Some Effective Dietary Treatments For Depression!

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Some Interesting Facts About Depression

  • Stomach problems, headache, shortness of breath, physical tension are all common side effects of having depression.
  • A diet having both probiotics and prebiotics proves to be beneficial in managing depression to a great extent.
  • People suffering from problems like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, heart disorders, etc. have high chances of getting depression.
  • While suffering from depression, depression exercise helps in cultivating a healthy diet and move to bed soon.
  • Other therapies for depression are cognitive behavioral therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, and antidepressant medications are effective therapeutic strategies.
  • According to The World Health Organization, depression is also considered to be the prime reason of disability.
  • Women suffer from depression more than men.
  • Globally, around 300 million people are found suffering from depression with age no bar.
  • At the time of depression, your mind plays tricks with you that can also lead to suicide.
  • Alcohol is a kind of depressant similar to marijuana or other street drugs. Hence, never go for self-medication while facing depression.

Food to Overcome Depression

Depression – A Rapidly Spreading Health Issue

Depression is a serious issue these days with age no bar. Not only the adults, but even the small kids are found in need to overcome depression. When a survey was carried out, 2 out of 7 people were found to be suffering from the symptoms of depression with equal age. The major result of depression that is found in the people is disability.

Depression is a state of mind where the people suffering from it are found experiencing low mood diligently, that it starts interfering the life of the sufferer. Depression is such a state that not only affects the person suffering from it but also their family and loved ones.

The major causes of depression that are found nearly in every age are:

  • Neurotransmitter imbalance
  • Stress
  • Emotional problems (unsolved ones)
  • Food allergies
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Deficiency of nutrition
  • Addiction to alcohol
  • Lack of sunlight
  • Metal toxicity and much more.

Depression is generally observed in any age; however, it is mostly observed affecting in adulthood. It is mostly found to affect in middle age or older age among patients struggling with medical problems like diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, etc. It is also observed in people who are having any kind of medical history of depression, changes in life, stress and trauma, etc.

Some of the common symptoms of suffering from depression are:

  • Persistent sadness
  • Low mood
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Insomnia
  • Low sex drive
  • Changes in appetite
  • Increase or decrease in weight
  • Aches and pains
  • Headaches
  • Issues relating to digestion
  • Feeling helpless
  • Suicide attempt and much more.

Overcome Depression In a  Natural Way.

At the time of depression, self-medication is the most adopted option. But fix a thing in your mind. That is the wrong way you are treating yourself. This can lead to various serious health issues and even death. Instead, look for way you can stay happy with. Look for ways you can change yourself and fight against it by changing your behavior, physical activities, lifestyle, and much more.

Here are some natural ways to get back to normal from depression:

1. Get Back To Your Routine

Getting back to your routine is the best way to initiate from getting out of depression. The routine would help you keep your brain and mind busy and would also bring a change in your lifestyle. The routine would fix your days with various tasks, giving you a melting lifestyle to live.

2. Set New Goals

Setting goals would give you an aim in your daily life and you would look for ways to achieve it. The task would make you busy and your brain would make efforts pushing you towards the aim, keeping you busy. Start with small achievable aims for getting quick success and preparing yourself for harder aims.

3. Exercise

Yes, exercises help you to a great extent in getting out of depression. Exercises boost up good chemicals in the body named as endorphins, that give long-term benefits in fighting against depression. It also boosts your brain to think in positive ways and encourages it to think in some new ways, leading you to the path out of depression.

4. Have Healthy Food

No doubt there is no food ingredient that would help you magically get rid of depression. However, there are some food items that would help you in controlling it. Food items rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and folic acids would surely help you to decrease the effects of depression and even controlling it in the initial stage.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Yes, if you are facing depression and insomnia at a time, it would be difficult for you to get out of it. Depression makes it hard to close your eyes, leading to sleeping less hours. For this, you can initiate by making changes in your sleeping style. Sleep and wake up at a fix time on a daily basis. Avoid taking naps during the day. Get all the distractions out of your room like computer, television, games, etc. This would help you in improving your sleep.

6. Take Responsibilities

Most of the depressed people are found giving up their responsibilities at both places, home and work. This is a big mistake. Instead, take responsibilities that would help you in modifying your life. Responsibilities give you a sense of completeness and would also encourage you voluntarily in getting rid of depression.

7. Challenge Negative Thoughts

For fighting against depression, one needs to have mental strength. For fighting against depression, you need to have strength in bulk amount to fight against the negative thoughts and bring new and innovative ideas that would bring positive ideas in your mind. Depression gives you the worst conclusion, and to protect yourself from them, you require a flow of positive ideas and imaginations by challenging it.

8. Use Of Essential Oils

Surprised! However, it is true that essential oils help to a great extent in reducing the symptoms of depression. Two widely used essential oils for the treatment of depression are lavender oil and roman chamomile. Lavender oil works on your stress levels by improving your sleep and gives you peace of mind. It comes with calming and sedative properties, that come with neuroprotective effects. It works similar to the anti-oxidants in reducing depression in a natural way. Roman chamomile, on the other hand, helps in calming the nerves naturally by promoting relaxation.

9. Avoid Running From Relationships

The main reason that leads to depression is emotional unsteadiness. The emotional issues can lead to dangerous situations when the victim lacks positive relationships, reduced self-confidence and lack of aim in life. Hence, during a depression, instead of avoiding relatives and friends, make sure you are in their company. They would provide you with support, encouragement, help you concentrate on your aim or spirituality, build relationships with God, etc. Hence, to manage your stress levels, make sure you are surrounded by your family and friends to recover soon.

10. Turn To Something You Haven’t Done Ever

This would be nothing less than a challenge. When you are depressed, start working on something you haven’t done before. This would force your mind to think and bring innovative ideas. Whether it is experimenting a new dish, learning a new language, reading books, etc. anything new would keep your mind away from the negative world and bring you new ways that might lead to enjoyment.

Hence, to cure depression, you need to keep yourself engaged in something that would give you happiness and also would lower the symptoms of depression. During the depression, try to enjoy your life with any minor or major event like movies, outing with friends, a mini-vacation, etc.

Foods to overcome Depression

Though there is no specific list of food items or diet that helps in reducing depression, there are still some food items that are helpful in avoiding and controlling depression. Eating healthy and well-balanced food items would help you to a great extent as it would provide your brains a message to control your mood, energy levels, neurotransmitters, appetite and various other functions. This indirectly helps in throwing depression out of your life forever.

Here are some healthy food habits that would help you in depression:

1. Food Rich In Omega-3 Fatty Acids

For fighting against depression, an important component in your diet is Omega-3 fatty acids. It helps in treating the disorder in the mood effectively. The lipids in the brain are mostly made of fatty acids, among which 33 percent are fatty acids. This means you need to take a good portion of Omega-3 fatty acids so that your brain functions in a proper way. It helps your brain in communicating properly and also helps in the reduction of inflammation. For this, you can include ingredients like salmon fish, herring fish, mackerel fish, white fish, Chia seeds, walnuts, natto, flax seeds, egg yolks, etc.

2. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables come with a variety of nutrients, that play a vital role in supporting your mood or improving it. The most important nutrient that does this job is folate. Folate is very effective in promoting the process of metabolism in the brain. Along with folate, some fruits and veggies serve you with antioxidants that help in making biochemical changes that would improve your mood. Hence, include or increase the intake of ingredients like spinach, avocado, asparagus, broccoli, beets, goji berries, blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, artichokes, and much more.

3. Healthy Fats

Healthy fats are important for your body as it helps in boosting the energy levels in the body and mood through elements like minerals and vitamins. Both the elements help in the protection against free radical damages that are linked with depression. However, not all the fats come with equal benefits. Hence, make sure you include trans fats in your diet that help in decreasing the risk of developing depression. For this, include items like avocados, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, walnuts, virgin olive oil, flax seeds, etc. to your meals.

4. Lean Protein

Proteins hold a vital role in the functioning of the neural system, and also helps in balancing the hormones. Similarly, proteins provide with a good amount of energy that helps in boosting the moods. It is necessary to eat adequate amounts of protein on a daily basis as it helps the body in proper functioning. However, when you avoid the proteins in your body, it leads to symptoms like fatigue, weak immune system, and negative changes in the mood. Hence, to reduce the effects of depression, or to avoid it, include protein rich sources like grass fed beef, wild fish, lentils, organic chicken, yogurt, black beans, eggs, bone broth protein powder, raw cheese, etc.

5. Probiotic Food

Probiotic food items help the body in boosting energy levels, supporting cognitive functions, promoting mental health, etc. They contain enzymes and Vitamin B that help in promoting energy in your body and also helps in the process of detoxification. Some good sources of probiotic food are yogurt, kefir, miso, kombucha, raw cheese, fermented vegetables, and much more.

6. Adaptogen Herbs

Adaptogen herbs also hold a vital role in fighting against depression. Also known as healing plants, they reduce the stress hormones, as well as, help in relaxing your nervous system. They also help in the protection of the body and balancing it by reducing the cortisol levels when you are stressed. For dealing with depression, two adaptogens are popular, namely; Rhodiola and Ashwagandha. Rhodiola is helpful in boosting the sensitivity of the neurons in the body, that help in increasing dedication and improving memory and mood. Ashwagandha, on the other hand, is helpful in fighting against symptoms like stress, anxiety, depression and hormonal imbalance. Both the ingredients come as a natural ingredient with zero side effects to the body.

7. Vitamin B12

Also known as B-complex, this element is helpful for the functioning of the neural system along with other symptoms leading to depression. B-complex is quite important for the patients who are addicted to alcohol or are taking medications including lithium. Ingredients rich in Vitamin B12 help in boosting the energy levels and reduce the effects like irritation and fatigue. It produces serotonin that helps in fighting against depression naturally.

Hence, there are food for depression that help you win the fight against it. However, while looking for dietary treatments for fighting against depression, make sure you avoid the intake of refined sugars and refined carbohydrates, as they release serotonin which works as a drug to the brain. They would improve the mood for a specific time period, but would provide you with other health issues like increase in weight, insomnia, overgrowth of candida, reduction in the energy levels, and much more, that may be a factor leading you towards depression again.

So, fight against depression in a natural way, avoiding the intake of pills or other chemical based medications, that might provide you with other health problems.

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