Shoulder Stretches : Best Stretches to Prevent Rounded Shoulders!

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We can notice a lot of young people who have rounded or hunched shoulders. This gives them a very unattractive and poor posture. There are people who stand tall with perfect shoulders and who seem a lot more confident because of their posture. If you are one among many who is worried about the rounded shoulders, then this article is for you! We have jotted down top shoulder stretches that should work for you!

Before we get to business, let’s see in brief why do people develop rounded shoulders!

Having rounded shoulders is not a health deficiency as such. No wonder we see many people with rounded shoulders as most of the crowd nowadays is used to spend majority of their time sitting and working or typing in computers. Older folks are prone to have rounded shoulders mainly because they are less flexible and because of aging reasons. Women who hold children especially infants all the time are more prone to develop rounded shoulders according to recent studies. Also, sports persons and cyclists too tend to develop rounded shoulders because of the very nature of sport. These are just few categorized reasons. People can develop them due to many other reasons as well. Nonetheless the effect is the same and we have listed down a few top shoulder exercises to get rid of rounded shoulders and avoid shoulder inflammation. Read on!

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Top Shoulder Stretches Exercises

Shoulder stretches

1. Cow Face Pose

Cow face pose exercise

This is considered one of the topmost shoulder stretches. It prevents shoulder inflammation. This can be done by sitting on the floor or a chair. This one works wonders for those working all day long in front of computers. This shoulder stretch also provides you shoulder pain relief.

To get started, you have to first comfortably sit on a chair or floor using yoga mat. Place your left hand’s back on the lower back and slide it towards towards your neck. You can slide up till the point where you can comfortably reach. Next you have to stretch the right arm and bend your right elbow such that it can reach your back and grab the left arm. Although this is no rocket science, it might get a little trickier. Do not strain yourself too much. Just try to complete it do the extent possible and over time your performance will get better. Repeat doing it on a regular basis by making 2 sets of around 8 to 10 repetitions.

2. Shoulder Squeeze

Shoulder squeeze exercise

This is one of the best exercises for frozen shoulder. If gyming experts were to list down top shoulder stretches, this would top the list. It can be done easily without use of any equipments.

You need to bring both of your shoulder blades back and down to get started. Clasp your arms behind you. Gradually, lift your arms in the possible extent as you keep squeezing the shoulder blades. If you find it tricky, there is another easier way. Just imagine or pretend there is an orange between your shoulders and you are trying to squeeze the fruit and extract the pulpy juice out of it. Pretending to do so will help you do the trick easily.

3. Camel Pose

Camel pose exercise

This is the best shoulder stretch for stretching and expanding chest. It also is a recommended exercise for frozen shoulder. This looks more like a yoga pose. It releases requisite tension in the back giving an excellent posture. Shoulder inflammation can also be gotten rid of!

For this you will need a chair or a 2.5 to 3 feet stool. Kneel on your yoga mat and touch your back to the stool or chair. Place your feet a hip width apart and slowly grab the chair with your arms. Push your pelvis forward and breathe in by lifting your chest towards the sky. Take deep breaths as you push the shoulder blades back and down and continue lifting or raising your chest to the possible extent. Repeat the cycle regularly everyday and soon you will get rid of rounded shoulders.

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4. Bridge Pose

Bridge pose exercise

This is one of the shoulder stretches that has taken a backseat these days. Although it is in limelight, it is the best shoulder pain relief exercise.

You need to lay on your back by bending your knees. Now keep your feet flattened to the floor. Raise your hips away from the floor to the highest possible extent for your body. Move your shoulders back and down by clasping your hands together. Take deep breaths and then lower your body. Repeat at least 5 cycles per day for best results.

5. Back Hand Pose

Back hand pose exercise

This is highly recommended exercise for frozen shoulder. It is included in the list of top stretching exercises for shoulders by experts. It is best suited for folks working with computers. It also provides shoulder pain relief.

Bring your arms behind you to get started. Squeeze the shoulder blades like we have explained in the shoulder squeeze pose. Use your right hand to grab the left elbow and similarly use left hand to grab the right elbow. Find it tricky? No worries. There is an alternative. You can just grasp your wrist with the opposite arm if you find the former too tricky. Take deep breaths. While doing the exercise, you can lift up your chest towards the sky filling your chest full of air. By repeating 4 to 5 cycles everyday all your cues about rounded shoulders are bound to vanish.

6. The Cobra Pose

The cobra pose exercise

The name of this pose suggests only a little about the actual pose. Only the name seems like rock hard pose but the actual scenario is different. This is a good shoulder pain relief exercise. Best part is that it is easy to do and gives you results if performed on a regular basis.

You will have to lay on your stomach for this shoulder stretch exercise. Laying on the floor is not recommended. You can use a carpet or a yoga mat. Lay on your stomach comfortably and keep your hands right next to your shoulders. Take a deep breath and push your body up. You can bend your elbows while raising your body. Release your breath and lower your body again. That is all you have to do! Repeat at least 10 cycles everyday.

That is the list of best shoulder stretches which if performed on a regular basis and in a recommended way will work wonders for you to get rid of rounded shoulders!

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