1 Month Weight Loss And Body Tightening Challenge!

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Weight loss is trickiest than any of the puzzle in this world!  Every day we read so many different tips and tricks for weight loss but ask any 80kg girl whether these little tips have helped and you would get a big no as answer! To lose notable weight, a complete guide and regime is required which can actually help in cutting fat from the body and show reduced inches as result! Hence we will help you with how to lose weight in a month.

Just weight loss is not the goal! While you lose weight, your skin starts getting saggy and loose! This happens especially with those people who lose a lot of weight in a short duration. Thus, along with weight loss, it is important to take care of skin tightening!

Here is a complete guide for weight loss and skin tightening if you aim to lose intense weight this month!

  • What is the connection between weight loss and skin tightening?
  • What is the ideal weight loss to get the beautiful tight body?
  • Regime for weight loss and tight skin.

How To Lose Weight In A Month

What Is The Connection Between Weight Loss And Skin Tightening?

Loose and saggy skin is a huge fear for all those women who are determined to start a weight loss program.  When you gain weight your skin gets stretched and once you star losing weight, the skin gets tucked in.

  • Though the skin is not that flexible to completely tighten up when you lose a high amount of weight and as a result, the skin becomes saggy and hangs through the body!
  • It won’t look tight and youthful as before! Especially the skin over belly, hips and thighs, arms etc gets looser and looks undesirable! This makes it important to tighten the skin when you start your workout routine to lose weight
  • Your skin is an amazing organ which is beautifully elastic. It can regain its original form when stretched but as your age increases; your skin starts losing its elasticity and gets saggy. This is another reason why you must consider skin tightening routine importantly along with the weight loss!
  • This is why the healthy weight loss challenges focus on losing little amount of weight and remedies for skin tightening to lead you with a tighter, slimmer and gorgeous body!

What Is The Ideal Weight Loss To Get Beautiful Tight Body?

One month is an idea period to kick starts your weight loss regime. Losing 2-3 kg per week is an amazing way to lose weight and to prevent your skin from getting saggy

This would give your skin enough time to get tucked in and to shrink. Along with proper diet, detox process and healthy workout routine, you can get beautiful and youthful weight loss!

How To Lose Weight In A Month

Embrace your skin body with a perfect balance of workouts and diet for beautifully sculpted body! If you want a gorgeous figure, toned body parts and flawless tight skin, follow these tips for how to lose weight in a month, watch your body transforming!

The Workout Plan

The workout is the key element for weight loss. Performing the right exercises during right time and being selective in the workouts would have a great impact on your body. There are two types of workout phases, one which is a high impact weight loss plan while one which would tighten and stretch your skin! Follow these amazing workouts to get the flawless body in a month!

  • Weight loss workouts
  • Skin tightening workouts
  • Diet for perfect body
  • Other extremely important tips for weight loss and tighten skin

Weight Loss Workouts

Weight is tough to lose and thus, you would need some high impact workouts which can engage your entire body and help in losing overall weight. These weight loss workouts would help you burn a lot of calories and shed all those extra pounds! All these are the best cardio workouts to make you sweat and burn calories!

1. Running Or Jogging

  • If you seriously want to lose a lot of weight, this workout is a must; running jogging or walking is the first exercise which is effective for weight loss. It has other amazing befits on the body along with weight loss!
  • Walking engages each and every part of the body and helps in losing weight effectively. All the target areas like arms, belly, hips, thighs etc is easily toned with this workout. Every day walk at least 45 minutes to significantly lose weight and melt fat from your body
  • Begin with 30 minutes run or jogging and gradually increase your running time to reduce more weight! Choose the running shoes to prevent injuries and help it support your body! Especially if you don’t perform other workouts like aerobics and other cardio, a running session would be enough to lose weight!

2. Aerobics

  • Love dancing? Here is an awesome workout which can boost metabolism and aid weight loss fast. Aerobics is a set or movements which can be performed in with musical rhythms.
  • While you listen to the music, all your energy would get heightened and within a 40-45 minute session, you will burn a lot of calories
  • A rigorous aerobic session would make you lose notable weight and make you sweat as never before! For complete body slimming, this is the best option to consider

3. Jumping Ropes

  • Jumping ropes is not an easy workout through which you can lose weight. It requires immense strength and patience! I remember jumping 1000 ropes a day and built amazing legs and calves
  • The beginning phase gets difficult as jumping with all your body weight can cause leg cramps, pain in the bones and tiredness. But you can start with 15 minute rope jumping session and gradually increase
  • Jumping ropes is an amazing cardio exercise which can help you lose weight quickly and effectively! Also, if you are not able to jump ropes for 30-45 minutes, you can combine this workout with running or jogging and prepare an hourly weight loss workout plan which is easy to follow!

4. Swimming

  • Nothing is more amazing than swimming if you love this weight loss workout! If swimming is your hobby, make weight loss extremely easy and comfortable for yourself!
  • Swimming is the best cardio workout which engages all your body parts, helps in reducing weight and also in tightening the skin. This is the best workout which would burn a lot of calories and make you shed those extra kilos quickly!
  • You can daily go for a swimming session of an hour and watch your body getting slim and gorgeous! This is a fun filled work out which would help you lose weight as quickly as you never imagined!

5. Zumba

  • If you love dancing on different musical beats and dance forms tone your body with this outstanding workout option. Zumba is a classic workout which can make you lose a lot of weight within just few days
  • This exercise helps in losing weight and would perfectly act on each and every part of your body and help in losing weight
  • Every day if you perform a 45 minutes zumba session, this would make you sweat crazily and help in toning your body. This high impact workout would help in stretching various body parts and give you multiple benefits!

These are the high impact weight loss workouts which you can try. Either you can stick to one workout for 45 minutes to 1 hour or you can mix two workouts like jogging and jumping ropes for a day and complete your cardio routine. Also, you can daily change your workouts while performing each of these high impact workouts daily and feel awesome! Follow 45-60 minutes cardio and boost weight loss!

Skin Tightening Workouts

Now, it is the time to fight saggy skin and tone your body in a magical way! Feel positive about your weight as along with losing weight, you can also tone your body in a dreamy way! You have this awesome chance to reduce weight and to sculpt your body as you always wanted!

The skin tightening workouts include HIIT, strength training and yoga. These are the sculpting and toning workouts which would shrink your skin and make it youthful as never before!

How To Lose Weight In A Month With These HITT Workouts?

1. Weighted Lunges

Weighted lunges are the workouts which would make your legs super toned! This interesting workout would shape your butt, legs hips and thighs adorable! If you always wanted tighter tush and flawless legs, weighted lunges would add a bonus of a beautiful belly too!

Weighted Lunges For Leg And Abdomen Toning
  • Get into the lunge position with dumbbells in both your hands.
  • Bend your left knee and make a 90 degree angle.
  • Keep the other leg straight and quickly get up.
  • Perform this for the other leg as well.
  • This is an awesome workout which you can perform for 4-5 minutes.

2. Pushups

Pushups are amazing and would tone your abs, arms, shoulders and entire lower body. These extreme workout sessions would tone your bell and make it look flawless! For those tight abs muscles and adorable sides, try this amazing workout!

Pushups For Toned Arms And Abs
  • Lie down on your hands and feet.
  • Rest your body on your palms and feet and perform the pushups.
  • Push yourself downwards with the elbows and keep your posture straight.
  • Feel the stretch in your arms, shoulders, abdomen and feet.
  • Perform 10-15 pushups in quick movements!

3. Burpees

If you want a true HIIT workout which can make you feel energetic and would require all your strength, here is a quick and awesome workout which you can try and sculpt your body while shedding those extra kilos.

This workout sculpts and strengthens your legs, abdomen, back and various muscles. Perform this quick and awesome hiit workout to get strong within a month!

Burpees For Full Body Strengthening And Sculpting
  • Stand straight with your feet apart and get into the squat position
  • Now, lean downwards and bend down with your knee. Place the hands on the floor and rest your body weight on the feet
  • Now gently jump into the plank position and make a straight posture with your body. Keep your body straight and parallel to the floor. Feel the stretch on your core, spine and various muscles
  • Jump and get into the squat position again
  • Perform 4-5 repetitions of this amazing workout and boost your weight loss session!

Strength Training

Strength training is one of the interesting workouts which can tone your body beautifully. Strength training is awesome and can stretch your body. Here are some workouts which you must include in your routine!

1. Planks

Planks are simply awesome for your arms, abdomen and lower body. This workout would tone your abs and turn them picture perfect. Also the back, spine muscles, torso and your various muscles would get easily sculpted!

Planks For Tight And Youthful Skin
  • Rest on your hand and feet.
  • Place the hands on your floor and rest your body on your feet and hands.
  • Keep in this position for few minutes and release.
  • Perform this stretchy and extremely high impact workout for few minutes and feel awesome!

2. Squats

Squats are awesome and can tone your legs, hips, thighs and abdomen! Squats can tone your lower body and give you a flattering figure! Your butt, legs, hips, thighs and abs get perfectly tight with this awesome workout!

Squats For Gorgeous Legs
  • Stand straight with your feet wide and apart.
  • Keep your arms stretched straight.
  • Now lower down your body as if you are sitting on a chair.
  • Bend the legs form knees and feel the pressure on your abs, hips, thighs and entire lower body!
  • Hold on for few minutes and release.

3. Weighted Calf Raises

If you want a super stunning body with those Barbie legs, here is an awesome workout which would never fail to transform your body and make it look flawless! The weighted calf raises can make your arms and legs more tight, gorgeous and fitter! Perform weighted calves and tone your body!

Weighted Calf Raises For Ballerina Legs
  • Stand straight with dumbbells in both your hands.
  • Slowly raise your legs and get on your toes.
  • Also, curl your hands and feel the stretch in your legs, arms, balance your body perfectly.
  • Hold on this position for some time and release.
  • Perform several repetitions and tighten your body!

4. Bridges

This workout would make your back muscles, spine, abdomen, and lower body beautifully toned. Bridges can shape your body and get you tighter skin! Perform the bridges and get strength, balance and perfect posture!

Bridges For Strength And Tightness
  • Lie down on your back and keep your body straight.
  • Now raise your body from the thighs and torso.
  • Make a straight posture from your knees to the chest.
  • Stretch and feel the pressure on your torso, abdomen and blood flowing through your body!

45 minutes of cardio is enough to lose weight while this amazing training would tone your body and keep your skin tight. 20 minutes of this amazing workout would make your skin flawless! Perform these HIIT and strengthen training workouts for 20 minutes and perform them quickly at an interval of 2 minutes!

How To Lose Weight In A Month With Yoga Poses?

Yoga has an amazing impact on the skin and can make your skin tight, stretchy and can boost elasticity of your skin. For gorgeous skin, there are some extraordinary poses which can help in shrinking your skin!

1. Downward Dog Pose

The downward dog is a stretchy and cool pose which would boost blood flow and nourish your skin. This pose helps in stretching your skin and lets blood flow from your head to toe. Perform this awesome pose become stress-free about saggy skin!

Method To Perform Downward Dog Pose
  • Stand straight with your legs apart.
  • Bend down from your abdomen and place your hands on the floor.
  • Rest your body on the palms and feet and spread forward while making a mountain shape with your body.
  • Hold on this position and release after few seconds.
  • Perform this awesome pose 5-6 times and feel super stretchy!

2. Cobra Pose

The cobra pose too is one of the flexibility poses which can stretch your body and help in sculpting your body. This is a flawless yoga pose which would get you tighter legs, awesome bell and tighter chest!

Method To Perform Cobra Pose
  • Lie down on your stomach and keep your legs apart.
  • Now, raise your legs upwards and rest your body on both your hands.
  • Stretch your head upwards and look at the ceiling.
  • Stretch your hands in the forward direction and lift your torso.
  • Feel the stretch on your abdomen, legs, arms and entire body and you would also feel the blood flow in your body!

3. Upward Facing Dog

The cobra pose is an awesome way to stretch your body and make your skin youthful. While you stretch and perform this pose, your facial muscles along with your body would get beautifully flexible!

Method To Perform Upward Facing Dog Pose
  • Lie down on your stomach and stretch your body straight.
  • Point your toes backwards and raise your torso I the ceiling direction.
  • Rest your body weight on the palms and keep your hands straight.
  • Stare in the ceiling direction and hold on this position.
  • Maintain the posture and look flawless with this amazing yoga pose!

Just use 10 amazing minutes of your day to perform these cool yoga poses and stretch your body beautifully! These poses would help your skin get tighter and flexible.

With this workout combination of cardio, strengthening workouts and yoga would make a power pack workout routine for your body. It would help you lose weight and also keep your skin tight!

Diet For Perfect Body

With the amazing workouts, it is important to pair the right diet. Unhealthy and low nutrition diet can also be one of the reasons which prevent you from weight loss. Here is the diet which will fill you with nutrition and help you lose weight quickly!

  • Start your day with a glass of hot lemon water. This is a detox drink which can remove all the toxins from your body and would keep you healthy! You can also use ingredients like ginger, cucumber, mint and apple cider vinegar.
  • Boost up your weight loss regimen with a heavy yet balanced breakfast. This breakfast must consist of oatmeal, cornflakes, milk and fruit juice which would fill your body with fiber vitamins, anti oxidants and essential nutrients to fill your body with nutrients.
  • You can also consume some mid morning snacks which include fruits, wheat biscuits and cookies to fulfill your cravings!
  • Your lunch time s the time to consume a lot of vegetables, cereals, grains and pulses to fill your diet with nutrients. You can consume soups, salads, rice, salmon and a mixed lunch which is full of nourishing ingredients.
  • During the evening time snack on some whole grain toasts, nuts, green tea and such ingredients which can help your body boost digestion!
  • Drink a glass of high protein smoothie which can help in preventing injuries and help in building the muscles
  • During dinner time, you can try vegetable wraps, sandwiches and fill your tummy with some light weight, easily digestible foods!
  • During bedtime, you can consume some low calorie snack if you feel extremely hungry!
  • Do not forget to balance your meal with high protein, fiber, magnesium, potassium, vitamin, calcium, iron and other minerals in your diet. This would build muscles, cut fat and will make your skin super tight and youthful!

Other Extremely Important Tips For How To Lose Weight In A Month

The above-given regime must be followed strictly along with these important aspects which would contribute in your weight loss regime. These are to the promising ways to keep your body healthy and light!

  • Every week, you must go for a body massage. There are evidence which show that body massages and especially abdomen massages can boost metabolism and aid weight loss.
  • Abdominal massages with hot oil would improve blood flow and stimulate your digestive system leading to the active digestive system. Thus, go for massages weekly and notice the difference!
  • Warm water bath is an amazing and unique way to remove toxins from the body go for warm water bath to distress and feel lighter.
  • You can also go for a sea salt bath. Sea salt is a cool detox process which can cleanse your body and get it free from a toxin. This aids weight loss and also keeps your skin tight, nourished and beautifully elastic!
  • Try oil pulling every morning. This is a technique which helps in preventing the bacteria to enter your stomach and cause digestive issues. This can also help in removing toxins from the body and lose weight!
  • Drink the lemon ginger detox water throughout the day to fight harmful substances and cleanse the body. also drink the anti oxidant rich green tea which is an organic ingredient and would boost metabolism.
  • Sleep for 7-8 hours daily. This would help your organs get relaxed and would also boost various processes in your body. While you will stay fresh and active after a sleep, your performance during workouts would improve and this would lead to weight loss!
  • Quit smoking, drinking and such habits which can prevent your body from losing eight. These habits can jam up carbs and sugar in your body which is harmful for your body!
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. This would clean your body and help you lose weight! Don’t skip meals.

Here is an awesome power pack workout plan with a diet plan which would help you to lose weight and also make your skin tight. Don’t keep dreaming about a stunning figure anymore! Wake up tomorrow and start this amazing 1 month weight loss challenge which would give your perfectly toned, slim, tight and flexible body!

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