin, no doubts on that. But if you are seeking real fitness, you must not be careless towards your exercises. Remember what I told earlier? Proper exercises can improvise blood circulation in your body and make your skin look better. The release of endorphins can exfoliate all the toxins from your body. You will also obtain healthy glowing shiny skin. Besides, the endorphins released can keep your moods on high tides all day long. So, do not turn lazy towards exercises.

7. Scrub Your Skin!

One of the most vital things you need while skin care during weight loss is exfoliating the skin. It will not only improvise your blood circulation but also aids you in the growth of new skin. Besides, did you know that you could scrub away nearly half a pound of dead skin from upon your body in one day? So put off some weight while you are exfoliating your skin!

8. No Alcohols Too!

Alcohols have the ability to alter particular biochemical reactions in the human body which can result in skin losing the elastic nature. Therefore, it causes extra harm to both your body and skin. Hence, keep yourself away from the bad habit!

9. Have The Right Skin Schedule!

Go for a general skin care during weight loss that comprises toning, cleaning and also moisturizing. There are packs available for skin tightening which may be preferable in preventing sagging which happens due to the deficiency in nutrition. You could make use of honey and eggs for your face masks which could help you get a tight skin!


I believe taking care of your skin is as important as putting off those undesired fats. If you are on a weight loss mission, I suggest that you also take proper measures to keep your skin healthy. These tips are tried and tested. So, make sure you implement the ones that fit you. Happy weight loss! Happy skin care!

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