How To Use Flax Seeds For Weight Loss?

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Some Fun Facts About Flax Seeds

  • Flax seeds are suffused with fiber, and the daily intake would help you poop clearing your stomach every morning properly.
  • Flax seeds are quite tough for digestion; hence, they are used after grinding it properly.
  • The flax seeds don’t need to be in the organic form or conventional form for being healthy.
  • The flax seeds can help you with the taste of an egg which makes it the best supplement in baking if you have missed getting eggs.
  • Flax seeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which make them the best for glowing skin.
  • They are also used for fighting against the initial signs of aging, fine lines, and wrinkles.
  • Acne and breakouts are also included in the list of skin benefits of using flax seeds.
  • In human diet, flax seeds are the best source for lignans.

What Are Flax Seeds? What Are The Nutrients It Is Popular For?

Are you searching for different ways to lose weight? Tried various diet plans and exercises but still lacking desired weight loss? While surfing for different ideas for weight loss, did you ever try to look for how to use flax seeds for weight loss?

Weight loss has been a crucial point for many these days. The stubborn fat is quite hard to shade off from the body and people try various ways like strict diets, exercises, yoga, workouts, and whatnot for obtaining desired results. But did you ever think such tiny seeds would benefit amazingly in fulfilling your weight loss desires! However, this is true. Among the various reliable ingredients for weight loss, flax seeds are much effective when included in the daily routine.

These tiny brown seeds are available from the flax plants and are filled with various nutrients in bulk. The list includes fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, anti-oxidants, proteins, magnesium, thiamin, folate, calcium, selenium, Vitamins and much more that aid in losing weight. The flax seeds are also low in carbs which adds to the benefit of losing weight. Flax seeds for weight loss basically work on the digestive system which is the root of every health issue, and hence, it aids in weight loss too.

How Are Flax Seeds Beneficial For Weight Loss?

Before answering your question about how to use flax seeds for weight loss, firstly let’s understand how are they effective for the same. Here are some of the rich nutrients in flax seeds that aid in weight loss.

1. Rich In Dietary Fiber

There are many people who intake flax seeds drink for weight loss. But they aren’t aware of how it benefits them. The flax seeds are filled with dietary fiber, both soluble and insoluble which are quite helpful in weight loss. The soluble fiber helps by producing a substance similar to the gel. When the gel comes into contact with the digestive juices in the stomach and water, reduce the capacity of absorbing food in the colon. Hence, you feel full for long hours and avoid overeating. Again, the insoluble dietary fiber promotes good bacteria in the gut which improves the digestive health and increases metabolism along with reducing the bad cholesterol levels. In both the senses, you are sure to lose weight.

2. Provides With Required Fatty Acids

Again, flax seeds for weight loss are filled with essential fatty acids which are among the required nutrients for weight loss. Flax seeds contain fatty acids like Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acids that get converted into phospholipids when consumed. Phospholipids which when ingested get converted into prostaglandin that help in balancing the metabolism process. They also aid in reducing the inflammation impact in the body which indirectly aids in reducing weight quickly. Due to inflammation, the body can gain weight as it increases the oxidative stress levels, and flax seeds reduce the stress levels.

3. Rich Source Of Proteins

Thinking how can protein help you in reducing weight? Around 20% of the flax seeds contain proteins which also aid in losing those extra kilos from your weight. Protein is really difficult in digesting. When protein and dietary fiber are combined, they would restrain the appetite and would protect you from overeating. As you eat less, and you are surely avoiding overeating which helps in losing your weight. Hence, if you are a pure vegetarian and looking for different ingredients to lose weight, flax seeds would be the right way, to begin with.

4. The Best Nutrient Lignans

No doubt lignans are present in each and every plant, but compared to them, the flax seeds have it 800 times more. Lignans are the phenolic compounds that work similar to the antioxidants and phytoestrogens. Again, the phytoestrogens are not that effective in weight loss, the antioxidants are surely helpful in reducing weight by slinking the free oxygen radicals that are harmful. The free oxygen radicals activate the proinflammatory molecules that encourage the growth of proteins which also enhance the metabolism in the body. This results in weight loss.

5. Low In Carbs

Yes, this might surprise you but the flax seeds serve you with reduced levels of carbs. The provide with very less content of sugar and starch which helps the body with low calories. They are also used in the form of reduced energy-dense supplements for a number of refined grains. Also, a good portion of the carbs provided by the flax seeds is dietary fiber. Hence, they serve you with good carbs that aid in reducing weight rapidly.

Hence, in this way, flax seeds for weight loss help you along with other required nutrients that help in keeping you fit and healthy too while you lose weight.

How To Eat Flax Seeds For Weight Loss?

Excited to use flax seeds for weight loss? Before knowing the various ways to use them, one should also note that the flax seeds should be used in milled or grounded form. The reason for avoiding whole flax seeds is that they make it difficult for the digestive system to consume all the nutrients present in them. While the grounded flaxseeds are easy to digest which makes absorption of nutrients easy for the body. Hence, using the miller or grounded flax seeds would reveal quick results for weight loss.

Here are different ways for how to use flax seeds for weight loss.

  • You can add flax seeds to morning cereals, oatmeal, porridge, salads, bread and even soups you consume.
  • The flax seeds come with a nutty like flavor which would give the baked dishes like muffins, bread, and even cookies a unique taste and also make them healthy for weight loss.
  • The flax seeds can also be added to toast bread.
  • Flax seeds are also consumed with yogurt by adding nuts, fruits, honey, etc. to it.
  • The flax seeds can also be added to smoothies after grinding them.
  • Flax seeds when added to sauces like mayonnaise, mustard or even ketchup can help with required results in weight loss.

Hence, in this way, flax seeds can be added to various dishes like chicken, fish, meatballs, burgers, pasta, etc. for helping your body lose some weight. Consuming 1 tbsp of flax seeds on daily basis is recommended for obtaining desired results in weight loss by improving your health too.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Consuming Flax Seeds?

No doubt, flax seeds help in reducing weight, there are still some things one needs to keep in mind while starting with it. Flax seeds should be started slowly. Going for a higher quantity for getting results quickly might lead to health issues like abdominal pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, nausea, stomachache, etc. Again, when you start with flax seeds, you should also increase the intake of water quantity to prevent any side effects. Also taking raw flaxseeds can be poisonous so make sure you select the right flax seeds. Flax seeds should be avoided by the pregnant women as well as breastfeeding women. The patients of diabetes, bleeding disorders, and blood pressure should contact their doctors before starting with the seeds.

So, are you ready to lose some extra kilos by including flax seeds in your diet? Do write to us about your experience with flax seeds.

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