How To Grind Flaxseed- Let’s See Step By Step Instructions!

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The name says it all! Flax means ‘very useful’ in Latin. Flax seeds have been used for curing many ailments for many generations going back to ancient Egyptian civilization.

In recent times, use of Flaxseed is becoming more and more popular among the health conscious due to its numerous health benefits. This seed which is obtained from the flax plant can be considered as a ‘Super Food’, rightly so, since it contains an abundance of nutrients and anti-oxidants.

There is no doubt that Flaxseeds should be introduced into our regular diet, but there are many questions relating to how exactly it should be used to get the maximum benefit. This article is going to touch upon the best methods on how to make flaxseed powder with step by step instructions on how to grind flaxseed.

How To Grind Flaxseed?

Benefits Of Flaxseed

  • It has high fiber content – aids in digestion and controlling blood sugar levels.
  • The Omega -3 fatty acids in Flax seeds is good for your cholesterol and for a healthy heart.
  • It offers numerous benefits to menopausal and postmenopausal women by reducing the ‘hot flashes’ and balancing the wavering hormones.
  • The anti-oxidants in flax seeds keep the cells in our body healthy. This not only prolongs aging but also keeps cancer at bay.
  • The high phosphorous content in flaxseed aids in keeping bones and teeth healthy.
  • It promotes the growth of skin and hair.

Do Flax Seeds Need To Be Ground To Be Effective

The next question in your mind is ‘Can I grind flax seeds?’Well, getting maximum benefit from food depends on the way we effectively use them. We must ensure that we don’t lose the essential nutrients in the process. Hence it is quintessential that we gain awareness on how to use the flax seeds to enjoy its superpower.

Flax seeds are recommended to be used as a powder instead of the seeds as a whole. This is mainly because, our body absorbs the nutrients on the shell, but the super nutrients inside, and mainly the Omega 3 fatty acids are lost and wasted. So if there is any confusion on Do flax seeds needs to be ground to be effective, be assured that flaxseed powder is the way to go!

So it is now clear why using ground flax seeds is way better than the seed itself. Now, let us see how to make flax seed powder and how to grind flax seed.

How To Make Flaxseed Powder?

1. In A Blender

Flaxseed powder tends to go stale quickly. It is best to grind the whole flax seeds in small quantities.

How To Grind Flaxseed?

  • Take a small amount of flax seed and put it in the blender.
  • Keep the setting in the extreme powder mode.
  • Grind for 10-15 seconds till the seeds have become very fine powder.
  • Store in an airtight container.

2. In A Coffee Grinder

This is usually the easiest method that can be used to grind flax seed. The blades in the coffee grinder are powerful and easily powder the seeds.

How To Grind Flaxseed?

  • Put the seeds in the coffee grinder.
  • Close the lid and press down for 10 seconds.
  • Flaxseed powder is ready!

3. In A Pepper Mill

If you have a pepper mill at home, you can try some old-fashioned grinding. It is hard work and can be used for fewer amounts of flax seed. It is not easy on your hands and can be time-consuming.

How To Grind Flaxseed?

  • Put some flax seeds into the pepper mill and twist the top.
  • The flax seed will be grounded and the powder will be dispensed from the bottom.

4. In A Mortar And Pestle

This was how seeds were ground originally. It requires a little bit of effort and few minutes to get fresh ground flax seed powder.

How To Grind Flaxseed?

  • Add around a cup of flax seeds to the mortar.
  • Grind the seeds with the pestle by rotating and twisting it.
  • Continue till the required consistency is achieved.

5. In An Immersion Blender

It is true that immersion blenders are generally used for semi-solids and liquids, but you can also try your hand at flax seeds.

How To Grind Flaxseed?

  • Take the deep jar provided with the blender.
  • Put a cup of flax seeds into them.
  • Immerse the blender into the jar and grind in the low pulse.
  • Do not move the blender around the jar.
  • Grind until the flax seeds are powdered finely.

By now, you must be convinced about doubts on ‘Can I grind flax seeds?’ and move on to saying ‘I can grind flax seeds!’

How To Use The Flaxseed Powder?

There are no limits to the methods in which flax seeds can be incorporated into your daily diet. It all depends on your taste, the kind of food you normally have. But as a rule, if you make it as simple as possible, you would use them regularly and enjoy the benefits.

Some suggestions to add flax seeds powder in your diet:

  • Add it to your fruit smoothies.
  • Mix a spoon with yogurt and eat.
  • Sprinkle half a spoon in your morning cereal.
  • Add it to the dough for making bread, cookies etc.
  • Add a spoon of the powder to your salads and sandwiches.


1. Can I lose weight using flax seed powder?

You can say that flaxseed powder support weight loss. The fiber in flaxseed powder make you feel full for a prolonged time and along with the omega-3 fatty acids, the process becomes faster.

2. What are the side effects of flax seed?

Flaxseed powder used in moderation does not cause any side effects. However, if you have any gastrointestinal problems, it is advisable to stay away from flaxseeds powder or lower the doses. It is important to drink lots of fluids along with flax seeds since it has lots of fiber and may cause constipation otherwise.

3. How much flax seed powder can I eat in a day?

It is recommended to start with 2 tablespoons of flax seed powder per day. A gradual increase to a maximum of 6 tablespoons a day is within safe limits. Watch out for side effects such as loose motion, and reduce dosage accordingly.

4. What is the expiry for the ground flax seed powder?

Ground flax seeds become stale sooner than the whole seeds. It usually is good to use for up to six months if stored in airtight container, in the refrigerator.


Use ground flax seed powder! It is more effective than the seeds and delivers an amazing array of nutrients. Go ahead; now that you know how to grind flaxseed and how to use the flax seed powder, experiment away! Welcome the healthy ‘you’ and enjoy watching the changes in yourself!

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