Important Tips For Taking Care Of New Born Baby…

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After 9 months of waiting eagerly, your little one is placed into your arms. A new born baby brings in a lot of happiness to the family. You are all set to take home your bundle of joy, begin a new life with her and taking care of new born baby. However, the reality strikes when you thread on the first few days at home. A new born baby is like wet cement which will not have any solid base. Everything in this world is new to the baby and thus will need some help to understand the ways. Crying being the only form of communicating may make your responsibility seem more overwhelming.

Parents help the new born in the above adventure and the phase is known as “Parenthood”. It is the most beautiful phase where you will become mature as adults and live through a different life chapter. As the baby is new, so are you as parents. And as we all know, babies do not know any form of language at birth and may take a good two years to communicate. In such a scenario, you as a wonderful parent would like to know it all and be taking care of new born baby.

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Taking care of new born baby

Taking Care of New Born Baby

In lieu, a few tips might come handy to you. Some of the tips that will help you take care of your newborn are-

1. Nursing

This is one of the most crucial aspects of your newborn’s development and new mothers will definitely need a tip on this. 0-6 months breastfeeding is ideal and hence the below tip might help. If your baby is not drinking directly (which may happen at times) from the breast, use a breast pump rather than using a formula feed. Manual and semi-automatic versions of breast pumps are readily available in the market.

2. Sleep the Baby

Experts say that babies will grow in sleep and make the baby sleep adequately is important. Your baby might get cranky and not sleep. Make sure you and your better half take turns to rock the baby to sleep. If rocking doesn’t help, carry the newborn and let her feel close. Sing some lullabies to let know that you are close and will take care of her. Energize yourself by taking naps along with your child. This will serve as a power nap for you.

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3. Sanitize Regularly

Given the delicate skin and health of your new born, sanitizing hands while handling your baby is a must. The newborn skin will be prone to various infections and rashes. A bold and consistent step to keep a sanitizer always will be of great help. This activity will also improve the overall hygiene of the family. This trick will be of a major help as the newborn will still not have the relevant immunizations done.

4. Support The Neck and Back

As your newborn was nicely curled and cozy inside the womb, the fact that their bones are still soft is crystal clear. Hence, keeping a steady and strong support for the back and the neck is essential. Head will be the heaviest part and it will be on a soft neck. Keep your palms always under the neck to prevent head dangling. It might cause a bad sprain or even break the neck bone.

5. Clean Well

Your newborn will be fresh to the world and hence all the possible dirt may stick first to her. Also, the skin will be folded at many places thus accumulating a lot of dirt. Make sure you clean them regularly and with routine. Ignored corners will make the dirt give rise to a lot of rashes and other skin diseases. Cleaning the nails too should have a routine. If you do not cut them, then be ready to see some scratches all around your newborn’s skin.

6. Reach Out for Help

An expert’s help or help extended by an experienced person in the family will always be a great support. Usually, the help extended is by elders, especially mothers. The ways with which you came up, your baby will follow some of them for sure.

7. Give Time

An important aspect of your newborn’s bringing up will depend a lot on how much time you spend. The time should actually be beyond measure, as there is so much to know about your own baby. There are some specific milestones that your baby should be crossing in the first growing months. Your time can keep a tab on them and also help you to understand your baby’s growth. Your time will also give your baby emotional and psychological security.

8. Dwell In

To take care of your baby, you have to dwell in to your baby’s activities. Be a part of her game every time. Make faces as she does, copy the sounds that she makes and talk all that can soothe her. This will bring a strong bond between the two of you. After this, taking care becomes a cake walk.

9. Keep The Gadgets Away

Yes! The gadgets do emit a lot of harmful radiations and are not good for your new born. Make sure you keep your smartphones and tablets at a safer distance. Be very vigilant while taking photos as the emitting flash might blind your baby. This can be permanent damage which you may later regret. As much as possible answer calls and reply messages when you are not holding the baby.

10. Have a Hawk’s Eye

It is quite obvious that you need to have hawk’s eyes to check on your growing newborn. Watch out for every single change that is happening in your newborn’s body. Look for any rashes, especially in the diaper area. Diaper area rashes ae common and painful for your baby. It can cause you a nightmare. Talk to your pediatrician and prepare for it beforehand.

11. Oral Care

Oral hygiene of your newborn is something that you should not miss either. Make sure that you regularly clean the mouth while bathing. Like animals, at this stage your new born will have only the mouth to feel and judge everything. Mouth and tongue will touch all around. So be careful. At times, it is also helpful if you clean the ears and nose with a soft bud.

12. Positive Vibes

Staying up positive and keeping a positive environment around your newborn will help her grow well. Negative environments will have an ill-effect. Keeping a bad hygiene, or always fighting with your spouse can affect your child directly. Babies can pick signs really early. Always try and keep the environment that is guarded by morals, values and good will.

The ones above are just mere tricks for taking care of new born baby. The maximum is bestowed in you which will bring the best out in your baby. Remember that your baby will learn things what you teach!

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