Lose Weight in Face : The Proven Ways of Losing Facial Weight!

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My cheeks are too cushioned, my jawline has disappeared, and my face looks like a pumpkin or how to lose weight in face, ever heard of people making such remarks? With this world turning into all the materialistic things and outer beauty more than inner beauty, people are afraid of their looks. A lean person is worried about putting on the weight, and a fat one is more worried about shedding it.

Many people tend to make the first impression about others by looking at the face. The face acts as a source of opinion. Different people have different face shapes, like oval, round, square, etc. The face is the most astonishing part of the body and people have become way too conscious about it. The people are looking for clever ways of toning the shape of the face by reducing facial fat.

Exercises just not aid in the fitness of the body but there are particular activities which help one to lose weight in face and shape it. This article gives a brief overview of the proven ways of losing face fat and a tested solution to the question how to lose weight in face.

Exercise To Lose Weight in Face

Exercise To Lose Weight in Face

1. Chin Lift

Many people struggle with the double chin. These develop very easily with the age and when one puts on weight on the face. For slimming down the chin area, chin lift is the best exercise. This exercise primarily engages and stretches the major facial muscles from the areas of your jaw, throat and neck. One must take care about not involving any other facial muscle except the lips. The exercise does not have a posture constraint; one can perform the chin lift either in the standing or sitting position.

Chin lift to lose weight in face

To begin, start with tilting the head towards the ceiling, the eyes should be concentrating towards the roof. One can also use the ceiling fan as the point of focus. Now, tighten the lips, just like in a kiss. Assume as if trying to kiss the ceiling. Stay with the position till a count of 10 seconds. Now come back to normal and relax the muscles. This exercise should be repeated for say ten times a day at least.

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2. Lips Pull

The lips are one of the appealing body parts. This exercise is a proven has facial yoga exercise with immense efficacy. Apart from losing the weight in the face, it also helps you relax and release stress. This exercise if done regularly can make you look a lot younger. This exercise is for people who want to shed face from their cheeks. It aids in raising your facial muscles and provides you with the best outcome of a prominent jaw line as well as the cheekbones. This exercise is also independent of the position so begin either in a standing or sitting position. The head has to be in a normal position.

Lips pull to lose weight in face

Now, commence the exercise by raising your lower lip up till your comfort level. While lifting, push the lower jaw out. You will feel the elongation and the strain building in your jaw line and chin. Hold on like this for around 15 seconds. Now, let the muscles relax. Perform the exercise repetitively for at least ten times, for better results, one can perform it 20 times.

3. The X and O Exercise

It is one of the easiest face fat losing exercises. It is also a musical one. Simply pronounce the two alphabets X and O in a row. The X and O exercise has no limitations and can be performed as many times as one wishes to. During this exercise the cheek and the mouth contract. This contraction brings the facial muscles into movement.

The X and O Exercise

4. Jaw Release

Jaw release is on the high priority list of women. This exercise facilitates in achieving an attractive, a sexy jaw line and distinct cheekbones.  Apart from losing fat from the cheeks, this exercise is also extremely useful in reducing the much hated double chin. It works beautifully on the muscles of your cheeks, jaw and the lips. One can exercise in both sitting and standing positions. However, you need to maintain a straight posture.

Jaw Release

Begin with moving the jaw just way while chewing. Be careful that while doing this the lips should be shut. Now, take a deep breath inside. Release this out while humming. Next, open the mouth wide with the tongue pressed tight to the bottom teeth. Stay with this posture for approximately 7 seconds. Now breathe in and out again. It forms one repetition. You should repeat it at least ten times by holding for minimum 5 seconds.

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5. Fish Face

This exercise is the easiest among the list, and you can do it anywhere. It is undoubtedly the best face exercises for your cheeks. You can do it while watching a movie, listening to a song, or reading a book. It being the best among the list helps in losing the facial fat fastest in comparison to other exercises. This exercise also aids in toning your cheek muscles.

Fish Face Exercise

Start with imitating like a fish while you suck on your lips and cheeks. Now holding on like this try smiling. Try coping up with this posture for at least 5 seconds and increasing the time as you become comfortable. While doing this exercise, one feels the burn in both the jaws and the cheeks. Perform this set repetitively for ten times.

6. Blow the Air Exercise

This interesting exercise is a solution to many problems, may it be reducing your chubby cheeks or that double chin you want to get rid of. This exercise aids in shedding that extra flesh from your entire face. A majority of muscles of the neck and the face are engaged and working while performing this exercise. It has a great impact on the parts of the face such as neck, jaws and those appealing cheeks.

Blow the Air Exercise

Start with the posture; Perform this exercise in the sitting position. Take a chair; sit on it with the spine straight. Now, tilt the head back to any extent possible. Do not try recklessly beyond your comfort limit. The face is upward, looking at the ceiling. Now, blow out the air from the mouth by pulling the lips. Hold back the posture for 10 seconds. Now, repeat the same procedure for at least ten times to lose weight in face.

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Other Ways

  1. Chewing is a very effective way to lose weight in face. So, a chewing gum can be very helpful in toning the face. However, be careful about the choice of gums; preferably use the sugar-free chewing gums.
  2. Facial massage can also help in getting rid of the extra pounds off the cheeks.
  3. Drinking more water also aids to lose weight in face.

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Face fat has emerged as quite a sensitive topic nowadays. Although people still are afraid or shy of finding the solution to achieve the dream face shape. Hopefully, this article provides the answer to “Losing that undesired weight in the face”. All it takes is a little determination to perform the above exercises to have a sexy jaw line with those beautiful and attractive cheekbones.

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