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Yoga Vs. Gym 0

Yoga Vs. Gym – Which Is Better?

In this article, let’s explore some important facts about yoga vs. gym. Some Interesting Facts Yoga is an exercise form which came into existence around 5000 years ago. Other than burning calories, yoga is...

Best Moves To Get Rid Of Arm Fat 0

12 Best Moves To Get Rid Of Arm Fat!

Strapless gowns, sleeveless dresses, single strapped tops are trending at an amazing speed, and we are busy worrying about the arm fat which would flash out from these super trendy clothes! Arm fat is...

Yoga Poses For Better Sleep! 0

Super Quick Yoga Poses For Better Sleep!

The international yoga day just passed making yoga an international health and fitness regime. The reason yoga is now a well known workout option is the huge amount of benefits it has on our...

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